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How to Obtain the Tron Zwift Concept Z1 Bike

Liam Hallam is a Sports Science graduate, a competitive cyclist, and runner who loves to travel to Europe in search of great adventures.

Zwift for Beginners- How Do I Obtain the Tron Bike?

As a beginner on Zwift I'm a long way from achieving the Z1 Concept Zwift Bike

As a beginner on Zwift I'm a long way from achieving the Z1 Concept Zwift Bike

As a Beginner on Zwift I Immediately Started to Notice Brightly Colored 'Tron' Type Bikes Passing By

Having been forced to mainly train indoors during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 I turned to the stationary trainer for inspiration. Having a Smart Tacx Flow indoor trainer opened up a selection of different programs to spend some time doing some ESports.

After sampling the free features of RGT Cycling and then moving on to Rouvy I settled on the Zwift Platform for indoor cycling training. From there I've learned plenty on the world of Zwift, Zwifting, and eRacing.

Just What is the Tron Bike on Zwift

Aptly Names the Z1 Concept Bike, The Tron bike as many call it is a right of passage for many Zwift Newbie to obtain.

Your frameset and wheels will glow in flourescent glory showcasing your many hours chasing it's goal.

Tron- Z1 Concept Bikes Within the Zwift Peloton

You can easily spot the Tron- Z1 Concept Bikes within the Peloton on Zwift

You can easily spot the Tron- Z1 Concept Bikes within the Peloton on Zwift

Chasing the Zwift Tron Bike- Step 1

When you sign up to Zwift you have the option of two targets. On this screen, you will need to choose the option to Climb Mount Everest. At 8850 meters of climbing, this is no easy task but you can simply work overtime towards this goal.

Once you've climbed 8850 meters you'll also unlock a Trek Emonda within your virtual bicycle garage. The Emonda is one of the best climbing bikes on the game so all the hard work will be worth it in your quest to obtain the Tron bike on Zwift.

Step 2- Keep on Climbing

You might have thought that 8850 meters of climbing was enough hard work for now. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more hard effort to obtain the Tron Zwift Concept Z1.

You need to keep climbing until you've climbed 50,000 meters to obtain the Zwift Concept Z1.

Tron Bike Challenge Step 3- Go to Your Garage

Within the Zwift Game head to your Garage and select the Z1 Concept Bike.

There is a degree of irony that the Z1 Concept is a fast bike, however, compared to many of the other options it's not actually a particularly fast climbing bike.

My Garage on Zwift

I'm nowhere near to obtaining the Tron bike on Zwift just yet.

I'm nowhere near to obtaining the Tron bike on Zwift just yet.

Best Courses and Worlds to Acheive Your Climbing Goals

If you're a beginner looking for the best Zwift Courses to achieve the Tron bike in the shortest possible time (As well as advertently improving your cycling climbing skills) here are a selection of the best courses although some may not be initially available to beginners.

Watopia's Biggest Climbing Routes

The original, and arguably best Zwift World offers a selection of tough and long climbs.

Mountain Route- 29.7 km with 682m of climbing

Mountain 8- 32.7 km with 691m of climbing

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Muir and Mountain- 34.1 km with 792m of climbing

Quatch Quest- Taking in the iconic Alpe Du Zwift with 46.5km and 1706m of climbing

Road to Sky- Straight up the Alpe Du Zwift with 17.5 km and 1045 m of climbing. Arguably one of the shortest ways to gain big altitude.

London's Biggest Climbing Routes on Zwift

By taking riders out into the Surrey Hills there are some tough, moderate length climbs to ascend on the London circuits.

The Greatest London Loop climbs 345m in 25.6km and features a pretty flat 13km out to Leith Hill.

The London Loop takes you through the underground tunnels and over Box Hill with an altitude gain of 220m across its 14.9km length.

The London Pretzel covers all of the London roads with 531m of climbing in 55.6 km of riding.

The killer loop for London is the Surrey Hills which features 881m of climbing in 41 km of virtual riding on Zwift.

Zwift's Surrey Hills

Harrogate's Biggest Climbing Routes

The home of 2019's UCI World Road Championships in Yorkshire, Harrogate was a rather wet sight for many riders and fans watching from the roadside. Zwift from the relative comfort of your home doesn't have such problems however only 2 of the courses feature sensible amounts of climbing.

2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate- 13.8 km 245m of Climbing

Royal Pump Romm 8- 27.7 km and 490m of vertical ascent

Tour of Tewitt Well- 10.9 km and 204m of vertical ascent.

New York's Best Climbing Routes on Zwift

New York isn't one of Zwift's best routes to gain big altitude but for many of us variety is a good thing.

New Yorks Best Routes for Climbing include

Grand Central Circuit- With more climbing per kilometer than any other New York Zwift circuit the Grand Central loop gives 137m of vertical ascent in just 6.8 km.

Rising Empire climbs for almost the height of the Empire State Building with 362m across 20.7 kilometers which put the effort into some perspective.

Grand Central New York

The Zwift Grand Central Route

The Zwift Grand Central Route

Innsbruck's Best Climbing Routes

Home of the 2018 World Road Championships and featured a tough finishing circuit that Zwift has used the majority of, removing a 25% ramp of a climb which goes beyond the control of even the smart-trainers on the market.

The Main UCI Worlds Course Short Lap features 487m of vertical ascent across its 23.6 km in length

The toughest of Innsbruck's routes are arguably the Lutscher and Lutscher CCW route which both tackle the KOM twice. Lutscher is g=German for Lollipop so you have a lead into the loops.

Lutscher- 827m of climbing across 24.2 km

Lutscher CCW tackles the steeper ascent and features 826m of climbing across 22.1 km of virtual riding.

The Best of the Rest on Zwift

Bologna's 8 km Giro D'Italia Time Trail route only numbers 8km though packs in 230m of vertical ascent in that time. Sadly as a linear course, you'll then need to descend back to the base of the climb and turn around if you wish to do the ascent again. Sadly the Bologna route is only accessible for specific events though you can continue on course after the event finishes should you wish.

The Richmond circuit is populated with some short punchy climbs although nothing really to rival many of the other circuits available.

Crit City is another event-specific circuit. The Circuit measures just shy of 2 kilometers and features only 8 vertical meters of altitude gain so will do little in your quest to obtain the Tron Bike on Zwift.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Liam Hallam (author) from Nottingham UK on April 16, 2020:

Thanks Eurofile- Yes the World Championship course from last year goes straight past Betty and Taylors tea rooms too!

Liz Westwood from UK on April 13, 2020:

This article is a great example of adapting with the current times. I had grandparents who lived in Harrogate many years ago, so I was intrigued to hear that it featured here.

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