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How to Choose the Best Gymnastics Floor Music


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Choose Gymnastics Floor Music Carefully

Whether your daughter is brand new to optional gymnastics or finishing the Xcel program, you, and she are probably excited to pick gymnastics floor music. When my daughter finally graduated from compulsory routines, I couldn’t wait.

I was going to be able to sit through an entire meet without losing my mind over redundant music. Beyond that, I was excited for her to pick music that matched her personality and her style. Despite her coaches urging to take our time picking floor music choices, my daughter turned in the first three songs she listened to for consideration by the choreography coach.

While it was surprising then, but not now, each of these picks, followed by about ½ a dozen more were all turned down. In hindsight, we really should have taken our time choosing the perfect gymnastics floor music. To help you find the perfect floor music for your gymnasts, I have come up with some simple tips that make finding floor music easier for everyone.


Talk to Your Coach About Styles of Music that are Right for You

When I first looking for floor music with my daughter, the coaches had opinions! After talking to her coaches, I knew we wanted something robustl and fast because my daughter is powerful and fast. We also knew we wanted to stay away from a dramatic piece because flexibility and grace are not her strongest points.

I struggled with this because I loved watching the exciting dances with the huge leaps and flexibility tricks, but these were not my daughter’s strong points. Instead, of choosing something she would struggle with, we picked a fun, upbeat song that lets her spunky personality shine through, and boy does it! Not only do I notice her having with her salsa-inspired routine, but the judges do too, and her scores show it.


Choose Music that Makes You Want to Dance

I know this sounds crazy, but your daughter needs to pick a song that makes them want to get up and dance. To better understand this, think about your favorite song, the song you and your girlfriends use to jam to in high school when you were in your car by yourself.

Now, think about how that song makes you feel today, 15 to 20 years later. Admit it; it still makes you want to dance! When choosing floor music with your daughter, you need to keep that in mind. Help them pick a song that makes them want to get up and dance!

Think About Leaps, Tumbling Passes, and Dancing

The first time my daughter and I picked songs we went straight to YouTube, and picked a bunch. We were newbies and had no idea what we were doing, except we were finding cool music.

After a few songs got denied by the choreographer instructor, what they had been telling us all along became much more evident. When choosing gymnastics floor music, you have to think about the passes and requirements of your level. For instance, for Xcel Silver, my daughter needed a leap pass, tumble pass, and dance section, which meant we needed to choose floor music that supported this.


Where to Find Gymnastics Floor Music?

You can google Gymnastics Floor Music and come up with an abundance of choices, but ask your coaches because they may have a floor music company that they prefer. The one problem I have found with using gymnastics floor music from these companies is that the music can be old or overused.

I’m a huge fan of classic music and songs, but I didn’t want a song that the judges may have heard a few dozen times before. It’s also helpful to remember that these companies are not your only solution. In fact, when my daughter and I were stuck, one of her coaches recommended we take home a bunch of CDs that were at the gym.

Many older teammates had donated their purchased music to be used by gymnasts after them. Not only may you be able to get old music, but you may be able to get hand-me-down choreography as well. Talk to your coaches; they would know best.

Gymnastic Floor Music Sources


Get Gymnastics Floor Music on YouTube – If You Dare

As I mentioned above, you can find a ton of gymnastics floor music options online. When you start searching, sooner or later, you will end up on YouTube. I don’t mean to knock this source as a viable choice, but I think it’s important to note it isn’t my first choice.

While some of the renditions are spot-on, others are terrible. With blunt endings, terrible sound quality, and the inability to choose the right length, you may save yourself a ton of frustration by eliminating this option, but it’s totally up to you. If anything, I think using Youtube as inspiration for finding the perfect gymnastics floor music is a much better option than trying to use floor music you find on YouTube.

My Daughter Created a Little Routine of Her Own for a School Talent Show Using YouTube Gymnastics Floor Music

Create a Channel on Pandora for Floor Music Inspiration

Chances are you probably use Pandora or ITunes music anyway, so why not use it to your advantage to help you choose the best gymnastics floor music for your gymnasts? How do you do this, you ask? Simply find the song you love and create a channel on Pandora or ITunes radio. Once you create a channel, you will be exposed to more music just like that and hopefully will find the perfect tune for your routine.

Stay Away from Soundtracks and Musicals

Do you remember the torturous days of compulsory music? Do you know why you were ready to jump out of your skin if you had to hear that 45-second song one more time? It was because you were bored.

When I asked my daughter’s coach, the one she does private sessions with, if she had any advice for us, she specifically said to stay away from soundtracks and musicals. When I asked her why, she said it was because in all her years of competing and coaching, she noticed gymnasts that choose this type of floor music often became very bored with their music and their routines suffered for it. Now that we are about ¼ way into my daughter’s 3rd year of competition, I can see that what she said was very true.

Don’t Pick Just One – Pick at Least Three

After listening to dozens of instrumental music CDs, you and your daughter will probably be ready to choose a song and be done with it, but you shouldn’t do this! Instead, have your daughter pick her top three songs. Turn the songs into your daughter’s choices and let the coaches make the final decision.

Remember to take in your coach’s feedback, especially if they don’t like one of your options! It’s important to keep in mind most of them were gymnasts themselves at one point, and have years of experience and knowledge that only a former gymnast can provide. By choosing at least three potential music choices, you can choose what's perfect for your gymnast style.

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