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Hazard's Injuries: Physical Problem or Real Madrid's Physical Staff?


Who does not know the figure of Eden Hazard, a Belgian player who has the skill of football that should not be doubted. His name became widely known when he was in Chelsea. There he received many awards both as a team and individually. His relationship with Chelsea is more than just a player and a club, even the fans were very pleased with his departure when he confirmed that he would be heading to Real Madrid as his next career.

Many believe that Hazard's arrival could at least fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, he was also trusted to wear the number that had been worn by CR7.

However, the Madridistas had to be made patient because at the start of the season, Hazard could not make his debut in the official competition. He could only do so when La Liga entered its fourth week. From there, Hazard began playing various matches with El Real. However, the game he showed was still below expectations and even looked different to his time at Chelsea. Perhaps this is a natural thing considering this is his first time playing in Spain and surely he needs time to adapt to Real Madrid's style of play. Statistically, Hazard's contribution remains unseen.

Problems began to come when he was always afflicted by injuries that made him have to miss the team for a long time. In fact, the fans were frustrated by Hazard's frequent injuries. Moreover, he was brought in at a fairly expensive price and certainly expected to be the focus of the team as it was when playing for Chelsea. Several times, Hazard also had to miss important games, even he was recorded as having never tasted El Clasico in his first season.

Accident that make another injury for him?


So, what is the cause of the injury prone eden hazard that we know at Chelsea he is rarely absent because of physical problems. There are so many opinions regarding Hazard's injury in Madrid. Some say Hazard's injury problems began when he got a class tackle from compatriot Thomas Meunieur when Real Madrid faced PSG in November 2019 where his tackle was right about hazard's angkle which was a strategic part of a footballer's injury.

Since that incident, Hazard's injury problems have always increased and are different in each case. As of now, he has suffered 9 different types of injuries during his time at Real Madrid. In total, he has been absent for 320 days and missed 54 official games in just 2 seasons. Unlike at Chelsea, during his seven seasons with the Blues, he missed only 20 games due to injury.

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Of course this is a huge difference so it's no wonder the fans questioned his condition.

Is Real Madrid's physical staff play a role at his injury?


But is it true that his injury was only a result of Hazard's physical fitness? Because according to the facts, so far this season, the Real Madrid squad has suffered 45 injuries. This is the most in the history of modern football.

With this fact, of course another thing to highlight is the fitness team from Real Madrid. It is possible that Hazard's injury was due to an improper portion of the physical trainer's training. This is because many big names at Real Madrid are also often injured this season, such as Sergio Ramos, Valverde, Eder, Marcelo, to Dani Carvajal. The number of cases of injuries in one season is certainly an unnatural thing for a team and it is not surprising that nowadays many question the performance of the Real Madrid fitness team.

If we compare with the physical staff in Zidane's first period, the Real Madrid squad is rarely hit by injured players so it is no wonder that they were able to win the Champions League three times in a row because they can rely on their main players in every game. Of course, there are figures who play the main role of the physical fitness of Real Madrid players at that time.

That figure is Antonio Pintus. Many people compare the performance of physical coaches now to when Pintus took office first. Fans felt there was a big difference in the case of Real Madrid's injury among them. This is certainly a highlight for Real Madrid's current physicall fitness team as well as an indication that the possibility of Hazard's injury does come from the portion of training given.

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