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How to fish for trout effectively with Mice tails, Rooster tails lures, Berkley Powerbait and Scents.

Rainbow Trout in the Sierra Mtns in California caught on bubble gum mice tail.

Rainbow Trout in the Sierra Mtns in California caught on bubble gum mice tail.

Are these baits and lures good?

There are so many different baits in the market today ranging from common night crawlers to Kastmasters. Here are some information on mice tails, rooster tails, power baits and scents.

Mice Tails:

They come in a variety of colors. I usually use the bubble gum (white plastic egg and pink worm) and those help me catch a lot of fish. Other ones are orange and green, and pink and white. These can be reused and be repaired to a certain extent with some super glue. When the fishing is good, I can get back in the action quickly. If you fish off the bottom, it will float. One mice tail can be used 3-6 times (meaning that it can with stand fish strikes, minor snags and/or removal) before needing to be repaired or replaced.

Single hooks, size 4-10 are best but you can go down to a size 12. I generally use a slide sinking rig (I use egg sinkers 1/4-2 oz but other variations can be used). When using a mice tail, hold the mice tail with the tail end facing down. Hook through the top part of the egg of the mice tail and guide the hook until the eye of the hook is covered and the hook is through the plastic worm portion of the mice tail (ie, the tail end). Lastly, be sure the hook is partially exposed. This method will increase the likelihood of getting a good hook set when the fish strikes.

When the fish strikes a little, it is best to let the fish run with the line for a few seconds before setting the hook to ensure a good hook set.

Plastic eggs and worms are another good alternative to mice tails and have the same properties. If you want, they be used in combination with worms too (inflate the worms first with a worm blower).

Rooster Tails:

These are good when the trout are near the service or about 5-9 feet below the surface. The casting method is used to make the fish strike- it helps to vary the speed of the retrieve. The best color for me is the green and pink colors. Rooster tails be tied or snapped on to the main fishing line. A split shot weight may be used to increase casting distance or fish at deeper depths. Position the weight about 15 inches from the lure. It can be used over and over again. An ideal size is from 1/16 to 1/8 oz. for trout.

Power bait:

Power bait is a common synthetic bait which is like dough. It works extremely well with lake trout since most of them are planted from the hatchery. Most are based off hatchery foods, some based off natural food trout eat in the wild. There is a wide array of colors and scents so the combinations are endless. You can even mix two different ones together and catch fish (I've done this many times!) All of them do float. Green pumpkin power bait, purple power baits and pink power bait have worked for me. It is advisable to use a treble hook (size 14-18) to keep the power bait on longer. Also, when storing the power bait, make sure the lid is on tight or it will harden. When fishing check the bait every 45-60 mins. The common rig used is the slide sinker rig for using power bait.


There are a several scents from Berkeley Power Bait scent to homemade scents. You can dip lures, and any bait on them. These help take the human scent off the bait and have scents known to attract trout. Though they are not mandatory to catch trout, they are useful at times and many anglers can attest to the claim. I have used cod liver oil (liquid), Berkeley Power Bait scents and Berkeley Powerbait Mint Garlic Dip with great success. Re-dip every 45-60 mins when the action is slow.


These baits have worked for me each time I fish for trout. Plus, once I know which bait works the best in a certain lake or river, I stick to it. Why fix something that works? If you are new to fishing or the fishing area, scout out the area. Talk to fishermen or those at the local tackle shops. This will help you catch fish and save you some money from buying unnecessary bait or gear. Happy fishing!


Alberic O (author) from Any Clime, Any Place on March 02, 2013:

Thank you Mr. Archer. I've never been able to land any bass with rooster tails though. For me they seem to work mostly on trout.

Mr Archer from Missouri on March 01, 2013:

I've used Rooster Tails for many years, back into the '70's. In streams for Smallmouth Bass, using a Peach color in the clear water always worked well for me. Nice article filled with good information.

Alberic O (author) from Any Clime, Any Place on December 05, 2012:

Thank you. People do come up with different bait to catch fish.

Joan Veronica Robertson from Concepcion, Chile on December 05, 2012:

Hi there, welcome to Hubpages! This was an interesting read. I have fished, many years ago, but had never heard of most of the terms you used. Baits seemed to have changed a lot from my time! Once again, welcome!

Alberic O (author) from Any Clime, Any Place on December 03, 2012:

I've used them too. However, some of the other hubs have mentioned them and I didn't to beat it to death. In few lakes in California, they ban nightcrawlers because they are so effective!

Adventure Colorad from Denver,CO on December 03, 2012:

Great baits, the good old fashion nightcrawler is almost always a strong choice here in Colorado.

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