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Sea Kayaking in Crete

Tamara Abrosimova is a trilingual freelance writer from the Ukraine, now living in the United States.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking

Everyone wants to come to beautiful Crete, the largest island of Greece, at some point in their lives, whether it's to see the famous archaeological site of Knossos, the historic Kazarma fortress, sculptures and museums, or simply for recreational purposes. Crete is a land of fine-sand beaches, sunny and warm days, caves, and mountains surrounded by Mediterranean Sea. It is a heaven on Earth and a great place to spend the vacation you've always dreamed of!

Kayaking in Crete

Crete has over a thousand kilometers of coastline, which makes it an ideal destination for kayaking and other outdoor activities. Paddling is a very easy sport, once you get used to it, but it does require a certain technique if you have to go long distances through all kinds of weather conditions.

Most sea kayaks available on tours have three to four waterprooof compartments for gear storage, providing more than enough room for a long trip.

Sea Kayaking Tours of Crete

Many tour agencies offer an adventure of a lifetime in this beautiful city. Tours go all year long, but you have to reserve them ahead, of course. Most of the tours start in early morning and can go for all day or even a week; it all depends on your wishes and expertise.

One company offers tours that run from four to ten days and few of them are for advanced paddlers of four and go to south Chania, south and west Crete. There are also family trips with a minimum of four people, the acceptable age is above ten years old, workers provide the paddling equipment provided and kayaks are made for two people. The more, the merrier! The family trip offers kayaking across the coastline and is for beginners.

Another company offers an eight-day/seven-night trip that takes you around the Crete and is for beginners to experts and kids can be as young as seven! The workers provide their customers with single and double kayaks are very convenient once you come visit lots of villages, like Loutro that's accessible only by foot or water.

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For experienced paddlers there are guided tours that cover most of the Crete. 10 day expeditions are always an option and it covers 800 km of the island. For the novice paddlers, it would be wise to start off exploring the south of Crete, because that part is protected from unwanted winds from the north. The route starts from Chora Sfakion or Sfakia village and ends up in Agia Roumeli, wich is further west. It is one of the best in Crete. If you're more advanced, then you'll head further west as the wind starts to get stronger. In the south part of Rethymno region the route starts from Plakias town and ends up in Agios Pavlos beach. The main attraction of this trip are the remote and sandy beaches that have lots of camping spots.

Next on the list would be cities of Crete: Hania, Herakleion, Sitia and Rethymnon. All four are good to start your kayaking trip from, and before explore cities themselves.

Last, but not least another company offers kayaking tour that starts in protected bay of Matala that's surrounded by caves. A journey leads to two beaches- Red Beach and Kommos Beach. It's a day trip, but it's definitely worth checking out.

On every trip the tour guides will ensure your safety and do their best to guide you through an amazing adventure of enjoying nature, fresh sea breeze and getting away from everything. It's good to know that there is no dangerous form wildlife in Crete. You might see a wild goat, few birds, sea turtles and some colorful lizards.


An important reminder: bring sunscreen, sunglasses, lots of water and snacks. Even if you're going for one day the weather can be unexpected and you never know what can happen! But in your spare time, enjoy traveling and kayaking in Crete!

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