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How to Learn More About LSU

Tristan Williams is a business administration student, who is currently a senior at Illinois State University. He is a "die-hard LSU fan"

Step one: in becoming familiar with LSU and the Fighting Tigers would be to look up LSU.Some people may not even know the state that LSU is in. I would recommend starting here and getting a basic geographical understanding of LSU.

Step two: once you figure out where LSU is, I would recommend you search some of the Alumni from LSU. One big name that will pop up is Shaquille O’ Neil “The Big Dissel.” LSU also has also produced different big-name pickups like Billy Cannon, Jamarcus Russel, and Joe Burrow.

Step three: After you have found a few of these athletes that you have heard of, take some time to go through the film of these different athletes! If you want to be a dedicated tiger fan, you have to know a lot about LSU and I believe that watching film is a way to get you engaged. One athlete's film that is a must-watch is Tyrann “The Honey Badger” Mathieu’s film. This is a player who I watched his film before every single one of my high school football games. Tyrann is a killer on the field and makes plays happen that typically are not supposed to happen.

Step four: Once you have figured out and fallen in love with some of these athletes, now it becomes time to watch highlights of essentially every game. A good starting point would be 2019, the undefeated season! Maybe you are a basketball fan, so you need to watch this year's highlights! LSU has never been a top-notch basketball school but over the past few years, Will Wade has been able to have top recruiting classes and build a solid program.

Step five: I have always been a big numbers person and felt like numbers don’t lie! With this being said, now it's time to go back and dissect the championship-winning teams. You may or may not be surprised to see that some of these top alumni like Joe Burrow and Jamarr Chase were actually on championship-winning teams. I want to encourage you to look over the recruiting pages and figure out how much talent was on each of these rosters. Once you do this, you will now see that LSU truly is a powerhouse in terms of recruiting, and each year we won a championship we had good recruiting classes.

Step six: Once you become familiar with all this information, I encourage you to look up what Brian Kelly has done at Notre Dame with the talent that he has. Even this year, they were ranked number five. This means they were the first team that didn’t get into the playoffs.

Step seven: After doing this, you have to get a little more context! So now is the time for you to look up Notre Dame’s recruiting compared to LSU’s and it will become clear that almost every year we dominated them in recruiting but a lot of times they had more successful seasons.

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