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6 Reasons He Didn't Play Football

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Stay Warm

Many athletes chose basketball over football. One of them is the crossover genius, Allen Iverson. He is one of the most notable athletes that did it gladly. He played fourteen years in the NBA and won the 2001 season MVP. Iverson had four league scoring titles. Now that he is retired, he does reminisce on those days. He has said that he was better at football than basketball.

Other ex-players include Nate Robinson, Glen Robinson, and Charlie Ward. Ward was a standout for the Florida State Seminoles. The position that he played was the quarterback. Ward won many awards in college. He attempted to take his chances in the NFL draft but, he didn't go in the 1st round. So he chose his second basketball. The New York Knicks drafted him in 1994.

With a contact sport, there are consequences. Many players who played regret it. Former champions openly displayed their regrets. Players have died while in the profession and out of it. That was due to injuries they suffered. Maybe that is why these NBA stars chose basketball. This active athlete should've played it. Besides contact, very few say it was cold. Lebron chose basketball over football to stay warm.


He Does Not Like Contact

Lebron James was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. James was exposed to football when he moved in with a coach, Frank Walker. Due to his mother's struggles, he was allowed to move in with the coach. Walker introduced James to the sport he plays now.

James became better and better as he grew. He also became a lot bigger. James is now 6 feet 9 inches. He weighs 250 pounds. Lebron was a phenom at both sports in high school. His ten finals, four-season MVPs, and four titles speak volumes. His titles and wealthy status reveal he may have done the right thing.

His size says otherwise. His disgraceful finals record proves it. He would have won more but, it is a contact sport. Lebron does not like contact. His game proves it to be true.

He Would Not be King

Very few athletes come out of high school. The process is more extreme to get in just for a contract. Lebron earned a lot of what he has now. His beginnings were humble. So the money that he gets is well deserved.

His size in the NFL would be a factor in his success. His size and athletic ability. The future Hall of Famer would have been a distraction out there. Football would have been a sport he would have stood out. Current and former NFL coaches have confirmed this. NFL owners did as well.

The NBA is not the way that it used to be so, LeBron is just cashing in. He would be a regular star player in the past NFL. In the present one, he will be worse. Despite the coaches and owners speaking high of the star, he would not be king. He would be just another star passing by.

Not Clutch

The term clutch in any sport refers to a player that performs well in high pressure. Every position requires you to have the gene. Especially in football. There are over 20,000 fans watching you. On each down they are cheering for you if you are at home. If you are on the away team they are booing you. Lebron has proven he does not play well under pressure like that.

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Lebron has the size and weight but, the clutch gene is not there. In basketball, all teams do is send him to the FT line.When the game is on the line, he is sent there. It is more evident now because he is older. He cannot power himself to the rim the way that he used to. Many examples show that he is just not great in those situations.

NFL legend Mark Murphy said, Lebron will be great. I think he would actually have a better chance in the sport. Hes tall and he has the size. He may not put his team in the same situations. That maybe why he is one of the most hated and criticized players in the game. He's not a clutch player. He is guaranteed to choke when the game is on the line. He may not have chosen the sport because he is just no clutch.


NFL Fans Will Talk

Lebron is said to have a beautiful basketball mind. His final record tells a different story. The fact that he changed rosters does too. Lebron has had help since he came into the league. His first two MVP seasons were both dominant. Neither season ended with a finals trip under his leadership.

Currently, he is playing on the L.Lakers. Laker greats and NBA greats are already talking. The fans are too. Many are keeping things professional but, not many appreciate his approach to the game. One of the players that often criticizes LeBron is Enes Canter.

Lebron had the potential. Now, in his 19th season, many see different. He has not played up to the hype around him. He has it made because of not much talk. They don't mention that he lost what Jordan won. It's rarely spoken of that he ran to wade. They neglect to mention his engineering superteams. Every year it is the same Jordan and LeBron narrative. In the NFL, things would be different.


More Money

Lebron is a great player. No one that dislikes the guy could take that away from him. That does not erase his flops to draw fouls. At this point in his career, he thinks he is entitled. Numerous people have called him a narcissist. The outside sources contribute to this.

Take the fans in Indiana as an example. What they may have said doesn't matter. Fans talk but honestly, do you believe that? He did lie about a broken hand. They do it in all sports. Lebron could not handle it. There are numerous reasons why he wanted basketball.

What do you notice about the players named above? His size will be great but, he's too soft of a player. To think that he will last in a physical era of basketball is a lie. He hates contact in a less physical sport. Imagine one that is a lot more physical. Just appreciate LeBron's reign in the NBA. Stop lying for his legacy.

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