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Fun Activities to Do While Camping

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Friends Camping

Friends Camping

Why go camping in the first place?

Camping is a popular outdoor activity that many families enjoy. But what is the point of doing fun activities while camping? It is an activity or even pastime that is perfect for people who enjoy the great outdoors. Camping provides an opportunity to disconnect from the busy life and reconnect with nature.

This article will discuss how to make the most out of your camping experience by coming up with fun and exciting activities for everyone in the family. The first thing you should do is to make sure you have an adventure plan before you head out on your trip. This means that everyone in the family has their own list of things they want to do and see during their stay.

There are many different types of camping activities that you can choose from, such as hiking, fishing, swimming, and cooking over an open fire. You can also take part in activities such as archery and playing games like capture the flag. Camping is a fun way to entertain yourself while camping because it gives you something to do when you're not on your phone or laptop!

Camping Activites

Camping Activites


If you're looking for a fun activity to do while camping, then bird-watching might be the perfect option. This activity allows you to engage with nature while camping and can also be a fun and educational activity for the kids. Besides being a fun activity for the kids, bird-watching is also a healthy activity. If you're interested in birds, you can get started by learning about the different species of birds that live in the area.

When bird-watching while camping, you'll find that you're in an ideal location for finding rare birds. While some birds migrate from the Arctic to the Antarctic, some only migrate in the spring and fall. This means you'll have to be patient and persistent to spot them. You should also know the rules of the campground. For example, you can't touch or disturb any nesting bird or any of its eggs.

Kid Enjoying Bird Watching While Camping

Kid Enjoying Bird Watching While Camping

Rock painting

Paint rocks with non-toxic paint. Choose a flat, smooth rock to paint, and use a brush or a paint pen to decorate it. Paint pens work well for kids, and you can also write inspiring messages on them. Hide rocks on your campsite, or in the woods, to bring smiles to other campers. Before starting, you may want to check the rules of your campsite. If it's allowed, you may want to buy them in the store to avoid potential problems with the environment.

You can also use stencils to make detailed designs, or you can draw them yourself. You can use paint and stencils, or use your own creativity. If you are camping with kids, you can bring along a few colors of paint and a paintbrush. Rock painting is a great activity to do while camping and can be a wonderful memory for the whole family. If you want more control over your work, you can also use oil-based paint pens or sharpies.


If you want to keep the children entertained while camping, try geocaching. This game is a great way to spend quality family time together while exploring nature. You can download an app to track geocaches and sign a logbook when you find them. Once you find them, you have to put them back where you found them. You can also bring small treasures to trade. Make sure to bring your phone for GPS tracking so you can find them again.

Before you begin your Geocaching adventure, learn more about the sport. Geocaching involves a treasure hunt where you search for hidden items called "caches." These hidden objects are marked with GPS coordinates so that other people can find them. Some caches are difficult to find and require patience. You can also use your GPS device to find geocaches on your campsite. You can also learn about the history of the area by visiting its museum or historical site.

Couple Finding a Geocache

Couple Finding a Geocache

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Identifying plants and animals

While camping, identify the animals and plants around you. Not only will it make your stay more interesting, but it can save your life if you come across a poisonous plant. This will help you protect your family and the environment. You can also advocate for the conservation of rare or endangered species. After all, plants and animals are vital to ecosystems. By knowing what you're eating and seeing, you can help conserve them for the future.

If you're unsure of the plants and animals around your campsite, download a plant identification app to help you identify them. PlantSnap has over 600,000 plant photos and can help you identify everything from mushrooms to trees. You can even submit photos for identification on iNaturalist, a citizen-science project created by National Geographic. You can learn about various plants and learn about them from the experts.

Writing in a journal

While on a camping trip, a child can make his or her own journal about the camping trip. The journal can include notes about the campground, family memories, opinions, and contact information for new friends. As the child grows older, the journaling activity can be passed on to other members of the family. If your child enjoys the process, it could become a family activity. You can also help your child learn the value of writing in a journal while camping.

Keeping a journal while camping is an activity that your children will never forget. A journal allows them to reflect on their own experience and learn from them. Children who are going to camp for the first time will experience many unexpected adventures and may want to take a piece of the experience back home. They might also want to try different camps and come up with creative solutions to their problems.

Playing cards

A deck of cards is one of the easiest games to pack and play while camping. This classic game can be played in your tent or around the campfire. It doesn't take up much space and can keep your campers entertained for hours. Playing cards also improve your kids' concentration and memory. There are easy-to-learn versions for younger children and more challenging games for the older set.

Playing card games while camping is an excellent way to spend time together while enjoying the outdoors. Card games are also a great way to develop new skills while building strong relationships among campers. When choosing the right card game for your next camping trip, consider portability, durability, and size. Look for games that are wet-weather-proof and durable. Then, choose a game that suits your group.

Couple playing card games while camping

Couple playing card games while camping


For a great form of exercise and mental break, try hiking while camping. There are thousands of hiking trails throughout the countryside. While some trails are marked, others are not. Make sure you know where you are going before setting out. Study a map so you can easily find your way back in case you get lost. Hiking is also an excellent way to teach kids about the nature around them.

Kids will be entertained for hours while learning about new plants and animals. For those with older children, consider allowing them to plan their hikes themselves. By letting them lead, they'll develop an appreciation for the outdoors and a sense of independence. This is a great way to spend time with your family as family.


If you're on a camping trip, there are plenty of crafts to do while you're away from civilization. Knitting is a popular portable craft that children of all ages enjoy. You can also make a doll's campfire. Of course, your dolls won't be able to cook real s'mores. But that doesn't mean that you can't make some fun crafts while camping, too.

Among other crafts to make while camping, try making nature bookmarks. For this activity, you'll need some paper and glue. You can also add googly eyes or markers for a fun finishing touch. Children who love collecting things can make a nature bracelet by gluing leaves, flowers, or anything else they find interesting on their nature hikes.

A simple nature weaving project is another fun craft to do while camping. It's a great way to teach kids about different types of trees and create a lasting memory of your camping trip. To make your own nature weaving project, gather sticks, long grasses, and a few pieces of paper. Make a frame with the sticks, then tie the leaves and vines to the sticks. Then, let your kids design and color the leaves themselves.

Be creative and have fun

Whatever activities you choose to do, enjoy the relaxation and peace. Make sure you are planning for everything including not having your phone, just in case. Then you can relax knowing all the details are taken off. You’ll be able to see that just walking and appreciating nature can be an enjoyable activity in itself.

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