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Ice Fishing - We Walk on Water Here


Ice and the Noise it Emits

If you live in Minnesota, eventually you will probably be introduced to ice fishing.

I am terrified of ice noises. When you are sitting in a fish house and there are cracking noises, It is making ice. To a rational adult, it means the ice is getting thicker. To me, it means we are going into the lake.

The fish house is on wheels. The wheels flip up at the lake so the house can be flush with the ice. Later, the wheels will be flipped back down.

Inside, there are the comforts of home. Bunks. Lights. Chairs. Cooking supplies. Generator. Television. Toilet bucket. Food. Beverages.

A fishing environment

A fishing environment

A bait shop

A bait shop

Their water tower need

Their water tower need


Community Pride

I notice that Madison Lake is very proud of their fishing. There is a fishhook on their water tower. How cool is that?

None or Too Many

Once there is one fish house, there will soon be many. In one spot. People tend to put their fish houses next to other fish houses. It's a big lake. They should move their house to a different spot.

Hopefully, the ice will hold them all.

It's odd. The people who drive by the lake all summer, know it is a lake. Now that it is frozen, and they act like it's a field.


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It's still a lake. It's deep. The water is cold. Cold and wet.

Fishing Poles Compared to Ice Fishing Rods

Ice fishing rods are similar to any other fishing pole, except that they are very short in length. This is because there is no casting. Nope. Repeat, there is no casting.

You drill a hole in the ice and drop your line down the hole. Then, instead of fishing horizontal, you fish vertical. In a boat there is the dragging your lure through the water. In ice fishing, you move it up and down in a process called jigging.

4 Wheeler to Pull to Spot in Lake

Fish houses have a hitch (and wheels) so that you can pull them. A four wheeler is a motorcycle with four wheels that many use to transport a house to a fishing spot.

Some people use a side by side. That is slang for a covered four wheeler. However, some side by sides cost as much as a small car.

No one is on this lake yet. The weather threatens rain and that means trouble as far as  fishing is concerned.

No one is on this lake yet. The weather threatens rain and that means trouble as far as fishing is concerned.

Waiting for Ice

The old fishermen talk to each other about where to go.

Note: most fisherman are liars.

A Fish House Base


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