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Funny NCAA Bracket Names 2012


Coming up with a funny or witty NCAA basketball bracket name is almost as much fun as watching the March Madness games and cheering for teams that you know nothing about but picked to go to the Sweet 16 because of a tip you overheard while at the bar doing your "research" for the NCAA tournament. NCAA brackets with the best names have almost as much bragging rights as the people who actually win their pools. At least that's what we all tell ourselves as our brackets are statistically eliminated after the first weekend.

Below is a list of some funny NCAA basketball bracket names that I have come up with, heard of, seen in some of my pools over the years, or saw on a forum at some point. Feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment with your funny NCAA bracket name and show the world that even though you know nothing about college basketball (or at least not as much as the blonde from the office who had her dog make all of her picks), you know enough to get a laugh out of your bracket name.

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Funny NCAA Bracket Names

Bracket Racket
A Cinderella Story
Sullinger’s Catcher in the Buckeye (Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger)
Penn State has a Temple Headache
Dartboard [Insert your name]
iPick Pretty Jerseys
Dukie Lover
No X-'Cuse-s
Villa No Fun
The [ ]
The Big Least
Barnes and Noble (UNC's Harrison Barnes)
Silence of the Lamb (UConn's Jeremy Lamb)
Lamb to the Slaughter
No Silence of this Lamb
Rack of Lamb
Lamb Chops
Lamb Curry
Roasted Lamb
Eh, What's Up Austin? (Austin Rivers, Duke)
Rivers-boat Gambling
Take me to the Rivers
Stepped in Tar (Heel)
Duke of York
Duke of Earl
Shoeless Joe Jackson (Memphis)
MockingJay Hawks
Kentucky WildKatniss
Full Metal Bracket
Final Fourgasms
Upset Stomach
Marquette Up
Orange Crush
The Butler Did it..Again
No Ifs, Ands, or Bulters About It
UConn Do it, UConn Do it All Night Long
Kendall Stick (UNC Kendall Marshal)
Under the Seed
Done After Day 1
Done After Round 1
Blue Light Upset Special
I'll VCU in the Finals
Abromaitis Fever
ND has Abromaitis
ND is sick with Abromaitis
Coming down with Abromaitis...
The Winning [ ]
12 > 5
God'sgift to March (St. John's Forward God'sgift Achiuwa)
My Bracket Tebows
WWTP (Who Would Tebow Pick)
Bracket Duster

What's in a Name?

Naming your NCAA bracket really has nothing to do with how you do in your pool. However, NCAA basketball bracket pools are not about the money. Putting together an NCAA bracket is about making each game in the greatest tournament in the world matter to YOU. You have a stake in each game and someone to cheer for, whether or not you have even ever heard of the school they represent. By coming up with a clever name, you are adding to the fun of the NCAA basketball tournament and making your pool that much more fun to be a part of.

So use one of the names from my list or come up with your own creative name and enjoy the best months of the year! As Dicky V would say...It's March Madness Baby!


corianne burkhart on April 08, 2012:

hahahahahahahahaha funny..."final 4gazims"!!!

rlb237 on March 14, 2012:

Ok, I went to Penn State, and there's zero rivalry with Temple. They're not even in the same conference. Maybe Temple thinks there's a rivalry...but PSU doesn't care about Temple.

yayo on March 13, 2012:

wow. not a single one of those was funny.

BK on March 13, 2012:

Drummond Roll Please (Andre Drummond)

PBody5205 (author) on March 09, 2012:

Basically just the temple/penn state rivalry.

fgfgfg on March 08, 2012:

what does penn state has a temple headache refer to?

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