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Hbr Leading Rider Chris Greenland


Through week six of HBR Chris Greenland is tied for 5th overall and the top rider for the Herd. Although as Chris admits the hills are coming and with them in 11th place the Herd's Becca Kingdom, who weighting in at 54kg will be tough to hang with when the roads tip up.

Wanting to know a bit more about Chris I asked him if he would be willing to do a brief profile and he was gracious enough to oblige.

Chris how long have you been Zwifting?

Only since late March of this year, right after we went into lock down here in Southern California. I had downloaded the Zwift app a couple summers back after seeing a commercial during The Tour but never actually explored what it was until COVID hit. I had to dig out an old dumb trainer that I had stashed in the garage and pick up some Wahoo sensors to get going. I was lucky enough to grab one of the few Kickr Core trainers in the area before the supply dried up back in early spring to improve my Zwifting experience.

How long have you been cycling?

I began cycling about 15 years ago, initially to do triathlons. Years of impact from ice skating and not-at-all competitive running, however, took their toll, and I blew out my left knee about ten years ago. So after two surgeries, no more running for me, and I advise others to quit as well. Filthy habit.

What other sports do you do if any?

I played ice hockey all the way through to the collegiate level, albeit on a terrible team in a lower division. Coincidentally enough the program has gotten much more competitive and moved into a higher division in the years since I graduated. I continue to skate pretty much weekly in a local beer league.

What is your job?

I am the Southern California Spirits Ambassador for Sazerac, a global spirits supplier based here in the US. I focus primarily on on-premise (bar + restaurant) sales and marketing for Buffalo Trace Distillery brands, which is an amazing portfolio of award-winning bourbons. Prior to that I spent about ten years with Pernod Ricard in a similar role, working with Jameson, Redbreast, The Glenlivet, Aberlour, and Chivas, along with a small tequila portfolio and one token vodka brand.

What's your home life like?

Married for twelve glorious years. We have two daughters, ages 8 and 6. My wife is the director of a K-8 school and contributes much more value to society than I do.

Where do you live?

Sunny San Diego, California. For those who know the area I'm in the North Clairemont/UTC/La Jolla area. Stop by for a drink if you're in the neighborhood.

Any tips for placing well in the HBR series?

Pink Tron. It helps as well when James writes a race schedule with flatter courses. I'm good mashing the pedals even up to 4% but after that things get a little messy and significantly slower. Also a shout-out to my unofficial sponsor, Nutella.

Anything else you would like to share with the group about yourself?

Just a massive THANK YOU to everyone in The Herd for making this group what it is. Zwift and The Herd has been a key part of my life during what has obviously been a very trying year, and I would not be nearly as healthy and/or sane without you all. I first stumbled upon the group, as it seems many do, back when I was new to Zwift and still figuring out how everything worked. I was on my dumb trainer and joined one of the slower Herd rides. I have never sweated so much in my life, and that was me just trying to hang on to the back going up Box Hill at around 8 km/h. The one thing that stuck with me was how friendly and supportive the group was, especially the Sweep Team. After upgrading the trainer I discovered ZwiftPower, then the FB group, and then the Summer Race series after that, which I definitely botched in the beginning because I didn't know a THING about categories or primes. And now here we are today and I’ve been lucky enough to ride many a TTT and/or ZRL event with many of you. Cheers to many more, hopefully on flattish routes.

Good Luck In Week 7!

Thanks Chris for being willing to share a little bit about yourself with the group. Wishing you luck moving up the ranks and defending the Herd's honor against the relentless OTR team that's made an appearance this season.

Until next time, Ride on and Moooooooooooooooooo!

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