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It's Not Just a Run

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Complexities of Running

From a nonrunner standpoint, you may think runners just go out and run. You think that’s it that there’s nothing to it. But running can actually be a very complex sport. It completely changes your life.

  1. Diet. For this example, let's pretend that you're now a runner. As a runner, you’re now worried about what you can eat. You're constantly having to eat healthily and maintain a steady diet. This means you can’t have a piece of pizza and fried food whenever you want. The same goes for donuts, cookies, and so on. All the sugar and grease will make those long miles you run feel a lot longer. You are also having to drink over a gallon of water a day which can be a major inconvenience. You have to go to the bathroom multiple times a day and you never get a chance to stop drinking. If you don’t drink enough water chances are you will be taken over by side stitch or dehydration during your run.
  2. Social activities. Running not only affects your diet but it can also make you miss out on interacting with your friends or family. If you have an important run coming up you won’t go kayaking or hiking with your friends. You don't want your arms and legs to be tired before you even run. If your family invites you out to eat lunch you may not go because of your diet.
  3. Practices. Runners also have long difficult practices. Runners have to build up their muscles to get them to the point where they can go out and run 6-10 miles without stopping. We have to learn to set a pace. If runners don’t, we most likely will run too hard in the beginning and not be able to finish. As a runner, you’ll learn your different speeds. You’ll learn that you wouldn’t run the same pace for 2 miles as you would 6 miles. Runners are also taught to control their breathing. You breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As a runner, you are also constantly aware of your surroundings. This is because you don’t want to get injured when you’re 5 miles away from your house or car but also because there are lots of reports of crime in the world today.

Why You Should Believe Me

Everyone has that one thing they love to do. It may be swimming, surfing, or even walking your dog, but for me, it’s running cross country. I started running cross country over a year ago and I have never looked back. I run almost every day sometimes on new routes but mostly roads that I’ve ran before. As you can see, because I have personal experience with this sport every day I am a trustworthy sort.


Why I Run

I probably have you wondering if it is so complex then why do I do it? Running to me is more of a need than a want. I don’t just run because I want to stay fit.

  1. Relaxation. These long curvy and hilly country roads bring me peace and a sense of sanity. While I’m running constantly for an hour or more I can release all the stress that has built up inside me from the day. While the roaring sound of the wind is in my ears and the smell of cornfield is all around me I’m able to talk myself through whatever is bothering me in my life.
  2. Preparation. Running also gives me time to think about what I’m going to do that night or the next day. I think about what I need to get done and how I’m gonna do it. This means I'm always prepared for whatever life throws at me.
  3. Creativity. I also can just let my imagination run wild on these long runs. If I am running on a new road that I’ve never been on I’m looking around and observing all the new scenery. If I’ve already been on that road I always think of a specific item on it like a house, lake, or even a certain curve in the road. I can imagine how I would change these houses or imagine myself swimming in the ponds.
  4. Motivation. On a race day, excitement feels my body. You get up to the starting line with other runners all around you and wait for the loud sound of the gun to be shot off. In my mind, I'm telling myself, "You can do this." Throughout the race and mostly all runs, I’m constantly motivating and pushing myself. At the end of every run, I feel accomplished.
  5. Friendships. I have also made many new friendships since running. Because we are all so involved in running we learn to push one another. These new friendships have led to lots of fun times and laughter.
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Even at the end of every run when I’m urging for a sip of water feeling like I’m gonna pass out or throw up this whole cloud full of calmness, excitement, and motivation makes it worth it.


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