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Hydro Flask Vs. Replica Water Bottle Comparison Review


Can you tell the difference between the hugely popular $35 Hydro Flask water bottle and a $15 cheap replica? They feel and look almost identical. They both have a clean matte finish that is easy to grip and have plastic cap with a rubber rim for easy twisting.
They weigh almost the same with Hydro Flask weighing at 1lb 0.4oz and the replica coming in at 1lb 0.9oz.

The Hydro Flask comes with a lifetime warranty and promises to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours.
The replica doesn't make any claims or specify warranties, buyer beware.

We're not going test any warranty claims, but we give it the cold test and the hot test:

Cold Test: Claim is 24 hours
We went to the closest fast food restaurant and filled up our bottles to the rim with ice; no water. After 24 hours, both bottles were still full of ice, there was only about an inch of water in the bottle from melting.
So we decided to wait another 24 hours. After 48 total hours the ice finally melted to where there was more water than ice. And we could test the temperature with a turkey thermometer.

The Hydro Flask held water at 41.2° F.
The replica flask at 34.2° F!

We never pour the ice out to measure how much ice was left in each bottle, but the replica is clearly the winner in the cold test.

Hot Test: Claim is 6 hours.
We just made the decision to test at 12 hours. So we boiled water on a stove and poured it in. After pouring the boiled water in, we measured both bottles at exactly 143.6° F. Then we played the waiting game...

12 hours later the results came in:

The Hydro Flask came in at 104.9° F.
The replica flask came in at 100.2° F.

So the winner of the hot test is the Hydro Flask.

Now...to decide the over all winner of the comparison

Hydro Flask gets two points for hot test and warranty.
Replica gets two points for cold test and price.

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