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5 Extremely Effective Golf Putting Drills

Putting Drills

Need an awesome putting drill to help you sink more putts? Look no further.

1. Around the Horn

- This drill is designed to enhance your short putting ability to knock in those knee-knockers in crunch time on the golf course.

- You will need eight tees and eight golf balls for this exercise.

- Place the eight tees equally distanced from each other at three-foot increments.

- Just use your putter for this, as they are usually about 3 feet long. (Unless you’re using a belly-putter, then the drill will really be really difficult!)

- Place a ball at each tee and proceed to knock them all in.

- If you miss, start over. The goal is to be able to sink three sets of the three footers, twenty-four putts in a row.

- If you can do this, you should be feeling pretty confident. (Side note: Phil Mickelson does this drill before the start of every tournament. Only he forces himself to make 100 in a row!)

- Remember to mix it up. Make it harder on yourself by closing your eyes or setting the tees farther away from the hole.

2. The Putting Challenge

- This drill hones the competitiveness in you and is most effective if you have a partner to do it with.

- Take a scorecard and on each hole, in random order, write distances in increments of three feet from 6 feet to 60 feet. (6..9..12..15..18..etc.)

- Example = Hole 1: 33 feet; Hole 2: 9 feet; Hole 3: 48 feet

- There will be 19 holes

- Every hole is par 2

- Pace off the distance before each hole as if you were stepping off a yardage.

- Grab a partner and go have a fun competition!

- P.S. if you can shoot even or better your doing well

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3. Tee Drill

- This drill is used by countless major champions including Tiger Woods

- Find a 3-5 foot putt with zero break on the practice green

- Set up to the putt and place a tee just outside the toe of your putter and just outside the heel of your putter

- These tees force you take make a consistent stroke every time

- If you make a poor stroke you’ll hit one of the tees

- To enhance the drill even further hit putts with your right hand only, left hand only, and with both hands

- Experiment until you find something that works for you

4. Line Drill

- A very simple yet effective drill to help you sink more putts

- Simply place a ball marker, coin, tee, etc. three feet from the hole

- Continue placing markers in one foot increments directly behind the last marker until you get about a twenty foot putt

- Start at 3 feet and see how far back you can get

- If you miss, start again

- This drill will help you focus on sinking putts, not just getting them close

5. Guessing Game

- This drill will teach you how to hone your speed better

- Take a few balls and head out to the practice green

- Hit a putt and immediately after impact close your eyes

- Guess in your mind how far away the ball will end up from (ex: 2 feet long, 6 inches to the right)

- Don’t worry about where the putts go, more importantly focus on seeing if your guesses are correct

- After a few minutes of doing this you will see just how much better your putts are becoming


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silk on June 08, 2016:

i cant whait to try these drills out

Amelia Griggs from U.S. on April 21, 2012:

Very good first hub! I don't play golf, but since I develop educational content, I wanted to complement you hub because it is very good drill and practice for golf players!

Welcome to Hubpages and good luck with your writing. :-)

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