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Herd Beginner Races Through Week 8

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All I Do Is Win!


Ride For Show...Sprint for Dough!

Through week 8 the rider to beat is Orjan Lovdal of Norway riding for team WKG. Orjan has hit the podium in 75% of his 8 HBR races averaging 98.1 points per race!

Chatter on Facebook shows that Orjan is a Michael Bowser type rider who races efficiently and uses the draft to his advantage until he unleashes his vicious sprint. Per Zwiftpower Orjan can put out 933 watts over 15 seconds.

In week 8 Orjan averaged 3.4 WKG over the full race and won over second and third place riders both averaging 4.0 or higher. This goes to show how a smart rider can save energy and still win the race with a great sprint at the end.

Can He Be Caught?

Probably only if he misses a race. There is one rider who looks better on paper, Timothy Rush, a cat A rider who is in 15th place overall even though he missed a race so only has 7 of 8 results.

The two were talking after week 8 about possibly entering the same race. If this happens James Bailey may set up a pay per view event if he can sign Steve and Becca to ongoing commentary contracts. Word on the street however is that Steve is demanding a high quality red wine and Becca has told confidantes she will quit if she hears about the pink tron one more time!

Can we get a Herd Rider in the top 3 by the end of the season?

Chris Greenland is within striking distance in 5th place, however two OTR riders currently occupy second and third place and seem to be using team tactics to ensure their riders place high up each race.

Marc John and Becca Kingdom are also both strong Herd Riders in the top 10. If these three unite and decide to work together perhaps one of them can hit the podium by the end of the season and take out the scourge known as OTR! Other Team Racing? Otters Turning Right?

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Good luck to all the Herd Racers as we move onto Week 9! Mooooooooooo!

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