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How the Career of Trish Stratus Left Us All Stratusfied

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A beautiful blonde bombshell.

That's the first impression that every member of the WWE Universe had when they first laid eyes on the incomparable Trish Stratus in the year 2000. Back then, women's wrestling wasn't even close to being as popular and respected as it is today. The perception of women in WWE was the mere fact that they were there more to be a stratusfying view that men can stare at rather than being considered stellar in-ring performers.

Little did we all know, however, that this tiny girl from Toronto, Ontario, Canada would help change that perception and had a WHOLE LOT more to offer to the world of professional wrestling. She was fierce, she was confident, and she was always willing to learn the ropes -- literally. She always had a strong love for the sport of professional wrestling and that love helped her develop herself into one of the most beloved in-ring WWE superstars of all time.

The Surprising Debut

When Trish made her debut in the WWE, she walked onto our television screens (and into our hearts) while staring down the likes of Test and Albert. Nobody understood what was happening. All they knew is that this incredibly attractive young woman had started brewing up a plan to make her impact felt in the WWE.

Shortly later, the fans came to find out that a tag team had been formed between Test and Albert, with Trish as their manager, called T & A.

Completely veering away from the sexual innuendo that comes along with that team name, Test and Albert came to be a pretty impressive duo. With the likes of Trish by their side and helping them win matches, as a prominent manager does, the three became a formidable force to be reckoned with together.

That is until Trish came head-to-head with one Bubba Ray Dudley...

After a series of teasing promos towards the unhinged member of the Dudley Boyz, featuring many tables, Bubba would finally get his ultimate revenge on Trish and do what he does better than anyone else in the wrestling business.

Yep, you guessed it. He power-bombed her through a table.


Trish Says Hello to the McMahons

After feuding with the likes of Chyna and Lita, the character of Trish Stratus was starting to get accepted by the fans more and more. With that popularity came the opportunity of a lifetime to work with the one and only, McMahon family. Being apart of an important storyline with Vince McMahon is something that every single pro wrestler desires, especially back then in Vince's on-screen prime. The spotlight that is shined on you is so extravagant that it only makes you even MORE popular than you were before.

Although Trish got covered in slop, had to kiss Mr. McMahon in front of his wheel-chaired wife, and was ordered to bark like a dog inside the ring, being a character involved in a top storyline can only elevate one's career in the future. The awesome thing about pro wrestling is when the "good guy" finally gets their revenge on the villain, it results in the ultimate payoff for the fans to enjoy.

That's exactly what happened at WrestleMania X-Seven when Trish helped formulate a plan with Linda McMahon to help Shane McMahon defeat his conniving father in a Street Fight.

After Trish slapped the taste out of Vince's mouth, she ran Stephanie out of the arena while Mick Foley, who had taken a chair-shot from Vince to the head earlier, started throwing fists at the boss. This all led to Shane McMahon going coast-to-coast and getting the 1-2-3. You could hear the roar of the crowd in attendance for that entire portion of the match as it kept escalating by the second while chaos continued to ensue.

Being apart of that angle and that incredible ending to a match at WrestleMania let the powers that be, which is obviously Vince himself, understand that Trish Stratus was not only a viable asset to the company, but she was ready to be a main focal point in the women's division.


Trish Takes Her Career to the Next Level

After a 3-month absence tending to an ankle injury, Trish returned to WWE and was determined to take on new obstacles. At Survivor Series 2001, a six-pack challenge went down for the vacated Women's Championship between Trish, Lita, Jazz, Jacqueline, Molly Holly, and Ivory.

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Knowing the level of talent that the rest of the women in that match had, I'm not sure if anyone believed that Trish Stratus could walk out that night with gold around her waist. However, Trish proved all those doubters wrong and her dream of becoming champion in WWE had finally come true.

After several feuds with different opponents, mainly for the WWE Women's title, it all culminated in an incredibly important match on the December 6, 2004 episode of Monday Night Raw. In the main event, the fans were able to see a women's title match end the night when Trish and Lita squared off. Knowing how women's wrestling had been treated in the past, this was a massive opportunity to show the world how impactful women's wrestling could actually be.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita was, and always will be, one of the best women's rivalries in WWE history. The hatred and loathe for one another sparked through the television screen as the fans became tremendously invested in the two of them together. There's no doubt in my mind that those two women, who are now labeled as Team Bestie, really made each other who they were in WWE.

They built each other up to the point of them both becoming viable WWE superstars, Monday Night Raw main eventers, and subsequently, WWE Hall of Famers.


A Crazed Trish Fan Enters The Picture

Perhaps one of my favorite WWE storylines ever was when an overly energetic Trish Stratus fan made her way onto the scene by the name of Mickie James. After a beat-down from Victoria, Trish received some help from the debuting Mickie and from that point forward, the WWE Universe was then immediately strapped in for the roller-coaster ride of a lifetime.

Not only was this feud the talk of the entire WWE for months, it made every single person watching slide to the edge of their seats, wondering what Mickie was going to do next. The "psychopath" was so deranged during this time with Trish that even Jim Ross exclaimed, "She makes a vindictive ex-wife look like Oprah!”.

After all the maniacal antics, physical attacks, and sneaky kisses under the mistletoe, their remarkable rivalry culminated at WrestleMania 22 in one of the greatest women's matches the WWE Universe has ever seen. You could tell that the fans in attendance that night thoroughly enjoyed the story that Trish and Mickie had told throughout their feud together, giving them all the respect in the world during their grueling battle for the Women's title.

The story of Trish Stratus and Mickie James will always be one of my personal favorites of all time. It brought suspense, it brought excitement, and most importantly, it helped uplift women's wrestling to what it is today.


The First Goodbye

At the age of 30, Trish Stratus decided to call it a career in the WWE as she competed in her final match (at the time) at Unforgiven against none other than Lita. With the title on the line and the Toronto crowd going absolutely haywire, Trish Stratus strapped on the familiar Sharpshooter in front of her fellow Canadians and captured her 7th and final women's championship.

That's how much Trish loved the wrestling business. By using the Sharpshooter, she not only gave back and showed respect to the legend that is Bret "The Hitman" Hart, she gave back to the fans of Canada by giving them an exciting moment that they'll never, ever forget. There wasn't a soul sitting down nor a dry eye in the entire arena while Trish celebrated inside the squared circle.

Leaving the wrestling business that she loved, in front of her home country, defeating her biggest rival, being named Women's Champion, and feeling the love and respect from everyone all happened in ONE moment.

The word "special" doesn't even define the emotions that were felt during that monumental farewell for Trish.


The Comeback and Definitive Farewell

Over the years after that retirement match, Trish made a few returns back inside the WWE ring. There was a time when a certain superstar that we can't see needed a female partner on RAW, a time when a tiny Jersey Shore cast member needed backup for WrestleMania, and another time when she teamed with guys that called themselves MVP and Sexual Chocolate.

She then competed last year alongside her bestie, Lita, at the all-women's pay-per-view called Evolution against her long lost rival, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox. Fans rejoiced that night as they got to see Trish, Lita, AND Mickie all together in the same ring once again. It was the absolute best way to kick off that groundbreaking show and was the perfect moment for Trish and Lita to pick up a win together.

However, this past year at SummerSlam, Trish Stratus was looking for one final farewell match that just so happened to be in her home country of Canada once again. Who better to have the Queen of Stratusfaction compete with than the current Queen of WWE?


Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair had been a dream match that nobody had ever thought they would have the privilege to actually witness in this lifetime.

I don't believe there was anybody better for Trish to have this final showdown against other than Charlotte, as the Queen makes every single woman she gets inside the ring with look like a million bucks. The story-telling throughout this battle at SummerSlam was absolutely flawless. Both women brought everything they could to make their match as memorable as humanly possible.

Although the outcome didn't go in Trish's favor, you could feel the outpouring of respect shown by her fellow Canadians as she, once again, said goodbye to the business that she loves. Her in-ring skills seemed to be better than ever before while having the utmost chemistry with one of the top woman superstars on the planet.

Trish was able to walk away from the WWE Universe for the final time, receiving a "You still got it!" chant, on one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year. If that's not a perfect way to go out, than I don't know another way that's suitable for the Queen of Stratusfaction.


Thank you, Trish, for being an important pioneer for women's wrestling. When the chips were stacked against you upon your arrival in WWE, you showed the entire wrestling world how a beautiful blonde bombshell can also kick some rear-end and become one of the greatest superstars in the history of the WWE.

Your fortitude, your desire, and your passion to become a viable superstar for the WWE Universe to enjoy is something I will never forget about you. Your fans adore you and that fact will never change.

Thanks for all the memories, Trish. You guaranteed stratusfaction, and now that your in-ring career has come to a close, I can undoubtedly say that you always kept that promise whenever it was time to rock and roll!


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