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How Nia Jax Irresistibly Forced Us All to Adore Her

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When you come from such an important and respected family in the wrestling business, the level of confidence you need to have is incredibly essential to one's career, especially in the WWE.

As soon as the name Nia Jax was making some headway around professional wrestling, members of the WWE Universe started to speculate about how she was given such a tremendous opportunity to be apart of the greatest wrestling company in the world. This led to some of those members conversing about how Nia had a very well-known cousin who dabbled in the wrestling industry quite a bit. (If you don't know who I'm talking about, then you definitely don't smell what I'm cooking.)

With all the hype starting to increasingly build, Nia had to stand out in such a way that would make people understand just how GOOD she was in that ring, especially for her size.

With her unbelievable athleticism and her undeniable determination, Nia took her opportunity and made it more worthwhile than anyone could have ever imagined.

After two years of hard work in NXT, Nia got the surprise of a lifetime as Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon and general manager Mick Foley announced her as their next draft pick for the Monday night squad.


The Irresistible Force Was Born

From that point forward, Nia would go on a complete rampage on Raw, demolishing every opponent in her path. It quickly became known that regardless of who the Raw Women's Champion was at the time, she was the one to beat in the entire women's division.

The remarkable agility that Nia possessed inside the squared circle was unlike anything the fans had ever seen before. It became apparent that this superstar who was once thought of as someone that was just handed an opportunity based on her wrestling family was actually someone to ultimately respect.

She started feuding with Alicia Fox (which you can see below how well that turned out for Alicia), had battles with the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley, and then eventually squared off against her very best friend, Alexa Bliss.


However, there was one match of Nia's in particular that still, to this day, stands out to me. On an episode of Raw, Jax went one-on-one with The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka. I was incredibly shocked at how in-sync the two competitors worked with one another. The resilience of both women completely stood out to the point where fans were on their feet, praising them for their hard work.

With Asuka's undefeated streak on the line, the amount of emotion that was displayed was astonishing. That was the match that really put Nia Jax over the top for me and made me understand just how amazing of a find she was for WWE.

Once it was over, you can hear the respect from all the fans in attendance had for Nia as she stood alone in the ring. A great moment for her after a great performance.

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Her WrestleMania Moment

When it comes to every single superstar who has ever laced up a pair of boots, the ultimate dream moment in your entire career takes place at WrestleMania. Thousands upon thousands of human beings strive for that very defining moment. At WrestleMania 34, Nia Jax became one of those few people in life to experience it.

The win over the Raw Women's Champion at the time, Alexa Bliss, was so much more meaningful considering the backstory of how they got to that match. The topic of body-shaming was developed into a way that created a love for Nia from the fans that they never knew they would have to give her. She always seemed like she was confident by nature and that nothing could tear the Irresistible Force down.

With all of the insults and criticisms from The Goddess and her protege Mickie James, Nia Jax started to feel the emotions after every word that came out of the duo's mouths towards her. So when she finally got her ultimate revenge by taking the Raw Women's Championship away from Alexa on the grandest stage, it spoke extreme volumes. You can see the adulation on the face of Nia as she hoisted that title above her head in triumph, knowing that she defied the odds, shot down the insults, and conquered the obstacles put in front of her.

An extremely important story was told during that entire feud. No matter what anyone says about you, their words cannot ever overcome your own power and strength within yourself to accomplish your goals, live your dreams, and achieve absolute greatness.


The Ultimate Role Model

Being a WWE superstar known all across the world, there is a whole lot of responsibility that comes along with it. Nia Jax might be the most important role model in all the WWE.

The message she sends about body size is extremely important in today's world. Having the self-confidence in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself is all you need to have to reach success in this life. Nobody can tear you down, nobody can stop you, and nobody can tell you, "You can't do it." YOU define who you are and YOU set the standard of what you can do or not do.

Years ago, not one person would ever expect a character such as Nia Jax would be involved in a reality show called Total Divas. From all the destruction she leaves in the ring each night, it was difficult for some fans to understand why Nia would be on a show like that. After watching a few episodes of the show, I really started to understand the personality of the real Nia Jax.

Here I thought that this incredible superstar that was on my television screen each week was a formidable force that never let anything get to her. The fact is that everyone has their insecurities and everyone has moments of weakness that turn off their self-confidence switch. Nia expressing her feelings on that subject is extremely imperative to the issue and shows viewers that every person on this planet goes through self-doubt at some point in their lives, even talented and phenomenal athletes such as her. It's an important message that people in today's society, especially the younger generation, definitely needs to hear.

Being on the show has also made the members of the WWE Universe understand just how great of a person Nia really is. She's the kind of person that will tell you exactly what she thinks, but in a way to make sure you know that she cares. You can tell that the friendships she's gained with her season 8 cast-mates such as Paige, The Bella Twins, Natalya, Lana, and Naomi are completely special to her. She has the heart of gold and I'm glad that she's been able to share it with her fellow Total Divas, as well as the entire world.


When it all comes down to it, Nia Jax is one of the most dominant superstars, male or female, to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Her abilities inside the squared circle along with her charming personality has made her into one of my favorite superstars on the roster. I have zero doubt in my mind that not only will Nia become a multi-time champion in the WWE, but we will undoubtedly witness her be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day in the distant future.

Thank you, Nia, for your hard work and dedication to becoming one of the most remarkable performers the WWE Universe has ever seen. I am always in awe of your athleticism and how well you move during every match you're apart of. You're the perfect role model for people of the younger generation who need an uplift in their self-confidence and need reminders to never stop chasing their dreams. I hope you always remember that, and to never stop being you.

She is the Irresistible Force, she's a Total Diva, and she will go down as one of the most influential WWE superstars of this generation.

She is Nia Jax.


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