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How Does a Southern Girl Become a Boston Red Sox Fan For Life?

Sports should be followed, played, enjoyed, shared among generations. Yes to good fun, rivalries, bringing us together; No to the politics

Rivals - Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle

Rivals - Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle

My Dad's team has always been my team

The Boston Red Sox are my Dad’s team, they have been, since he was a little boy.

From early on in our house, there would be talk of the Red Sox; of the crazy trade, of the curse, of the long dry spell and, naturally, of the very long rivalry with the New York Yankees.

We grew up on it....down South!

If I had a dollar (let's make it a twenty) for every time that I have heard, “How did that happen?” "Why them?"

For me, the answer is very simple, they are my Dad’s team, so they've always been my team.

As for my Dad's reason(s), I could not just accept that they were his team and that was that!

I wanted to know more, how did it happen, how did the Boston Red Sox become 'his team'?

The Great Bambino

An Interview with Dad

My Dad, was born and raised in South Carolina and at that time, there weren't any Southern teams for a kid that loved baseball to get behind and follow.

{The Braves would eventually make their way down south, but they started out up North...coincidentally, in Boston}

It makes perfect sense, that we follow the Atlanta Braves as well.

As far as, "why the Red Sox", he told me that he became a fan of the patriotism which seemed to radiate out of Boston and all across the heartland.

After all, the Tea Party happened there, not just any random tea party...the Boston Tea Party.

Patriot’s Day, commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord, key battles fought near Boston in 1775, stayed with him, from his childhood studies.

Boston exemplified America for him!

As I’m writing this, I’m imagining what it must have been like back then, Boston must have seemed a galaxy away to a young boy growing up in a very small town in the south.

While he was initially drawn to the history of the city, he became a fan of some of the men who were playing ball for the Boston Red Sox.

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They became his heroes, he was following them, keeping up with their stats, their careers, before he got behind and began to follow what would become, "his team."

Ted Williams, 'Teddy Baseball', batted .406 in 1941. He retired in 1960 with a batting average of .344, impressive, but, that wasn't all that impressed my Dad about this man.

Ted was at his peak, when he left baseball and became 'just another one of the boys' that went off to war...twice! He served in both WWII and the Korean War, as a Marine Corp pilot.

He was continuing to kick butt, but instead of on the four-platted clay diamond, it was in service to his Country!

Just another Hero...Just another Class Act

Making an Impression

Dad also spoke of Bobby Doerr, Johnny Pesky and DiMaggio....



There was more than one baseball playing DiMaggio and Dad believes that Dom DiMaggio never got the credit due him.

Williams, DiMaggio, Doerr, Pesky and so many others from other teams, all took time away from the game they loved, to fight for the Country they loved even more, they all Served in WWII and/or in the Korean War

They were heroes who also excelled at baseball and they all made an impression on him, early in his life.

Later would come Carl Yastrzemski 'Yaz', Carlton Fiske, Fred Lynne, Frank Malzone, Dustin Pedroia, to name a few who grabbed and kept his attention, because he loved how they loved to play the game, seeming to live for the love of baseball....never afraid to go for it!

Our Connection

Dad joined the Air Force and was stationed in New England for a time, before shipping out (or...flying out) to Old England. He was closer to Boston than he'd ever been before. Close enough to have opportunities to take in a few games of his beloved Red Sox.

He has gone back a couple of times with one of my sons.

I’ve yet to make it to Fenway, but it is on my bucket list!

I’d hoped to make it there with my Dad, but he isn’t traveling as much these days, don’t know if that dream will be fulfilled.

He is settled back in South Carolina and I’m settled in Florida, but we manage to talk some baseball regularly, over the phone.

In 2004....boy oh boy were we on the phone a lot!

Boston won the American League Championship!

It didn’t look good, they were down three games to the New York Yankees, but they came back to take it. They faced the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series and the rest is History!

The curse of the Bambino finally died that day, with a lot of help from the big bat of Big Papi, David Ortiz!

We were on the phone today for our Red Sox are currently leading in the standings for division, league and overall; not to mention, they just wrapped up a sweep of the New York Yankees in a four game series, doing it in fine style, it doesn't get much better than that.

Let’s go Red Sox, all the way.

Do you have a favorite team? (no matter the sport)

Postseason 2018

Since the writing of this article, the Red Sox wrapped up their Division and their League and now they are representing the American league in the World Series against the National league champion Los Angeles Dodgers.

In a best of seven series, the Sox are 2 for 2 thus far.

Win or lose, they are on a roll and they are having the season of a lifetime!

I am so happy for them and so very proud of our team, let's go Red Sox!

Have to share some pictures of the boys in action:


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A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 11, 2021:

Hey it's a love, hate, love relationship!

Congratulations Red Sox on advancing to the ALCS

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 02, 2021:

I came across a Red Sox game on t.v. the other night, quite by accident and stayed there, hoping it was back to being... JUST A GAME!

I was pleasantly surprised!

There was no BLM, Inc. getting their FREE Marxist advertising on the players, on the pitching diamond, on the walls... It was so nice, NOT to see that garbage.

Has something changed? Did the Baseball Commissioner wise up or is it simply dying down finally?

I did watch the remainder of the game.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on July 23, 2020:

Sometimes you write something, for all of the right reasons, not foreseeing or imagining for a moment that a major transformation will soon be taking place.

But it did; it moved with the speed and the destruction of a forest fire.

One lone abandoned camp fire had one last spark in it, which ignited the kindling all around it. One small area began to burn and then, it began to rage; growing, consuming and destroying everything in its path, leaving it void.

It may come back in time, it will depend on many factors!

Baseball, has joined in with many other sports and is now wittingly or unwittingly embracing Marxism, taking a knee in protest...against their Country! The very Country which has brought them opportunity, success, fortune and fame and instead of honoring it, they are honoring the memory of Karl Marx, the Father of Communism!

The founders of BLM, aren't hiding that fact, it's no secret where their allegiance lies!

I'm done!

My title is a lie, I am no longer a Boston Red Sox fan for life.

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 25, 2019:


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 25, 2019:

What's not to love!

Get ready Shan, it is about to be in your head again. lol

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 24, 2019:

No, you didn't mention that you did. I knew you'd love it. :)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 24, 2019:

I watched it, I thought I told you. Loved it!

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 24, 2019:

Thanks a lot. I love the stories behind the song. So I had to read this. Now it's in my head. It's that hook!......One of these days, I'm going to send you that movie to watch! It's the one that with the clips featured in the video I sent you of this song on messenger.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 24, 2019:

The story behind ‘Sweet Caroline’ at Fenway.

Shannon Henry from Texas on July 28, 2019:

I should. I can barely keep up with anything these days though. The closest I've done to that is to do follow up interviews, discussing new music and such.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on July 28, 2019:

Yes, it is for Informative purposes.

If you aren't doing it already, you should put updates about what is happening in the careers of the Country music singers you've interviewed, in the comment section.

Shannon Henry from Texas on July 27, 2019:

LOL......Actually, her explanation of why she does that makes sense to me. I wouldn't call her crazy for that. Maybe wasting her time, but to each their own. At least your comments add information to the topic of the hub you post them on. ;)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on July 27, 2019:

Oh no not a Leslie (Love) comparison....quick with the last word Shannon! LOL

Shannon Henry from Texas on July 27, 2019:

Ok. Bad joke. Just a reference to so many posts from you in a row that aren't adressed to anyone in particular.

On a side note, Maven and their stupid pop up makes it hard to comment from my phone. It covers up the entire comment box and if I close it, it just pops up again.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on July 27, 2019:

Answering my own questions, I'm not following....

Too much (or maybe it's not enough) vacay I guess. :)

Shannon Henry from Texas on July 27, 2019:

Careful now, seems like you might start answering your own questions here. ;)

I did a country playlist of baseball songs for my website. LOL.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on July 27, 2019:

....and hallelujah, Big Papi has finally been released from the hospital!!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on July 27, 2019:

The Sox are showing great promise...finally.

We must not rule them out......

Looking good in this series against the Yankees!


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 10, 2019:

One of my heroes, David Ortiz (Big Papi) was the back, in his Native Dominican Republic, yesterday.

Thank God he survived and is currently in stable condition.

I am praying for a full and complete healing.

He has retired from baseball, but he is still a young man and should have a very long life before him.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 28, 2019:

Aww thank you Shannon, mission accomplished :) so cute!

I love baseball!

Shannon Henry from Texas on May 28, 2019:

Sounds like you need a happy song. . .

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 28, 2019:

More sad news.....

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 28, 2019:


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 13, 2019:

So glad that so many team members accepted the invitation of the White House.

Much respect for them!


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 07, 2019:

No worries, you're safe, you are able to think for yourself, but if it makes you feel better to blame Trump for your stubbed toe, he probably will not mind at all, he is used to it. ;)

Shannon Henry from Texas on May 07, 2019:

Oh dear. Are you telling me that's contagious? LOL

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 07, 2019:

lol....that's right, get it straight! Remember our little chat about TDS? Umhum!!

Shannon Henry from Texas on May 07, 2019:

Oh, I see. I just stubbed my toe on the corner of the coffee table - it's all Trump's fault!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 07, 2019:

Their manager, Alex Cora, is using the excuse of the hurricane which hit Puerto Rico. It doesn't matter that we sent nearly 100 million dollars to assist with the damaging natural disaster. It doesn't matter that much of the food and supplies, which was sent by our generous Nation and other generous Nations, sat on the ground in Puerto Rico, unused, spoiling,'s all Trump's fault, he's to blame, it's such madness!

Shannon Henry from Texas on May 07, 2019:

Wow. I'd imagine that I'd accept an offer like that no matter who was president. People are so hell-bent on making a statement these days that they fail to see things like this could make an even more powerful statement of unity despite differences.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 07, 2019:

It appears, they aren't really anything special, as I've always imagined, they are lowly followers, like so many before them, snubbing this President, snubbing this Country.

They'll not accept their invitation to be recognized and honored, as the World Series Champions, at the White House.

They are....apparently....above all of that!

Shannon Henry from Texas on May 07, 2019:

What happened?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 07, 2019:

Alex Cora, shame on you...Mookie? Xander? I am so disappointed in you guys for snubbing our President/our White House/this Country/your fans.....for no good reason!!!

My Dad's love for this team was born out of patriotism,

how are people like my Dad, supposed to wrap their minds around this type of behavior?


Shannon Henry from Texas on February 08, 2019:

Awww, you just made me smile.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on February 08, 2019:

Good song. I too believe most people are good.

Thanks for helping me to focus on something positive.

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 08, 2019:

And yet you are possibly about to be disillusioned by your favorite team because suddenly we all have to pick sides in everything outside of rooting for a team.. . .

I haven't watched the news in probably a month or so. Can't say I miss it. Like Luke Bryan sings, "if you just go by the nightly news, your faith in all mankind would be the first thing you lose."

My favorite line from that song is "I believe most people are good and that most mamas oughta qualify for sainthood."

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on February 08, 2019:

No it is definitely not too much to ask!

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 08, 2019:

Why do sports teams and Hollywood feel the need to turn entertainment into political statements? Is it really too much to ask that politics be left out of entertainment and that people respect whatever president is in office enough to attend celebrations of country and the people in it without always having to make a statement?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on February 08, 2019:

The World Series Champion Red Sox have not yet made it to the White House to be honored and now I am hearing that several on the team will not attend.

I sure as heck hope it's not because Donald Trump is President or having anything to do with Colin Kaepernick.....I would be heartbroken!

I've long admired this team, but if even one team member is this petty, I will have a lot of rethinking to do! Dad too!! :(

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 29, 2018:

No, but enough of a true fan to enjoy the movie. ;)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 29, 2018:

Thank you Shannon for sharing this, just this little clip cracked me up, I will definitely watch the movie, can't believe I missed it. FYI....I am NOT this bad!!! lol

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 29, 2018:

Okay message me and we will talk! :)

Dad and I are ecstatic! (...and so is Gunner, lol, he will have his nights back)

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 28, 2018:

OK. Now I'll have to send you a copy of that movie. You HAVE to see it. LOL

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 28, 2018:

Beyond Excited....Red Sox Win!

The World Champion Boston Red Sox!!!

Woop Woop, love it!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 27, 2018:

So last night the longest game in World Series History was played and I failed my team miserably. I invested 6 hours and thirty five minutes and then, I fell asleep......

I woke up to the news that the Red Sox went down in defeat to the Dodgers in this historic Game 3 of the World Series.

Watch out tonight. Go team!

(I will have to take a nap in preparation) :)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 23, 2018:

Dogs like their routines, just like kids. :)

A (W) for the Red Sox, we can go to bed now.....I need my beauty sleep too!

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 23, 2018:

That's so funny that he knows the announcer's voice. Daisy sleeps in my boys' room. She hates being disturbed when she goes to bed. She'll growl about it and stalk off if I keep trying to pet her. She was a grumpy dog last weekend when the boys had a sleepover and kept her up way too late. These dogs need their beauty sleep! Haha.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 23, 2018:

How did I miss that one? I will have to find it and check it out. I like Drew Barrrymore. Jimmy Fallon? I thought he just did late night!

Yes my dog is mad at me, when the game starts and he hears the announcers he knows that it is going to be a late night and he starts with his own sound!

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 23, 2018:

Fever Pitch - It stars Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. I forgot what she does as a living, but the two meet and though they seem an unlikely couple, they fall in love. Pretty standard love story in Hollywood. LOL. Except that he's an obsessive Boston Red Sox fan, so much so they nearly don't end up together. I think I read somewhere that parts of that movie were filmed at an actual world series game. They had alternate endings or something, depending on how the game went.

Anyway, it's a movie you would most definitely appreciate. haha

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 23, 2018:

Kind of. ;) LOL.

Oh, hey, by the way, your dog looks like my dog. Big ol' horse thinks she owns the place.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 23, 2018:

I don’t think I’ve seen that one, it’s not about an obsessed weirdo is it? ;)

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 23, 2018:

You keep making me think of the movie Fever Pitch. :)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 23, 2018:

World Series Baby......Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

Are you watching?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 18, 2018:

World Series bound!!!!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 16, 2018:

Love that dirty water.......

Let’s go Red Sox!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 10, 2018:

Celebrating going to the ALCS and that S T R E T C H!

I love this team!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 09, 2018:

Aww yay! I am glad this made you smile Shannon...and I didn't even mention the score! The Red Sox pummelled the Yankees!

There IS a lot to be happy about right now and not just because the Red Sox are looking good. :)

As much as I love keeping up with and writing about politics, I do have to decompress from it (from the crazy lefties) (not talking baseball ;)) from time to time, sports is great for that.

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 08, 2018:

You just made me smile. Not because I'm a fan. I'd much rather play sports than watch and I really can't play anything very well. Hahaha. I don't know....something in your joy tonight. I guess it's contagious.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on October 08, 2018:

Congratulations to Brock Holt, he hit for the cycle, a first in postseason history!

Woop Woop, I love my Red Sox!

Yep, me and my Dad were on the phone. ....twice! :)

Let's go Red Sox! All the way!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on September 23, 2018:

AL East Division Champs

Love it!

Bunting against the shift!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 26, 2018:

Soooo...I finally made it to a Red Sox game. Not in Boston, but in Tampa, Florida. They were swept by the Rays! First time this Season, they've been swept.

Did the Red Sox make a trade that I am not aware of? ;)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 13, 2018:

Red Sox Nation News:

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 12, 2018:

Thanks Tim! Ditto on being a class act. Back atcha! :)

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on August 11, 2018:

Amen, Abwilliams. Good going, Breakfast Pop.

You guys are class acts, too.

Great article, my friend.



A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 08, 2018:

That's awesome Pop! Koufax...a Class Act for sure!

No, you need not say more...unless you want to share some stories, I'd sure love to hear them!

If you choose to keep those memories to yourself, I get it! :)

breakfastpop on August 08, 2018:

My Dad and I were Brooklyn Dodger fans. We knew Sandy Koufax, so need I say more?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 08, 2018:

Tim, I've always loved football too. The Miami Dolphins have been my team, since we moved to Florida from South Carolina. I did try to hang in there with them, but long lines of Players taking a knee (including my Dolphins) in the presence of the American flag, during the National Anthem, with Veterans looking on, stationed throughout their audience... was too much to bear!

I've tried to watch and like soccer, but.…:)

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on August 08, 2018:

Hi, Abwilliams,

I'm so glad you and your dad can still talk baseball. My dad was a football fan. Five of my siblings played that sport, and one of my sisters played basketball. Sports can be a wonderful source of memories and rich conversations.

I remember reading how soccer has never been, and only now, is becoming an American sport. Something to do with scoring, the long-boring periods between plays, and tying.(Or is that hockey?)

Do you think L. James would want a tie at the end of a contest? Hardly.

But maybe he will keep on building those schools. Melania said it was a great thing, even if Donald likes "Mike." (Most Americans who remember M.J. likes him.) Most people who remember Ted likes him. A good competitor is tough to find. We Americans like that kind of thing.



A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 07, 2018:

Hi Paula...I am very familiar with the intensity of LaCrosse, my youngest son played nearly every sport before finding his sport, LaCrosse and he was very good at it. I knew nothing of the game, didn’t know what to expect. It is a very physical game for sure....I kept my eyes wide open! Love it.

I think between my three kids, the only sport not tried was soccer.

Thanks for sharing!

Suzie from Carson City on August 07, 2018:

Angie.....Nice change of pace here! Raised 4 athletes.....don't know how much more I need to say~~But, name the sport and sure nuff, one or more of them played it at some point. All 4 played baseball, basketball &, one Hockey, one Cross Country & Track, one LaCrosse & lets' see......what am I missing? Oh, I know! I'm missing my knowledge of any of those sports! I like baseball & basketball & hockey (sort of).....Football is on my "what the hell is he doing, why and what does that mean?" list. As for Professionals~~ I don't have a favorite team.....this Mom has favorite players....I'm a people-person...not a sport's nut. I get to know all about certain high-profile players and decide I like them & become a fan. That's my limit, Angie. I fully understand baseball & basketball....some about hockey.....not much to know about running or wrestling....I keep my eyes closed for LaCrosse......(those guys hurt each other!!) Sports Schmorts.....when my youngest graduated, I promised my poor butt I'd not sit on another bleachers for a long long time!

Now, my ATHLETE grandchildren keep me informed and updated and I go merrily along, pretending I'm ever so interested. What can I say Angie? I'm into much more academics! LOL Paula

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 07, 2018:

Hi Shannon, nice to hear from you!

At least there’s so much for ya’ll to talk about, discuss, banter back and forth about in sports, you can avoid politics altogether at the Thanksgiving table, right? lol

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 07, 2018:

Hi Tim, thanks for sharing. Yes, Ted Williams and that generation in general, were something special, no doubt!

There are a few ‘curses’ going around. I think the New York Mets are currently trying to see what curse isn’t taken!? ;) Just kidding Mets fans, all in fun!

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 07, 2018:

How nice that you and your dad have baseball to share. It always nice when some shared interest or hobby brings people together.

Well, I can't say that I am a fan of any particular sports team. I'd rather play than watch and, trust me, nobody wants me on their team because I can't play. LOL. But my immediate family members (my mom, dad, and sister ) are At Louis Cardinals fans. However, my mom's parents are Cubs fans. My dad's sister is also a diehard Cubs fan, yet her daughter is a Cardinals fan. So you can see the rivalry there. Lots of fun banter amongst them.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on August 07, 2018:

Excellent, Abwilliams. Baseball creates a frenzy around here. I'm about thirty minutes away from the almost legendary

Durham Bulls franchise, and baseball takes up a lot of conversations. It's amazing how many of these professional athletes decided to serve their country during times of trouble. I bet you couldn't get many to do that today.

I like the Red Sox, too. But I was brought up with Yankee fans in the house.

My personal favorite team has been the famous underdogs - Those sad Chicago Cubs and their long curse of the goat which they finally broke. Great article about service on the baseball field and battlefield. "Burning" Ted! What an amazing special American hero.



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