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James Harden Possible Landing Spots

Possible Landing Spots for the future Hall of Famer, but where could he go to have a chance to compete for a NBA Title?


James Harden could be on the move after this season. After watching Kevin Durant be sideline again , and Kyrie playing on a part-time schedule. It clears to fans that James Harden is showing no interest at this point. Brooklyn itself, for starters stated (he’s “not enjoying it,” according to Bleacher Report). Its been reported that Steve Nash’s rotation is not up to par and with everything leading the team to frustration.

James Harden Words

"course I’m frustrated because we’re not healthy where there’s been a lot of inconsistency for whatever reason, injuries, COVID, whatever you want to call it. I think everyone in the organization is frustrated because we’re better than what our record is."

Philadelphia 76ers


Harden denied about hearing any reports that he will be leaving the organization. But if this is true he could be landing in Philadelphia to contend Fir a title .The move would make sense for harden and Simmons favor. Because of contracts it may be difficult to get it done but it could be possible. Most teams mentioned on this article are just potential landing spots but for the deal to transpire the money has to make sense for it to happen.

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James Harden will be a perfect fit for the roster since he brings elite scoring, and playmaking ablitly which would really vamp the Philadelphia roster. Harden would have to leave $47.4 million player option for 2022-23, making less more.

76ers team president Daryl Morey initially deliver Harden to the Houston Rockets, and the two spent eight years together. There is chemistry and familiarity there already, This may be a reason for James to test Free Angency.

Miami Heat


Before James Harden landed in Brooklyn, Bleacher Report that Miami Heat were aggressive in their pursuit of Harden. At that time Houston's asking price was too much. Houston Rockets wanted Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, Precious Achiuwa, Kendrick Nunn, two first-round picks and four pick swaps in return for their superstar James Harden. Now that he may be a free agent, that could be very possible. Contracts and money may be hard for Miami depending on salary cap, but if they can give up some players and makes some moves to free up some space for harden it could be likely Miami can require him.

New York Knicks


James harden with the Knicks from a basketball standpoint would be logical because of the pieces. Unfortunately Harden may not be open to still play in the state of New York for various reasons. But if there was any inclination that he wanted to play for this organization, signing with this team could push the kincks team back in title contention Immediately. This team has a good foundation and a great coaching staff leading the troops. Harden may fit into the roster and make an major contribution for this team to get back into its glory days.

Denver Nuggets


This move could possibly spark the NBA. There no doubt that this team wouldn't be able to reach NBA western conference if they found a way to inquire James. You have an elite powerfowad in the Joker , and a raw talented Jamal Murray. They have exceptional role players in there roster that can correlate with James hardenm Question is could this really happen and would the landscape change if Harden was join this roster?

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