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Jordan Spieth Hits Death-Defying Shot At Pebble Beach Golf Tournament

Jordan Spieth


Jordan Spieth Hits Dangerous Shot Inches From Edge of Cliff

Jordan Spieth recently hit a golf shot seen around the world as he struck his ball which lay inches from the edge of a cliff. There was a sixty-foot drop off the cliff onto the ocean rocks below the edge of the eighth fairway.

Who says golf isn't a dangerous game?.

Caddie Told Spieth Shot Too Dangerous

His caddie was so unnerved at the thought of the gifted golfer tumbling over the cliff that he tried to talk him out of taking it, according to the New York Post. Observers said Michael Geller tried three different times to talk the brave Spieth out of taking the risk.

Spieth Disagrees With Caddie

Spieth, once ranked the top golfer in the world, disagreed with his caddie. The Dallas native said, "If I felt like I was in real, true danger of losing my life, I would have pulled the ball back and dropped it."

Spieth Admits He Couldn't Put Normal Swing Into It

The brilliant shotmaker admitted there was some risk, saying, "I couldn't put a normal swing into it." He contended there wasn't as much danger involved as his caddie felt.

Shot Resulted In Round of 63

The dazzling shot during the third round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am put Spieth only one shot behind the leaders at the time. His score of 63 was one of the best in Pebble Beach history.

How Spieth Avoided Death

Normally, the popular golfer would've put his full weight in the direction of the slope. Not a good idea in this situation. So he adjusted for this one shot, keeping his weight on his right leg. The ball floated off his 7-iron long and left of the green.

Spieth's Strategy

Spieth immediately back-pedaled away from the edge of the clliff instead of following through on the shot as he normally would. Afterwards, Spieth would tell caddie Michael Geller, "That was by far the most nerve-wracking shot I've ever hit in my life."

Monterey Peninsula

Famed for its spectacular views when the sun splashes over the Monterey Peninsula, this one was more on the dramatic side. Spieth tried to capture the moment in his own words, saying he "he was walking toward the ball" and found himself inching forward while leaning back.

Golf Cart Once Plunged Over Clliff

The aggressive golfer said he has heard the tale of a golf cart which once plunged over the cliff and was smashed to pieces years ago. He said he experienced his greatest anxiety when he was headed back toward the green after the shot. It was then he looked back across the water to the cliff. That created more anxiety than when he was in the moment of making the shot.

Video From Blimp Overhead

Also nerve-wracking was viewing video from the blimp overhead. He realized his wife and parents were watching. His 3-month old son was there for his first tournament.

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In retrospect, Spieth mused, "Not worth it to be honest. I guess it was a weird situation."

Risk Pays Off

Typical of the best putter on the tour, he sank an 18-foot for a par, which kept him in contention. He would ultimately finish second in the tournament.

Sign Warned Of Danger

About 10 yards left of where Spieth's ball lay prior to his exciting shot a sign warned him. The first line read, "Danger." The second line read "Steep." At the end it read "Cliff."

Nick Faldo Weighs In

Nick Faldo, who was one of the commentators, said, "Are you going for that? No way you'd stand there and play that. Oh, my goodness."

Baker-Finch said, "Let's hope he's not suffering from vertigo or anything when he gets close to that cliff."

CBS Graphic Showed 68-Foot Drop To Pacific Ocean

A CBS graphic showed Spieth's ball was above a 68-foot drop into the Pacific Ocean below. After walking up to it, Spieth checked with his caddie Michael Greller, according to Golf.

Faldo admitted, "i don't think I could do that.

Drop Was An Option

A drop was an option. It would have cost him a stroke, He chose the bolder course and took a stance, backed away, walked back, set up with his legs wider than normal to balance himself, took one-half swing and stood over it for 8 seconds.

Exciting Sequence

He then swung, finishing with an uppercut, then immediately took eight fast steps backward. The shot, from 162 yards out, finished on line with the flag, but over the green.

Baker-Finch said, "That is amazing."

Jordan Spieth Hits Daring Shot


Jordan Spieth


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