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Free Deer Hunting Stand Plans

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Building your own deer box stand

These deer hunting box stands are great for taking the family along on a whitetail deer hunting trip. You can get out of the weather and they help mask the noise or movements that could ruin the hunt for everyone. You can build these stands and move them with an ATV or just build them in place. Lets begin with a list of materials you'll need to begin.

  • All lumber should be treated or exterior type materials

Qty. Description

4 4"x4"x14ft PT post

10 2"x4"x12ft #2 PT lumber

4 4ftx8ftx1/2" exterior plywood

25 SF roof covering(metal roofing, peel and stick, or shingles)

box 16 penny galvanized nails

1lb. 11/2 galvanized deck screws

optional-carpet to soundproof the floor

Deer Stand front and rear views


Hunting Stand side views


Deer Stand roof and floor trusses


Building your own deer hunting stand

  • Tools required for building this deer stand

tape measure, circular saw, hammer, razor knife, level or square, cordless drill/driver with a screw tip for deck screws.

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  • Lay out measurements on the 4- 4x4pt post, put marks at 2ft and 9ft on all 4, this is your ground level and floor. Cut 2-3" off the top of 2 post that will be in the rear, this allows for roof slope.
  • Now cut the floor trusses as shown on page 3, 5-2x4@4ft and 2-2x4@5ft. build as shown and then use this at the 9ft mark on your post. No plywood until after the frame has been built.
  • Go ahead and frame the roof trusses as shown an also put the 2x4 braces around the bottom at about 6" above your 2ft mark on the post.
  • Remember that the side we cut 2-3"off is the rear build your steps there now and put the 2x4's in for your shooting rail at 36-39" above the floor.
  • Plywood the floor, roof and sides as shown, screw these off with deck screws so it will last longer.
  • Put your roof covering on, if you use peel and stick doubled up shingles aren't needed
  • You are now ready to stand the stand up, try to get it as level as possible, then use any left over lumber for additional bracing and bury the stand 2ft, these helps keep it from tipping over. (you can sit it directly on the ground but be sure to drive stakes and cable it down tightly or it may tip)
  • Add carpet and paint your box stand to match the surroundings(you may want to see what colors will be there during hunting season, as the colors change in the fall)

Deer ground blinds work great with small kids


Using your deer stand

These deer hunting stands are very popular among our hunting club members, we have many different variations such as the one shown here. My grandson is only 4 and can't climb the steps so we built this stand directly on the ground for easy access. These things work great when a front comes thru you can find a place to get in out of the weather.

Want to make your own deer feeder?

Making a deer feeder that will last for years is quite simple. Here's free plans on How to make a deer feeder. Once you have them coming to your feeder, you can track them with a game camera, Good Luck Hunting!

How to make a natural hunting blind

When hunting alone, I like to quickly make a natural homemade ground blind, out of brush, branches or even dead trees and logs. It's quick, easy and can really catch deer by surprise.

Enjoying your deer hunting blind

Normally, I'm not the type hunter to spend much time in a box stand. I'd rather hunt along some travel route or feeding area, tucked away in a climber buried among the tree line. However after placing a few of these stands around our lease, I've found that it's a great way to spend time with friends, family and especially children. Taking someone you love hunting with you can build memories that last forever.

Two years ago was my grandson's first hunting trip which lasted maybe a whole 20 minutes. He couldn't sit still or stay quite long enough for either of us to see anything. As the season rolled around again, Aiden really wanted to go again. I decided I'd take him alone and we'd go sit in a box stand so we may at least made it long enough to see something, even if it's just squirrels or rabbits. Off to the woods we headed, I thought this would be a baby sitting gig for grandpa but I love playing with him so what the heck.

The first morning we took our time heading out, Aiden was very loud jabbering away as we headed to the stand. As we rounded the last corner of the road, where we were turning back into the woods, we walked up on a young 7pt buck mounted, breeding a doe. The busy deer just ignored us and with my grandson talking loudly we headed on to our stand. Within the next 20 minutes deer began feeding right by us, the excitement of a child's first real encounters with nature made my day. Even though he couldn't stay still or be quite, we managed to have 5 deer go by that morning.

As we sat, I noticed that every deer looked at the stand as they passed, Aiden would loudly say "There's another deer grampy" yet the stand broke up the noise and movement enough that the deer weren't spooked. They did feed thru a little faster than normal but he got to enjoy nature at it's finest that morning. We saw 7 deer, a bunch of squirrels, a chipmunk, wood pecker, even a bobcat, it was just great sharing that time with him. When he finally got bored, he curled up in my lap for a quick nap, it turned out to be a great bonding moment for us both. After having so much fun in that stand, we've turned it into an annual event.

Normally the only time we'd sit in these stands, is when we are planting food plots, putting in mineral beds or some other work day. Two of us will sit in a stand, watch carefully with binoculars and discuss our strategies for the upcoming whitetail deer season. My wife, who gets bored quickly even spent an afternoon in the blind shown here, last year. We didn't see any deer that day but 7 gobblers fed by. Hope you enjoy these Free deer hunting stand plans and good luck hunting.

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TomBlalock from Hickory, NC on May 02, 2012:

Well said. I'd have loved for my father to have taken me hunting. Didn't have the fortune to be born to a family that did much in the outdoors, though.

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