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Hong Kong Disneyland Escapade

Charlette has been to HK Disneyland 2x. The 1st time, in 2006 and 2nd, while celebrating her daughter's 7th birthday in 2009.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Entrance to the Park

Entrance to the Park

A Magical Day at HK Disneyland

If you plan to go to Hong Kong Disneyland on a tight budget and enjoy it without the hassle of a group tour (you have to wait for others and follow some rules), then read this. Plan ahead of time and book your tickets online through the official Hong Kong Disneyland site.

There are many affordable Hotels near the resort that you could book in. One is the YMCA at Salisbury Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui That is the hotel near Avenue of Stars (It is like walking in its Hollywood counterpart - The Hollywood Walk of Fame). Usually, affordable hotel rates go for 500-700 HKD (check for the exchange rate in your country), and sometimes you will be surprised some of them give discounts.

Again, book online on their official website since some agencies posting cheap hotel rates are fakes, so be careful. Search in Google for cheap Hotels in HK Central or HK Island. When you get the hotel's name, google search for its official website so that it's easier for you to ride the train to Sunny Bay, where the train to Disneyland will pick you. If you don't want the inconvenience, you could book at the hotels at Hong Kong Disneyland so that a shuttle from the hotel will bring you to the theme park, and after exploring, it will bring you back to the hotel. This service is for free.

You could either choose from HK Disneyland Hotel, which is quite expensive and the HK Disneyland Hollywood Hotel, which is quite affordable. The cheaper one is the Garden View of the Hollywood Hotel, and it's subject to availability and change of rate. We got ours for 1,700 HKD (roughly 219.25 USD), but the good news is if you will stay in these hotels for one night, you got to use your theme park tickets for two days.

If you arrive at the park on the day of your booking (check-in time 3 PM), you could use the ticket first day of arrival (the park closes at 7-8 PM last attraction is the fireworks), and you could still use your park tickets the following day.

Take note that the food in the hotel is expensive. Please read the notes at their official website If you are on a budget, you could eat in the park where food is much cheaper. Cost around 40-75 HKD. TIP: We get to eat cheap at this restaurant in the park called Royal Banquet at Fantasyland just in front of Cinderella's carousel, and the food there is delicious. We picked our food at KETTLE (bake foods, pasta) kids' meal goes for 32 HKD while we adults chose the seafood baked rice (it's like risotto with crab meat, shrimps, and muscles bake with rice and cheese for 48 HKD). For the drinks, bottled water costs around 16 HKD, and other beverages cost around 20-25 HKD in the park. They also have snacks in carts like ice cream pops (12-20 HKD) chips, (15 HKD), and popcorns (30+ HKD). They even have a Korean squid snack.

The park has four themes. Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Tomorrowland. The first is at the Entrance called Main Street USA. If you like to ride and go directly to Fantasyland, there is a train station to Fantasyland. If you want to walk, you can get a map at City Hall (guest relations), located on Main Street. So you'll know where you are going.

I recommend watching all the theater attractions on your first day at the park. On the following day, do the fairground ride and photograph. Usually, a theater show runs 45 mins. In Fantasyland, there is a show called The Golden Mickey. Please be aware that this is in Putonghua or Chinese Language, but there is an ENGLISH translation at the RIGHT SIDE of the stage). Philharmagic is also in Fantasyland. The show runs 20 mins and Festival of the Lion King (Adventureland).

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If you're bringing along kids, there are some height requirements at Tomorrowland (Buzz Lightyear's place) so take note of it. Look at the guide map for this. The theme park also has novelty stores for keepsakes and shopping. You could buy four items for the price of 100 HKD.

It's just small, as they say, next to other Disneyland theme parks. It is not what some adults might expect because of the rides, but it can make a kid happy. You could explore it in just one day. By the way, it opens at 10 AM. The hotels also offer a lot of activities. Just ask for a guide from the cast members (staff).

NOTE: Be guided by the price of the theme park tickets. They are usually pricey during HOLIDAYS (for example, Christmas season), and WEEKENDS considered as PEAK SEASONS. Refer again to the official website of Hong Kong Disneyland and browse their calendar. You could also look for the activities there so you could plan.

The best months to go is when it's cool, like November-April. Because it's cold, you'll enjoy walking around not feeling the heat of the sun. The months of June-August are pretty hot since it's summer, so you need to bring umbrellas, water (for hydration), caps, sunblock lotion with a higher SPF. Bring also an extra shirt to change since you'll get wet from your sweat if it's too crowded.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this article a few years ago, the prices are not the same. Check Google for the changes in the park amenities and rates or the official sites I mentioned.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 Charlette


Charlette (author) from Anywhere on February 22, 2021:

@Eva Thanks for your comments. This article is already outdated. Maybe I'll update this after I go back there again.

Eva on February 17, 2015:

Disney is too tiny but i think Ocean Park would be nice for kids.The museum is open for three on Wed. There is like aronud five of them .You can go to Stanley and Lamma Island, or like Sai Kung, Lantau those are typical place for tourist . You can buy a lot of nice souvenirs Hong Kong have nice nature too on suburban areas, you can swim, sail or rock climbing.There is a lor of shopping mall in the downtown and tons of exotic food you can try out .-Habour City i remember they have those really nice antiques and Persian Carpet. Like about a year or two ago-Time square are nice sorted out, you might like the HK hippness in here.-Causeway Bay to Wan Chai, YauTsimWong (Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sa Tsui and Mong Kok) is where some of the nice store on the planet located.If you addicted to religion, you will find nice Cathedral, Mosque, and temple in downtown. Plus there is a huge statue of Budda, which is like the largest on the world or somthing:)Legislative Building is not bad too, the airport is just so nice.Ummm, the Peak, the Tram, Subway Double becker, the SumJengSiuNgo , the Ferry, the market, the goldfish street where is in Mong Kok,plus those mall big and small, and yea the one make HK famous, the night view acorss the houbor.Have a nice trip I guess it it depends on what you really want, personally i dont find it hard if you have a defined goal to do in HK.And yea, they speak pretty good English too, just ask gently and use simple words and you guyz will be fine there are't a lot crimes aronud.

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