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Italian Bicycles - Get to know some of the "less known" Italian mountain bikes manufacturers

Italian mountain bikes

Italy has been known for having great engineers and equipment designers and their bicycle´s industry it is a good example. For several years Italian mountain bike brands were the only ones, besides Canada and USA, to produce high quality mountain bikes with attractive design and technological innovations which are still used today.

Nowadays, the Italian bicycle manufacture business it is still on the vanguard of the world industry and the number of new brands has never stop growing.

There are some Italian bikes companies which most of the world still have not met, sometimes because they are too “young” others because they make very specific products.



Italian bicycle brands

MDE bikes - Handcrafted in Italy

They design and make each and single piece with an extremely high attention for quality. Their main products are high quality custom mountain bike frames specific for each type of use: dirt bikes, cross country, downhill, free ride, enduro and all mountain. They also make high standard mountain bike components.

All parts are CNC machined at their headquarters in Alpignano, Torino, Italy.

They are in this business first of all for passion. For this they spend a lot of time to control the quality of each single part. Perfection is their target.

Team riders submit MDE products to strenuous and prolonged tests. It is believed that this is the best way to develop frame sets and components. Of course, technology is not everything; a good industrial design it is also very important.

Due to this factor it is possible to achieve a final result which marries some sort of technical excellence to "Italian" style.

MDE bikes rider - Jack Bisi.



They are specialists in "ready to race" full suspension mountain bike and they make complete bicycles for cross country, four cross, freeride and downhill race.

Each year the Ancillotti models are improved and evolved by the continuous feedback obtained through direct participation in races, a distinguishing element in the Ancillotti legacy, be it motorcycles or bicycles.

Their production is targeted at customers that do not settle for mass produced products but who want a reliable, exclusive product of maximum efficiency and performance and 100% Italian.

Ancillotti Team ruled the Caldirola DH 2008 competition - Italian Downhill Championships.


  • MDE bikes

    High quality Mountain bikes handcrafted in Italy with great attention to design as well as performance.

  • Ancillotti cycles

    Dedicated to mountain bike competitive racing, Ancillotti have a limited but highly specialized production to fulfill the needs of racing athletes.

More italian mountain bike manufacturers:

  • Atala

    Very complete catalog from kids bikes to MTB full suspension. (only in Italian)

  • Bemmex bike

    Coming soon...

  • Bianchi

    A name synonymous with cycling and great bicycles since 120 years.

  • Bottecchia

    Passion, courage, enthusiasm, but mostly devotion and competency are the roots of Bottecchia success.

  • Bressan bikes

    Bicycle passion since 1942. (only in Italian)

  • Carraro cicli

    Progress means passion and commitment for 80 years. (only in Italian)

  • Extralite

    Road and MTB components with focus on quality and lightweight.

  • FRM bikes

    Great collection of bike frames and components with high quality standards.

  • Hazard bikes

    High quality bikes. (only in Italian)

  • Mathitech

    The power of knowledge takes its advantages by going back to the origin of the bicycle science. Titanium and carbon fiber bicycle frames.

  • Monolite bikes

    Specialists in carbon fiber bike frames building with experience on the aeronautics industry.

  • Ovam bikes

    Ovam works every day to build high quality 100% Italian bikes. (only in italian)

  • Paduano racing

    ...customize your passion! Titanium and carbon fiber specialists. (only in Italian)

  • Passoni

    Passoni has been designing and producing titanium bicycles since 1989, real works of art that are known and appreciated all over the world.

  • Rig design

    High tech road and mountain bikes manufacture. (only in Italian)

  • Scapin

    Costume-made frames for everyone using the ultimate technology.

  • Shockblase

    Italian identity and style. (only in italian)

  • Sintesi bikes (I removed the link because Google believes it can harm our computers... on your own risk -

    Italian company that first arrived on the scene to challenge the most famous manufacturers, in particular the American ones. With a wide product range (which now includes cross-country, downhill, road and BMX bikes).

  • Slyway projects

    Slyway mission is guided by steady and intense passion, a powerful attitude toward innovation, design and quality.

  • Turro

    Young brand that has from road bikes to Cross-country bikes.

  • Viner

    Choose your style!



philip carey 61 on May 03, 2010:

Love my Seven Cycles Ti singlespeed!

Christine Mulberry on April 19, 2009:

Wow, there's a lot of competition in the Italian market! I do like the looks of these bikes.

road bike mofo on March 26, 2009:

Wow this is an excellent resource! I had no idea there were so many MB makers. Well done!

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on February 24, 2009:

LOL, nothing to worry GT... We can ride my bikes and we get there in a blink.

goldentoad from Free and running.... on February 24, 2009:

There's no beer over here, I think its on the next block.

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on September 24, 2008:

Hi ECRider, thanks for your comment. Comparing the frames prices from MDE with some other good quality worldwide bicycle frames manufacturer we´ll see they are very similar ( - Prices in Italy). If you remember that they make every single frame handmade and they´re still very "young" and not so well known it´s believable that their prices will be higher in future when they get recognition by they work (just like it happened with Ferrari). One thing I can assure you - their frames have as much quality as any Ferrari out there (except for the motor LOL).

ECRider on September 23, 2008:

Hi Funride, if MDE is the Ferrari of the MTB world, is it priced as such? Thanks

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on September 06, 2008:

Hi SoulRider, thanks for passing by. Even though MDE is still a young brand it has already many fans all over and I´m sure it will grow even more in following years.

Have fun!

SoulRider on September 06, 2008:

I also love MDE bikes very much and would not want to have any other. Great page you got here and thanks for spreading the word about Italian bicycles.

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on May 19, 2008:

I´m glad you enjoyed it ;) There are lots of good mountain bikes that are not very well known by everybody, people tend to choose from the usual brands. Thanks for passing by.

Gareth Pritchard from North Wales on May 19, 2008:

Cool machines I've never seen these before, great, thanks.

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on December 10, 2007:

No Mark, as you can see in their sites they only built mtb bikes.

For me, personaly I see MDEbikes as the Ferrari of the mtb world!

Mark Knowles on December 09, 2007:

Wow. These look good. Do they make road frames too?

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