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Gifts for Outdoor Lovers - Camping and Hiking Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

I enjoy sharing tips to make the backcountry more safe and more enjoyable.

Finding a present or stocking stuffers for an outdoor enthusiast can actually be pretty tough. Hikers and campers love getting gear but they're also particular about it. Individual preferences are important for their gear. So it can be hard to know if you're getting them the right thing.

Gifts for outdoor enthusiastic and stocking stuffer ideas.

Gifts for outdoor enthusiastic and stocking stuffer ideas.

Outdoor Gear Stocking Stuffers

Even if it's not the holidays, this list works great for getting small gifts under $30 for any outdoor gearhead. The beauty of this list is it's composed things that backpackers and hikers can never have enough of. So even if you get them something they already have they will still be super stoked to have another.

Microfiber Towels

I love giving these because it's something everyone overlooks but they really need. No matter how hard you try things are going to get wet! Being able to whip out a microfiber towel that someone was thoughtful enough to gift you is priceless.

I've always used Rainleaf Towels because they're affordable and pack down really small. They come in 6 different sizes. If you're not sure what size to get a Small or Medium is always appreciated.

Wool Socks

Getting wool socks for Christmas might seem super lame to you but we hikers love them! Darn Tough socks is a great way to go. Pick a fun pattern and they're available in men, womens and kids.

Cooking Accessories

It's hard to get someone a stove or pot set as a surprise because it might not work their setup. But anyone can use quality eating and cooking accessories.

For cooking look for neat utensils that either collapse or have multiple uses. Always obsessed with weight, backpackers love anything that is dual purpose.

For drinking there's Stanley mugs or Kleen Kanteen Thermoses. Throw in some tea bags or quality coffee and you might just have a complete gift set!

Unique Gifts for Outdoorsmen

The fun part of a unique gift is giving something the recipient didn't consider before. Push their boundaries on outdoor gear by finding unique products to solve back country problems.

Backpacking Solar Panels ($50-$200+)

For an outdoor guy that's never used solar power, these can be eye opening gifts! Hikers need a source of power for charging electronics and lights. Look for quality brands like GoalZero and StrongVolt for this purchase.

A smaller, cheaper option is an inflatable solar light. It's a good intro to the power of solar in a backpacking trip.

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Hammock (about $60)

For someone used to sleeping on the ground, a hammock can be a thoughtful present.

ENO makes great single hammocks which are great for beginners. A good one will be $50-60.

Beware though: to truly switch to hammock camping it will take a setup with a rain fly and possible under quilts.

Outdoor Subscription Box (about $20/month)

A few reputable companies run outdoor subscription box services. These are fun way to try new gear.

Cairn is a good choice but you might find reviews on others.

Backpacking hammocks can make great outdoor gifts.

Backpacking hammocks can make great outdoor gifts.

Gifts for Day Hikers

If you're shopping for a weekend or day hiker they're not going to have much use for camping gear. I have plenty of family and friends with a lot of gear they never use.

Annual State or National Park Pass ($50-$100)

There are some amazing hikes in State and National parks but they usually have entrance fees. Open up a new world for your hikers by gifting a yearly pass. A State Park pass will let them into any state park so it's an awesome gift for any general hiker. National park passes get you access to just that park so make sure it's one they will frequent.

Bonus: this is probably a tax deductible purchase for you! Read their website to find out.

Guide Book for the Local Area ($8-$30)

Anyone who loves hiking spends a lot of time planning their adventures. Get them a book of trails nearby. Or find foraging and wildlife guides at their local bookstore.

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