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Garmont Hiking Boots Guide - Reviews, Prices, Buy Online


If you are looking for Garmont Hiking Boots then you have come the right place. Here we will review some of the best Garmont boots available to buy, see what exactly makes them such top hiking boots and also check out some prices. Then we will have a look how you can buy them online. This article will basically tell you everything you need to know about Garmont Hiking Boots.

Garmont are one of the leading names when it comes to strong outdoor footwear. They have been in the business for almost 140 years and the company name is one people feel they can trust. Garmont have been making high quality hiking and walking boots for many years and always deliver a quality product. In recent years they have branched out into many other outdoor products, but much of their business still comes from hiking boots. So now let’s have a look at some of the best Garmont hiking boots on offer.

Garmont Sitka Plus GTX


Buy The Garmont Sitka GTX Boot

The Garmont Sitka Plus GTX Boot


The Garmont Sitka Plus GTX boot is seen as one of the classic all round hiking boots produced by Garmont. This boot has a tough outer that provides excellent stability and strength. The boot is made mainly of leather but also has some fabric to make it extra flexible in certain areas. The Vibram soul gives this a strong rigid feel while allowing the foot just enough flex to make for a comfortable walk. The Garmont Sitka Plus GTX is perfect for all round hiking. While it’s not a winter boot it can cope in winter conditions very well compared to some of it’s competitors.

The 2.2mm grain leather really is beautiful and will keep your feet warm and dry in all conditions. The soul of the boot has an excellent grip and you really feel you can rely on the boot when you are on uneven slippery surfaces. If you are looking for a boot that you can wear all year round and in pretty much any conditions then the Garmont Sitka Plus GTX boot is just what you are looking for. Price wise it is about middle of the range, very good value for a boot that will last a long time.

The Garmont Syncro GTX


The Garmont Syncro GTX Hiking Boot

Another really good all round boot, the Garmont Syncro GTX Hiking Boot offers excellent performance while being a very light boot. Although this one is not quite as sturdy as some other boots it is ideal for long range walks over basic terrain. This is made up of Nubuck leather and Gore-Tex sierra inserts. These make the boot very waterproof while keeping it light. Again the Garmont Syncro GTX hiking boot has a Vibram soul which offers excellent grip and gives the walker an excellent level of comfort and stability on the trail.

The Garmont Syncro GTX hiking boots are another example of an excellent all rounder. They don’t perform quite as well in snow as some boots but in any other conditions they really are superb. They will keep your feet dry and warm while still being very light. The price of these is quite reasonable making them very good value and well worth a purchase if you like the look of them.

Garmont Tower GTX Mountain Boot

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Buy The Garmont Tower GTX Mountain Boot

The Garmont Tower GTX Hiking Boot

If you are a serious walker who likes to climb high into the mountains then these are for you. The Garmont Tower GTX Mountain hiking boot really is the best of the best when it comes to serious mountaineering. These boots are made up of leather and fabric and come with a strong Vibram soul that offers excellent grip. The soul remains very stiff allowing for maximum protection on tricky traverses. These are also the perfect boot to wear with crampons as they are compatible and easy to use with crampons.

Although the Garmont Tower GTX Mountain boot is a serious mountaineering boot it can also be used on the lower trails. Despite being a reasonably heavy duty boot these are still very light and remarkably comfortable. Wearing one of these is just like slipping on a big pair of sneakers. The boot is extremely waterproof and very warm, ideal for those snowy mountains. As far as price goes these are a little more expensive than most of the other Garmont boots, but they really are great quality so you are getting good value for your money. They are also very durable so they are sure to last a long time. If you are looking for a boot that will keep you safe and comfortable while you are high in the mountains then these are for you.

Garmont Vetta Hike GTX Boot


Buy The Garmont Vetta Hike GTX Boot

The Garmont Vetta Hike GTX Boot


This is a classic all rounder that is ideal for the low passes and the high mountains. The Garmont Vetta Hike GTX boot is one that will give you that extra little bit of insurance if you are venturing a little bit higher, but it is also perfect for the walk in. This boot uses a mixture of suede and mesh on the outer and a Gore-Tex inner to keep your feet dry. The beauty of these boots is also that they are also very breathable so your feet keep cool on hot days. Again a grippy Vibram soul gives you that reassurance that when you plant your foot down it won’t slip. These are light boots that provide a high level of comfort and stability.

The Garmont Vetta Hike GTX boot is perfect if you are planning on walking at both low and high levels. Suitable for snow and also good on a hot sunny day. There is also a specially designed shock absorption system in these boots which means they are easy on the joints. When it comes to price these are about middle of the range, which I would say makes them top value and quite possibly the pick of all the boots we have looked at here. These really are ideal for almost any form of hiking.


Whatever type of boot you are looking for chances are there will be a Garmont boot that fits your needs. They also make some excellent trail shoes and more heavy duty boots. They are an excellent company with a very good reputation. Buy Garmont and you will not go far wrong.

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