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Information of Martial Arts

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How to learn martial arts online at home

If someone bothers you again and again unnecessarily, someone threatens to kill you but you have neither the strength nor any weapon. So in such times you want to keep yourself safe. So you have nothing to worry about. We are going to tell you ways in which you can protect yourself. For this you will need to learn martial arts. Both science and art have given great importance to martial arts. In this, a person is given training to protect himself with the help of a certain practice. Martial arts provides you the art of self-defense. Due to which you feel yourself very powerful. We will give complete information about what you may need to learn it in this article.

Top 10 martial arts skills
Let us now know about the 10 most popular martial arts.

1 kalaripayattu
2 karate
3 muay thai
4 kung fu
5 Teakwondo
6 mixed martial arts
7 kickboxing
8 capoeira
9 krav maga
10 Judo

After knowing this, now we will talk about some traditional types of martial arts and some modern, which are divided into 6 categories.

6 types of martial arts around the world

Striking or stand up martial arts styles

This style mainly includes boxing, karate, kick boxing, kug fu, muay thai, teakwondo.

Grapping or ground fighting styles

This martial art style mainly includes Jujutsu, Kate Wrestling, Sumo Wrestling, etc.

Throwing or take down styles
This style mainly includes judo, hapkido, etc.

Weapons based styles
This martial art style mainly includes kalaripayattu, kendo.

Low-impact or Meditative styles
These mainly include the hybrid fighting style.

Hybrid fighting styles
This martial art style mainly involves shoot fighting.

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By now you have learned that what are the types of martial arts. But let us now know what are the benefits of martial arts.

Benefits of martial arts self defense training

1.learning martial arts gives you confidence that you feel safe from others.
2.Learning martial arts can reduce your stress to a great extent. Because when you work to control and focus on your breathing while learning martial arts, then the whole process gets rid of stress. And you always feel positive.

3.Martial arts strengthens your body and increases the flexibility of your bones so that you are always agile.
4.Learning martial arts helps you burn calories and lose weight, keeping you healthy.

5. Learning martial arts increases your concentration, which helps a lot in any area in your life.

After the benefits of martial arts, now we will talk about the world's top 10 martial arts YouTube channel, from which you can take online martial arts training sitting at home.

Top 10 martial arts YouTube channel
1. Master wong
2. Kung fu & tai chi center w/ jake mace
3. MMA fighting on SBN
4. Martial club
5. Vidyut jammwal
6. Karate & fitness tutorials
7. The modern martial artist
8. MATK - martial arts
9. World of martial arts television
10. My martial arts

Friends, you must be thinking that if you have learned martial arts, what to do after that, can I get a job or not? So let us now know the best career opportunities

Best career options in martial arts

  • If you are a good martial artist, then you can easily get a job in a government job in the form of martial arts training.
  • You can join any school or college for training as a martial artist.
  • You can get a job in security agencies as a good martial artist.
  • If you have good knowledge of martial arts, then you can earn good money by opening your own training center.
  • You can earn good money by doing stunts or fighting scenes in the film industry.

Final words of how to learn martial arts

Friends, so far you have learned how to learn online martial arts and where you can get good training for it. Apart from this, what are the benefits of learning it?

Martial arts play a good role in giving right direction to your life because by learning martial arts not only you stay physically fit but you are always focused and disciplined about some work. Friends, there is no age limit to learn martial arts. Just if your body is fit and you have the craziness and passion to learn it then you can learn martial arts. This art of learning self defense can also prove to be very helpful in giving you the right life.

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