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How DDP Made Us All Feel The BANG!


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Who is this article all about you ask? Well, if the man it's about could answer that question himself, he would reply by saying, "It's me. It's me. It's DDP!"

Perhaps the most lovable character in WCW history, Diamond Dallas Page proved week in and week out how incredible he truly was inside that ring AND on that microphone. He had the look, the style, the confident personality, the rocking theme song, the quick and exciting finisher, and the catchy catchphrase as the icing on the cake of the perfect wrestler. Fans around the world would scream at the top of their lungs whenever Page laid his adversary out with his infamous Diamond Cutter, and would chant along every single time he would exclaim, "FEEL THE....BANG!"

It was always such a sight to behold when the crowd POPPED for DDP no matter what he said or did. They absolutely adored him. I'm proud to say right now that I was indeed one of those people.


When I first was introduced to DDP back in 1995, I remember that he was about to have a match with Johnny B Badd (a.k.a Marc Mero) on an episode of Monday Nitro. The cocky and arrogant attitude of Page was incredibly intriguing right off the bat, especially when he decided to knock over the random mascot during his entrance (haha). His actions during this segment had Eric Bischoff, who was the lead commentator of Nitro at the time, calling him "human trash" and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan praising him like he was his own son. The guy had that 'It-factor' that you always hear about, and you just knew from that instant moment that Diamond Dallas Page was embarking on a journey towards wrestling greatness.

This video below shows exactly what I'm talking about!

The career of DDP skyrocketed to the top and the man continuously gave the WCW fans moments that they will never, ever forget. One of my personal favorite moments, as I'm sure others would nod their heads in approval, was when Page pulled a fast one on all of us, especially Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and turned down the NWO's offer to join them in exciting fashion. As soon as he hit that patented Diamond Cutter on Hall, the fans totally erupted and it became one of the greatest and most captivating moments in WCW history.

DDP couldn't be coerced, he couldn't be bought, and he couldn't be changed...by anyone. That is a major reason why fans all around the world respected DDP, and wanted to see him succeed. It was that special connection with the audience that DDP had that's incredibly rare and something you don't see very often nowadays.

The bond that Page shared with the audience continued to build up and when he faced the undefeated Goldberg at Halloween Havoc 1998, you can just FEEL the importance of that match. If the crowd in attendance wanted to see ANYONE break Goldberg's massive win streak, they wanted it to be Diamond Dallas Page. Once Page hit the Diamond Cutter on Goldberg, the fans there went absolutely ballistic. You could feel the energy and excitement during the last five minutes of that hellacious match, and even when you watch it back many years later, the two guys STILL lead you to believe that Page could actually pull off the victory.

Knowing how high the stakes were, and understanding the significance of having the fans in his corner during this monumental battle with an undefeated Goldberg, I really have no choice but to label this battle as my personal favorite DDP match ever.

DDP Stalks His Way into WWE

When WWE purchased WCW, wrestling fans were all wondering when DDP would finally make his debut with the company he was going up against all those years. When would Diamond Dallas Page become a WWE SUPERSTAR?

That question was answered in a way that nobody ever expected it to be...

The Undertaker was dealing with his wife being stalked by a certain individual and nobody knew who it was. The stalker decided to ride out on a motorcycle to Taker's theme music and finally reveal himself to the world. The anticipation of the unmasking was at an all-time high and when DDP's face was shown, the fans in attendance went bonkers. It was such a surprising reveal considering nobody saw the beloved Page as a "deranged stalker" at that time. I mean, if you're going to come into WWE with a chip on your shoulder, you better go after the biggest dog in the yard, and DDP did just that with The Undertaker.

I personally enjoyed that angle since I knew I was seeing a DDP vs. The Undertaker rivalry on my television screen, which was something I NEVER expected to witness.


Although his WWE tenure wasn't as long as I personally would have liked it to be, just seeing DDP in a WWE ring was something very special. Because of the reputation that he built during his time in WCW and the connection he formed with the fans, he will forever be known as one of the most beloved and respected pro wrestlers in today's generation.

Watching him get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame was the cherry on top of the cake for every DDP fan out there. Not only did the pro wrestler called Diamond Dallas Page deserve it, the awesome human being behind the character deserved it even more.

The Impact of DDP Yoga

If I didn't respect DDP enough, he goes and starts a yoga company that has helped change the lives of people all around the world. Two of those many people were, undoubtedly, Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. When the lives of those two incredible hall of famers were hanging in the balance, surrounded by drugs and alcohol, DDP was there to save them. He took his two buddies into his home and rehabilitated them with love, friendship, and of course, yoga.

The amount of respect that I have for Page for doing something so unselfish and caring is astronomical. He helped save the lives of two of my personal favorite wrestlers that I grew up watching. Not only that, he reminded Scott and Jake that their lives matter to a whole lot more people around the world than they ever even realized.

Nowadays, nearly every pro wrestler is using DDP Yoga to get themselves stronger, especially after recovering from a serious injury. The impact that Page is STILL making on the wrestling business today is purely astonishing. Being able to give something as HUGE as DDP Yoga has been back to the wrestling world definitely has to be an amazing feeling for Page, knowing that he's helping today's wrestlers with their career longevity and personal health.


Thank you, DDP, for all the entertainment you've provided me over the years. Your run in WCW will always be one of my favorite things I've ever watched happen in the business. What you accomplished at a much later age than most guys and gals start at in the wrestling business is truly remarkable and inspiring.

However, what you're doing now with DDP Yoga and helping those around the world who need that lifestyle change is even MORE remarkable and inspiring.

You're the kind of guy that every single human being out there needs to strive to be more like. The constant positivity and caring for others is what this world seems to be missing, and you're the absolute perfect role model that people really need to start resembling.

Congratulations on one hell of a hall of fame wrestling career and on your ultimate success with DDP Yoga!



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