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Football is Too Confusing... Not Really

List of all the NFL teams and their names

List of all the NFL teams and their names

Here a list of varies NFL with different region just incase you don't have a favorite team

Here a list of varies NFL with different region just incase you don't have a favorite team

It's about that wonderful time every year, and that is football season. If you are tired of being the one person who is left out the conversation when the topic of football come up, and especially around time of the super bowl this guide is for you. And While I name some on responsibility of the position I'll be sure to list a name of the best in that position.

First let start with the premise of football.

1. To win the game

2. To outscore the opposing team

3. To win the Super Bowl <--- This is very important

First let start with general concepts of football Offense and Defense.


1. To score; this main object of the game. To score you must get a touch down which is always located on the defensive side of the field.

2. To keep the chain moving(First Downs), this is a term use in football which mean the offense was able to move the football 10 yards. Every 11 yards(to be on the safe side) is a First Down.

3. Limit the turnover, this mean to not lose to ball. I will discuss on how the ball is lost later in the guide.


1. Stop the offensive team from scoring the ball, the sooner the better

2. Produce turnover, interception this when the defense steal the football from the QB target before the football reach the target.

Another way is to Force Fumble this when the defense knock the ball out of the ball carrier grips.

3. Just wreak havoc on the offense.

4. Protect their side of the field


First lets start with the single most important position in football is the Quarterback or QB for short. The QB is the Captain of the whole ship, he can make the team the best team in the NFL(i.e. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodger, Drew Brees) or the worst team in the NFL(i.e. Blaine Galbert, Tampa Bay, Cleveland Browns). This is usually why QB are MVP of the Season, and high first round draft picks. Here what the QB position are responsible for.

1. To keep the chains moving. The quarterback can do this by throwing(Passing) the ball(Peyton Manning), or they can run the ball(Russell Wilson, Cam Newton).

2. To score TD

3. Secure Ball

The second important position on the offense side of the ball is Offensive Linemen. Offensive linemen are the shield of the offensive. Instead of being one offensive lineman there are five player make up the offensive line. Left tackle, Left Guard, Center, Right Guard, Right Tackle. These players are a cog they have to work together to be one cohesive part, but one position that do hold importance is Left Tackle "The Blind Side"( Joe Thomas, Tyrone Smith) they are important because most QB are Right handed and their blind side is on their Left side.

1. To block, to physically be in the way of the of defense

2. To protect the QB, and Running Back.

3.To give the QB, enough time to throw the ball

4.To open up holes or hold blocks for the RB.

5. The Center is in charge of handing the ball from the line of scrimmage( The horizontal line where the football lays on field at that time) to the QB.

Next are the Running Backs or RB, Running backs they are the war general of the offensive side of field, they are the battering ram of football. They say that running backs are a dying breed but the last 5 super bowl winner all had a strong running game.

1. gain yards, by running with the ball the more yard they gain the better, they sometimes run for big touchdowns is they are good or lucky enough(Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice,)

2. They catch/receive the ball from the QB to gain yards(Lesean Mccoy)

3. Move the pile(Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore) this is when you need a extra yard or so to get a first down or a touchdown.

4. On some plays they block for the QB.

5.Secure ball

Next is the fullback, this position is near extinction in the nfl. But can come in handy.

1. Lead blockers for the Running Back, this is when the FB run in front of the running back to clear a path for the RB. Also sometimes they are need just to block.

2. Sometime run the ball, usually they need to push the pile

3. Sometimes the receive the ball

4. Secure the ball

Wide Receiver or WR are next up on the list they are the target the QB throw to, they are the main weapons for the QB.

1. To catch/Receive the ball, no matter what (A.J green, Larry Fitzgerald)

2. To get open to receive the ball (Steve Smith)

3. Try to score/ help gain more yards (Calvin Johnson)

4. Secure the ball

Next is the the Tight End or THE, They are a mixture between offensive linemen and wide receiver

1. To block

2. To receive (Rob Gronk, Vernon Davis)

3. Help gain yards or score.

4. Secure the Ball


Let start with the Captain of the defense side of the field the Middle Linebackers or MLB. Some team have two MLB which then they are called ILB, while some teams also have only one MLB. They are the stoppers, go getters. These guys make up half of the linebacking crop

1. To stop the run ball carrier (Luke Kuechly)

2. To play in coverage on their side of field just incase the QB throws the ball, by tackling the ball carrier or produce a turn over.

3. Change the Defense to better handle the offense

4. Knock people heads off

5. Attack the middle

Next is the outside Linebacker or OLB, They are the attacker/Protector. These guys make half the linebacking crop.

1. Pass Rush, Pass rush is when the defense to go after the QB before he throw the ball. If successful they sack the QB(tackle the qb while the ball in his hands, this usually also cause lost of yards for the offense) when the QB is on the ground the play is over or even make the QB make a bad throw is a successful pass rush (Von Miller, Aldon Smith, Demarcus Ware)

2. Coverage, protect their side of the field from the pass

3.Attack the outer part of the box

4. Stop the run

Next are the Defensive linemen, these guy are like the o linemen. They are smaller cogs also to make a machine. These individual position go like this DE, NT, DT, DE.

1. To contain the run, by contain I mean to keep the runningback or any runner from running toward the outside of the box, which majority of the defense players located.

2. Stop the Ball Carrier (Geno atkins DT, Haloti Ngata DT)

3. Pass Rush the QB. (Greg Hardy, Jared Allen)

4. produce turnovers

5. On rare occasions go into coverage.

Cornerbacks or CB, these are the rivals of the WR because they are usually responsible for covering them. These guys make up the secondary.

1. Cover the WR (Darrell Revis, Richard Sherman)

2. Play zone, Zone is when a CB is assign a certain part of the field and must protect the part the was assigned to.

3. Produce turn overs

4. Stop ball carrier

Strong Safety or SS(Eric Berry, Troy polamalu) The the Safety position is last line of the defense. These guy make part of the secondary.

1. Help stop the run

2. Help in coverage

3. sometimes sack the QB

4. Produce turn overs

Free Safety or FS( Eric Weddle, Earl Thomas) The FS position is very last line of defense, they should never have the opposing team player behind them.

1. Produce Turn Overs

2. Play in coverage

3. Stop the ball carrier


1.Once the receiver is past 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage the defender can not interfere with any Receivers until the ball is in the receiver hands or they can intercept the ball. If the Defender do interfere they will draw a 15 yard penalty on the defense. This also goes for the offense, once the ball in the air it fair game to who ever catch it.

2. No one can grab on to the face mask(The bar on the helmet), nor horse collar(Back of the collar) that will be a penalty.

3. No one can go pass opposing line of scrimmage until the ball is snap, this draws a penalty

4. When the defender hit the QB on purpose after the QB throw the ball is called roughing passer this cause a penalty.

Here the basic you need to know to watch, and fully understand and enjoy your next football experience. You now have the tool impress some people with your football knowledge when your watching it.

Here a position chart so you can simplify it a little bit. There should be 11 players on each side of the field.

Here a position chart so you can simplify it a little bit. There should be 11 players on each side of the field.

© 2014 Victor

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