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How to make a deer feeder-Free Plans

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Free Deer Feeder plans

Making your own deer feeder is quite simple, long lasting and will get you results. From one homemade feeder alone we averaged 500 pics every 2 weeks. The pics to the right are just a few of the results. These deer feeders, are simple gravity feeders that will last 10-15years, with little to no maintenance. The PVC, fittings, glue, paint and strap, for 2 feeders will run about $140 cost. The feeder shown in the deer pics is over 12 yrs old, with no maintenance except, touch up paint a few yrs. back.

How To Build Your Deer Feeder

  • All the materials needed to build these deer feeders is available at stores such as Lowes or Home Depot and cost may very but shouild run around $140 for 2 feeders.
  • First you need to get the following material

Qty. Description

10ft 6"PVC sch 40

2 6"PVC couplings

2 6"PVC caps

2 6"x4" PVC reducers

2 4"x2" PVC reducers

2ft 2"PVC sch 40

1pint PVC glue

2 ratchet straps(one for each feeder)

How To Build Your Deer Feeder


Making your deer feeder

  • First thing to do is mark your 6"PVC conduit at the halfway mark 5ft., then cut it as straight as possible.
  • Next lay out your 6"pvc fittings, you'll need your glue and probably a hammer. take a 6"PVC coupling and glue a 6"x4"PVC reducer inside it, if you need to get it tighter, gently rap it with a hammer.
  • Then glue a 4"x2"PVC reducer inside the 6"x4"PVC reducer the same way.
  • Take your 2ft piece of 2"PVC and cut it in half, then with a saw cut a nice notch in the PVC as shown in the drawing.
  • Once this is together glue it on your 5ft piece of PVC conduit. Don't glue the 2" piece in, if something gets broken this is usually it. That way it would be easier to change.
  • Add a 6"PVC cap to the other end. Don't glue!! This is where you fill the feeder, you could just put a bucket or something over the end but the PVC cap keeps weather and bugs out.
  • Now your ready to paint to camo and ratchet that baby to a tree. You can look at the pics below and see one in use.
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PVC Deer Feeder in action


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Understanding a feeder use

As you can see from the photos we had 533 pics in about 3 weeks. Understanding what your seeing can help in your deer hunting success. Let we run down the time line as we understood it.

  • Day 1- On Aug,28,11 we filled the feeder, as you can see by the photo the first doe to check it out probably can smell human scent on the lid. She still feeds around we have several pics.
  • Day 8- On Sept,05,11 We get our first real group of does. One mama even brings her fawn along. That means we selected a great location with some healthy does living nearby. At this point our pics are showing at least 6-7 different does feeding here daily.
  • Day 9- Sept,06,11Our first buck arrives, he's a nice young healthy looking probably 2yr.old deer, hopefully others will soon follow. It took 9 days for the human scent to be gone enough for a buck to slip in, or there's no bucks in this area.
  • Day 10-Sept,07,11 Bucks are feeding at the same time of morning, a very good sign.
  • Day 11-Sept,08,11 This is our first group of bachelor bucks, one is still in velvet, the other has begun to rub. Now we have 10-15 different deer starting to feed thru at various times, so the feed will run out soon.
  • Day 16-Sept,13,11 This is the last pic with food, it lasted only 16 days with 503 pics to this point. Haven't noticed anything to get me to excited except the fact, our deer herd has a great ratio and is very healthy. The rest takes care of itself when the rut hits.
  • Day 23-Sept,20,11 We came back to remove the feeder and camera, review our pics and set stands for season opening in about 3 weeks. As you can see even a week after it's out of food we still have visitors dropping by.

PVC Deer feeders save you some time scouting

When you use these feeders not only do you get some great pics but also save some time scouting. If there's no deer hitting your feeder, either there's no deer nearby, you have the wrong feed(we use a mix of corn and horse sweet feed they love it),or you could have too much human scent in the area.

We use this to track feed times, herds health, doe to buck ratios and even travel patterns. With feeders, mineral beds and food plots we've been able to maintain our deer population quite well. Hopefully your feeders can do the same for you, enjoy.

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very good

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Enjoyed your article. What camera do you recommend?

David (author) from Florida on September 23, 2012:

Yes the 2" sits on the ground, the weight of the corn will force feed out the opening.

jim on September 22, 2012:

does the 2" pipe sit rght on the ground? where are the deer eating from the opening at the bottom or the whole cut in the side?

David (author) from Florida on July 06, 2012:

We have a few different variations as well. They work great and hold up for many years. Thanks for voting it up.

moonlake from America on July 06, 2012:

Our feeder is almost like this a little different. It sure works good and you have good instructions on here. Voted Up and more.

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