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How to Have a Higher Success Rate From NXT To The Main Roster

NXT Call Ups

Rhea Ripley and Charlotte had an amazing, smashmouth, technically sound match at Wrestlemania 36. Now, Rhea is wrestling against an inexperienced Raquel Gonzalez at Halloween Havoc. Although coming up short, Rhea proved that she can go toe to toe with the absolute best female competition in modern wrestling.

This is not an isolated occurrence, either. Too many NXT talents, Aleister Black comes to mind, that gets called up to the main roster just to be forgotten in about a month or so. It has been said of Vince Mcmahon that he is an expert at marketing. He pays to advertise for Smackdown advertisements on sports radio shows and has a partnership with Fox.

Three things will help NXT talent get over and stay over on the main roster. These converted talents should move up less often and have a long term plan for that talent that jumps to the main roster and spend air time on vignettes, segments that reeducate who the talent is and what their character is about.

Social media is a great, free commercial for the wrestlers and NXT is a commercial for future talent. Not all fans that watch Raw or Smackdown watch NXT. They must be educated to who this seemingly new wrestler is and they have to consistently win more than they lose.

The essence of the character that moves up rarely stays intact. Vignettes are rarely given, or if they are, it's usually for some new, far less interesting, watered version of their new gimmick and it fails, usually. The new talent is usually thrown into a mid-card match, lose or barely beat another wrestler with a record just as poor, and pretty soon, people are bored.

Liv Morgan had a very good run in NXT. Of the Riott Squad, she looked to be the most well polished of the three. On the main roster, Morgan was usually losing squash matches and was brought back to be added to the unpopular storyline between Lashley and Lana and Rusev.

A professional wrestler is a product. It stands to reason that if a professional wrestler is marketed poorly, they will be received poorly by the fans. A spot on television should be special. There are four weeks of television that are geared toward getting the card together for a pay per view.

Too many tv matches feature wrestlers that have nothing to do with wrestlers that will be featured on the upcoming pay per view. This is a problem. These are matches that are white noise with no real meaning. More times than not, these matches are just filler.

Former NXT talent are usually relegated to filler matches. This creates little incentive for NXT talent to want to move up.If more people want to stay on NXT, this means the main roster doesn't get as many fresh faces and gets stale. Nikki Cross changed her gimmick from chaotic evil to Happy go lucky.

Alexa Bliss is leaving the tag team of Cross and Bliss and joining the fiend. What does this most likely mean for Cross? She will soon fall into obscurity. Cross is a wrestler to have survived the character change most wrestlers suffer when going from NXT to the main roster. When a change in character essence that suddenly, the viewer is hesitant to buy into it. But with Cross, they bought into it.

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When something gets someone over, why change it? The all too eagerness of Mcmahon to change the characters of his NXT talent when they hit the main roster often kills talen's chances at succeeding at the next level.

Lacey evans had her feud with Lynch, lost and got lost in the midcard filler role.

The IIconics beat Bayley and Sasha at Mania, didn't defend it, pussed out of matches and lost it, underwhelming reign for two awesome veterans like them. Matt Riddle and Keith Lee are two NXT stories being prominently featured, as well as Shayna Baszler, proving NXT talent can get over on the main roster, if done right.

Dave Meltzer often accuses WWE of ''throwing everything at the wall creatively and seeing what sticks." If these NXT wrestlers aren't planned for long term, why move them up?

NXT wrestlers deserve better, as do the fans.

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Doug robbins (author) from Ohio, USA on November 13, 2020:

I can definitely see the merit in NXT being its own promotion

Nigel Koay from Malaysia on November 13, 2020:

Unpopular opinion: NXT should be their own promotion hhaha, by the way interesting article.

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