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Hiring of Rickie Weeks Brings To Mind an All-Calendar Baseball Team

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Rick Monday Is An Obvious Choice For a Calendar Team


Coincidentally, the arrival of the new calendars, filled with 52 rows on its dozen pages, occurred just as Weeks made the news. The Milwaukee Brewers hired former second baseman Rickie Weeks, who will serve as an assistant in player development.

Other than his last three seasons, Weeks spent his entire playing career with the Brewers. He got off to a great start in Milwaukee, clubbing thirteen home runs and finishing as a runner-up for the 2005 Rookie of the Year.

He enjoyed many highlights with the Brewers, earning an All-Star selection in 2011. In that same season, Weeks helped Milwaukee to the National League Central Championship, and then he slugged two home runs against the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS.

Weeks retired in 2017, thereby leaving Major League Baseball without one of its most colorful infielders. Not only that, but it also left the sport without one of the most calendar-friendly names in its history.

Here is a roster of players whose names can be found on calendars, not including Rickie's brother Jermaine Weeks.

First Baseman, Lee May

Nicknamed the Grand Slam from Birmingham, May was the key provider of power in the lineup of the Reds of the Sixties before being dealt to Houston for future Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan.

Second Baseman, Rickie Weeks

He averaged 20 home runs per year during his 14 Big League seasons, placing him alongside former All-Stars such as Brian Dozier and Robby Thompson.

Shortstop, Derek Jeter

There is neither a Derek nor a Jeter on a typical calendar, but there is always a page with the Hall of Famer's nickname: Mr. November.

Third Base, Bobby Valentine

Before becoming a revered manager, Valentine enjoyed a notable career that began with the Dodgers and ended with the Mets.

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Left Field, Matt Holliday

The 2007 runner up for National League Most Valuable Player, Holliday made seven All-Star teams as a member of the Rockies and the Cardinals.

Center Field, Rick Monday

Two-time All-Star was a dependable left-handed batter for two decades, mostly for the Athletics, Dodgers and Cubs, before becoming a popular broadcaster for Los Angeles. Also, his last name is the only word to appear more times in a calendar than Weeks, 2022 having started on a Sunday to make 53 Mondays but only 52 weeks.

Right Field, Reggie Jackson

Like the shortstop on this team, Reggie makes the lineup because of the nickname Mr. October.

Catcher, Steve Christmas

His career was not as celebratory as the holiday he is named for, but making the Major Leagues he received a gift better than any Santa could have delivered.

Designated Hitter, Domingo Santana

Seattle's slugger, whose name can be found on Spanish calendars, was a former teammate of Weeks in Milwaukee.

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