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Is Lewis Hamilton; F1 World Champion Married?


Can anyone please tell me if Lewis Hamilton is married, going to be married, getting married or what?! I literarily have been anticipating who the next girl in his life is or will be since he last broke up with girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton, World known Formular1 Driver for Mercedes and a Delight on our Screen. He is Young, Rich, Famous and fashionable but the question now begs; is he also good with the ladies? Is he able to hold a girl down to the Alter because we really want to know! I am very much interested in his love life. Juicy gist, right?! I mean with all that wealth and Style, what next?! Who is he spending all that wealth with? Who is that lucky girl who has caught this formula 1 Big Fish?!

News has it that he had dated a chain of girls in the past to include names like; Danielle Lloyd, Jodia Ma, Lotta Hintsa, Vivian Burkhardt, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Barbara Palvin, Winnie Harlow, Sofia Richie and that the last of them was Nicki Minaj. Now I am wondering if he is going to take Nicki to the Alter as his wife. This guy, Lewis Hamilton needs to pick a girl right now and settle down with her because he has made enough money to start a family. I mean, Wikipedia has it recorded that Hamilton made a cool 40 million pound in 2019, Oh My God! What on earth does he spend his money on?! He needs to pick one pretty girl and start a family with her to keep that money busy. His life must be perfect right?! I mean with 40 million pounds in 2019, what more can anyone ask for or need! I would probably buy a house in the sky with that amount of Money!

For one, we know that he has got a lot of cool friends and probably a good support system cheering him on. We know from tabloids some of his friends include, Justin Bieber, Kelvin Harts, Kendell Jenner and the Kardashian family. He seems to have his social life in order as we hear little or no scandals about him but the one thing now on the minds of his fans is his love life; Who she is and when is the bells going off. Common guys Lewis was born in 1985, it’s about that time he went on one knee, popped the question and we all say Yes! We concur to the right girl! Laugh out loud!

If anyone finds World Champion Lewis Hamilton, Formular1 Driver for Mercedes, please tell him that the Alter calls! God Bless you!