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Going Pro May Not Be That Hard As It Seems.


The game of Basketball has transform since it was first created by James Naismith. From December 21, 1891 when the first official game was played. Basketball has went from only passing the ball to advance it up the court, to players dribbling, dunking, and shooting three pointers from logos. Overtime these moments we have witness overtime made fans fall in love with the sport. Everyday individuals from all over the world has developed a passion for this game and wants to play at a high level. What better place to play than the NBA. Its the number one league in the world who had been show caseing the best talent. Over the years the NBA has grew in popularity making it's average salary at $7.90 million for the 2020-21 season and is will increase to be at $8.25 million in the 2021-22 season.NBA salary for the 2020-21 season is $3.83 million, and it will rise to $4.02 million in 2022. Basketball continue to be the number one sport when it come to paying their players. The NBA has be known to be one of the hardest leagues to get it. Make your chances to go pro very slim. 2.9% of Highschool Athletes go in and play on the college level. 1.3% of College seniors may be drafted into the league, and 0.03 of Highschool seniors has a chance in getting into the NBA. So there are so many other basketball players who are left undrafted. The NBA doesn't has to be the end game for gifted players who wants to play pro. Since Basketball is a global sport, that means there global opportunities

Leagues Outside The NBA

1. EuroLeague

The EuroLeague is the basketball version of soccer's Champions League, with the top European clubs qualifying each year. The teams play EuroLeague games during the week and in their own countries' leagues on the weekends.

2. Spain's Liga ACB

Liga ACB is a sports leagues in the with a crowd of fans at 6,236 on average. With 18 teams in This League it is known to be the ninth ranked of any professional sports league in the world and the fourth highest basketball league in the world, behind the NBA the Eurolueage.

3. BSL

The Turkey Basketball Super League was founded in 1966. It is part of the FIBA Europe with having only 16 active teams in the league.

4. VTB

VTB United League is an international professional men's Basketball League in Russia. It is made up of mostly Russian clubs, with some others teams being different countries. With 13 teams in the League Its goal is to combine leading basketball clubs of Eastern and Northern Europe into one League.

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5. BLL

BLL has thirteen teams currently a smaller European league. It is well-marketed, and the games are well watched. And there is plenty of great talented players implemented league.

6. PBA

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is a men's professional Basketball League located in the Philippines comprised with twelve teams.Making the first professional basketball league in Asia since 1975.

7. PMA

The Paraguayan Metropolitan Basketball League found in Paraguay. There are 12 teams participating in this basketball league.

8. LNB Pro A

The LNB Pro A, also known as Betclic Élite, is the top men's professional basketball league in France. Since 1921 the League has been in business and eventually governed by Ligue Nationals de Basket.

9. BAL

The FIBA Africa Basketball League (formerly FIBA Africa Clubs Champions Cup) now known as BAL which was replaced in 2020 is the highest caliber men's professional basketball competition with 16 teams.

10. NBL

The National Basketball League is a men's professional basketball league, currently holding ten teams. Australia has nine and New Zealand has one. It is also the League who had LaMelo Ball who was the former 3rd pick in the 2020 NBA draft.

Go Pro

Going pro is not easy, but with hard work and dedication it doesn't have to be hard. The path to becoming a professional is very possible. There a over 200 international teams worldwide, which can up your chances in landing a contract. If you really feel like you are talented enough to get a spot you should do research on teams that you may be interested. Make sure you do your research, find out who is the coach, owner of the organization, find out the teams weakness, make sure that you'll be able to be a fit for that team. It's good to make sure you can find an agent that can help you with the process by linking you to a team that is congruent with your talents. While your agent is doing all the work on his end, your main focus is to polish your game, make sure your working, getting better in the gym, playing basketball everyday. There are so many ways to get your foot in the door, but you got to be willing to do what's best for you in order to fulfill your goal. That means you may travel all the way to another country to visit the team as a walk on. Or you may stay in the states sell your talents to the agent by creating good YouTube highlights of yourself. That way you don't have to come back from a foreign country empty handed. Some players would go to the extreme and play for free overseas just to get the exposure of playing in the pros. That's builds your resume as a player which could help you get more attention from other potential teams out there. Most players even join camps that you may have to pay out of pocket.
The Europe basketball Academy is a training facility that help players develop and assist them to earn a potential contracts. L'Alqueria Del Basket of Valencia Basket is the leading home of Europrobasket International Basketball training. Full competition, shooting training, full staff coaching and games are orchestrated at the facility. The facility at the academy has the most technologically advanced equipment with the state of the art programs to help with players growth in the sport. Owned by Valencia Basket and its considered one of the leading academy in the sport. In there facilities you're will find 13 courts, 9 indoor some outdoor. Weight rooms with basketball training equipment, full medical clinic and staff physiotherapy recovery equipment, shooting machines are implemented on the courts with drills and elite training staffs to assist players as well. This may be a great option for players who wants the exposure to coaches, training, and professaliam. Going to the NBA is very difficult especially if your not an All American, and a top draft pick. If you're a individual who has never played college, and you only played a few highschool games, and you still have a dream, than this route going pro may not be as hard as you think.

Europe Basketball Academy

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