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How to Make a Horse Look Great


Horse owners get a certain level of thrill whenever they present their horses to their friends or peers. While it doesn’t have to be for a competition or any event, people take pride when they are complimented on how well they take care of their horses.

It is just like owning a car. You may have a Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or even an appliance-looking Toyota or Honda; it doesn’t really matter. It’s the pride you get out of owning the car that you really like that is important.

So if you want someone to say, “That’s a fine-looking horse you have there!” then I suggest you follow these tips:

1. Plait the mane.

Plaiting your horse’s mane achieves three things. One is it will give it a neat look. Two, it will show off its beautiful neck. And three, it can help train the mane to fall on just one side. Plaiting and presentation certainly goes together if you really want your horse to be admired or if you’re participating in a show.


2. Take care of the hair.

We’re still talking about the mane but also the hair or coat. You should brush these each time you groom your horse. This ensures it will be smooth and has no tangles. If you can, apply some cocoa butter or any specially formulated conditioner. It will help keep the hair soft and bring out the shine.

3. Feed it all the good stuff.

A horse needs good nutrition so it will look robust, strong, agile, and for its coat to shine. Many people just lets their animal graze and it’s actually a great thing, as long as the grass is fresh and free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. But if the season’s not perfect for green grass, start piling up on hay or roughage. It is also wise to provide your horse with supplements.

4. Give it enough rest.

Your horse will look better and fresher if it had enough rest. Avoid taking it out for a ride at least two days before the presentation. It will look livelier and healthier on the day people will be seeing it.

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5. Give it a bath.

This last tip is of course a no-brainer. Give your horse a bath either on the day itself or before you present it on a show or to your friends. The obvious reason for this is there will be less time or chances for the animal to play around or even roll on the ground and get itself all dirty again. Just make sure you are using a specialized shampoo to prevent any irritations. Definitely, nothing beats looking at a newly washed horse.

Get started with it.

That’s about it. Follow these suggestions and your horse will start to look like it’s worth a million dollars. A beautiful horse, while it’s mostly genetics, is the product of a very responsible owner.


Dianna Mendez on December 04, 2014:

The first photo shows a beautiful horse and posed as a champion. My granddaughter loves horses and is learning to groom them as you mention here. They are such awesome creatures.

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