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6 Ways Lebron Puts an I in Team

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Lebron Put an I in Team

Former nba players and outsiders have not entertained the g.o.a.t talks. Many current ones haven't neither. Those that did tried to make the best of it by not discrediting the greatness of two black male athletes.

They all know lebron isn't close. These networks are just doing their jobs asking. Its his fans that do not realize it. Lebron is not superior the way jordan was. That is one of the facts that is ignored. One of the others came from one of his coaches.

Former coach David Blatt has chimed in on the g.o.o.t talk. He said the difference between the two is I. Jordan never put an I in team. He used the letters that he had instead. Lebron never did.


He Mistreated His First Agent

Agents do not play the game. The fact that he fired an experienced one speaks volumes. Eric Goodwin and his brother Aaron were his first. The NBA power brokers could not keep the biggest star in the NBA. Instead, lebrons close friend replaced them. Maverick Carter and lebron have been great friends since high school.

Goodwin has said that he is stunned by everything. He and his brother generated over 100 million dollars in endorsements for the king. They molded him to be the star he is today. Carter was a part of the team but, James needed more. He remembered a guy he met that sold t-shirts out of the trunk of his car. His name is Rich Paul.

Paul is now labeled a super agent. He grew up near the King. His father owned a store and he stayed in the same building. He joined the small inner circle at the time. Paul worked under Leon Rose. Rose negotiated his extension in for Cavs (2006). Eventually, he and Paul branched off to form one of the biggest, crooked agencies in the NBA. He left the experienced that did everything he wanted for friends.


He Failed his First MVP Years

King Fraud was doing sneaky things under the table. Now do not get me wrong, it is not a bad thing that he chose friends. Many have in the past. It was just the way that he did it. While doing that, LeBron was thriving on the court. He already won Rookie of the year. He was taking Cleveland to places they were not for a long time.

By the 2008-2009 season, king fraud was averaging MVP numbers. Two years before that, he was in the NBA finals. By the season's end, he finished second for the NBA defensive award. He posted 23 chase-down blocks and a career-high 93 blocks. Additionally, he led his team in points. His numbers were even better the 2009-2010 year. He won the season MVP both seasons.

Both seasons he failed too. The Cleveland Cavs led the NBA both seasons. No one expected it. There were posters all around the city. They all were with him and Kobe facing off. Lebron is supposedly sad the two never faced off. He is a superstar but, he never played to compete with the greatest. He teamed up to compete with them.

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He Does Not Compete

Despite the failure, that was a sign. A sign that many seemed to ignore. King Fraud went to wade in his prime. Then added more in theirs. Mike Miller was the rookie of the year. Chris Bosh was an all-star in college and Toronto. Shane Battier was a star at duke and on the Houston Rockets.

Most of these guys named were first-round picks. Since he couldn't compete, he teamed up. The Cavs were just too old. In opinions like mine, Cavs from 08-10 were the best teams he played on.

He took a team of subpar players to the finals in 2007. If he could do that, why not do it for better? His fans do not think about that. His lack of competing is highly known. That's why he teams up.


He Leaves Early

King Fraud didn't care about a team since high school. That seemed to carry on into the professional world. The proof is right there. He fired the best team for inexperience.

What he did was very rare. He's not the only one that loves his friends. His below .500 record reveals he's made poor decisions. They make him look like he's not playing for the games.

King Fraud has shown that his career is for his own. If he played for the love of the game, he'd compete. Instead, he's teaming up. Now he's on a lakers team full of old stars. Judging by their seeding, his teammates know it too. There's no I in the word team but, he put it in there. His early exits prove it.

He's a Narcissist

A championship in any sport is a team accomplishment. Ex NBA player Robert Horry will not be a seven-time champion without a team. Eleven-time champion Bill Russel would not be a champion without a team. Jordan would not be a champion without it. Talent is not enough. Lebron fans think that it is for their master.

His fans know the T-word but, they only use it when he fails to lead. You do not win the east two years straight, 2008-2010, without a team. You do not get to the finals without a team. The media plays a role in this because King's Fraud is marketable. Lebron nation refuses to admit that he had all he needed to win more than four championships.

Team members set goals but, King's fraud goals were stats. That is one of the many things that sets him aside from Jordan. Jordan wanted to win but waited. He stayed loyal and never put an I in team. Lebron did because he's a narcissist.

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