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How to NBA Offseason: Atlantic Division

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As the NBA season begins to unwind, many teams and fans are left wondering what the future will behold for them. Whether that is resigning the star player or trading the bench scrubs, the offseason gives teams a chance to regroup and maybe even rebuild their team. And as the seasons go by, the Atlantic Division gets even more competitive. Here is a guide on what each Atlantic Division should consider doing this offseason.


Toronto Raptors

Finishing 3rd in the division, the Raptors currently are not needing big decisions. With not many players they need to resign and no play options this offseason, the Raptors could consider laying low this offseason. But at the same time, they could consider these things.

  • Resigning Thaddeus Young. While not providing a lot of production this season, Young provides some scoring ability that may benefit the team and give Siakam and Barnes a break. His rebounding also puts less pressure on Boucher and other bigs on the glass.
  • Trade/Sign a Center. While Boucher and Siakam have been able to hold their own as centers, the Raptors being able to sign or trade for a true center would provide much help on the Offensive and Defensive side of things. Rumors have spread that Suns center Deandre Ayton wants out of Phoenix. Throwing a trade offer or showing a contract to Ayton would be a wise move by the front office. Ayton would provide good offense and better defense to the Raptor's core starting lineup. Other centers like Dewayne Dedmon, Andre Drummond, and Hassan Whiteside should be considered as well.

New York Knicks

Going below .500 and missing the playoffs, the Knicks are left with many questions and decisions for this upcoming offseason. With a mix of young and veteran players, the Knicks need to search for a piece that could unlock the heaps of potential on the team.

  • Look for a Mentor. The Knicks have many young players who need experience, coaching, and mentoring. Veteran players that can get it done on both ends of the floor can be useful for next season. Ricky Rubio may provide passing and even a decent 3-point shot that can prove wonders for the offense. On the defensive side, Serge Ibaka could bring some good advice for Randle and Robinson while providing a decent amount of offensive skills for the team.
  • Resign Mitchell Robinson. The young and athletic center Mitchell Robinson is a must-keep for the Knicks. His athleticism and shot-blocking ability have shown to be very effective for the team. He is often throwing down dunks off lob passes and blocking shots into the stands on defense. Along with his great rebounding ability and loads of potential, he is vital to the team's success.
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Boston Celtics

With an Eastern Conference Championship and potential NBA Championship under their belt this season, there isn't a whole lot the Celtics should do this offseason. Of course, there are still a couple of things they should consider.

  • Keep an eye on Robert Williams III. With stellar production and a great season, Robert Williams III is a key to the Celtic's success. Still, they need to keep their eyes peeled for trades that may better the team more than keeping Williams. The Celtics should keep in mind his production and not jump on trades too quickly. Consider all options before getting rid of him.
  • Think about a new assistant coach. To free up more Cap Space and help the development of the players, the Celtics could consider firing and hiring a new assistant. Although it may hurt the reputation due to his poor stint in Los Angeles, a coach like Frank Vogel could provide experience and wisdom to the players and young coach Ime Udoka. It is certainly not a priority, but something to consider.

Philadelphia 76ers

A good regular season and underwhelming Playoff run left many Sixers fans with a bad taste in their mouths. Although Embiid put up superstar numbers and won the scoring title, many questions remain about the 76ers for their team this offseason.

  • Don't resign Deandre Jordan. With a high amount of social media slander and a low amount of production, Deandre Jordan is a liability for the 76ers. Taking just over half a million dollars, his performance is not worth the Sixers spending money to keep him. Jordan is not the player he use to be. It is best if he looks to provide his services elsewhere.
  • Look to trade Danny Green. Even with his three-point shooting abilities, Danny Green doesn't work in the offense of Doc Rivers. His lack of ability to do anything besides catch and shoot threes isn't the best for the Sixers moving forward. Despite this, Green does provide high trade value. A team lacking in three-point shooting will certainly be willing to give up some good players for Danny Green.

Brooklyn Nets

With a frustrated Kevin Durant and an unpredictable Kyrie Irving, the Nets must make moves to stay in the spotlight as a "big threat" team. Steve Nash and the Nets front office need to find a solution and find it fast if they are going to bring a chip into the city of Brooklyn.

  • Negotiate and talk to Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is quite unpredictable and provides an inconsistent amount of playing time for the Nets. Talking to Kyrie and seeing if he is "all in" or not will make the Net's offseason much less of a headache. If he is all in, let him play and consider his contract next season. If he isn't, consider your option and talk with his teammates. Figuring out Kyrie is vital for the Brooklyn Nets this offseason.
  • Get Ben Simmons ready to play. Although the Nets could make front office moves, getting Ben Simmons "ready" to play next season is very important for the Nets. Making sure Ben is healthy and in the gym can help assure a successful and productive start to the season for Ben and the Nets. If Ben isn't ready, then the money spent on him is simply a waste.

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