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Football Protective Safety Equipment

or.. why's that linebacker all lumpy?

It's second down, the blood is rushing in each football player's body, and there's the snap and the rush, and BAM!! Hundreds of pounds of meaty flesh collide as offense and defense battle for dominance of 100 yards of astroturf.

So what stops these guys from severe injury?

Many pounds of padding, that's what!! That's right, these guys pad and protect most of the vital areas of their bodies. In this Hub you'll learn what football players wear when they're on the field.


What to wear

  • Football Helmet - A head covering, padded on the inside to protect the skull and face from collisions. A wide grill called a face mask protects nose and teeth from injury covers the front of the helmet.
  • Mouth Piece - This piece of protective gear is fitted to each player's mouth and is inserted prior to any entry to the field to play. The mouth piece can be attached to the face mask, or not, based on player preference.
  • Jaw Pads - Jaw padding protects the jaw on the inside of the helmet.
  • Chin Strap - This strap keeps the helmet secured to the player's head.
  • Shoulder Pads - Guarding the shoulders, collarbone, chest and back of a player, shoulder pads are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when playing football. Tackles, blocking and nearly any other contact with other players requires padding to cover the entire top half of the player's torso to prevent injury.
  • Thigh Pads - Thigh pads cover the quadriceps and are worn beneath the uniform pants of each player. The size of these pads is determined by the position being played, just like shoulder pads.
  • Hip & Tailbone Pads - Held up by a girdle, these pads cover the hip and tailbone areas of the body.
  • Knee Pads - Pads for both knees, giving the ability to absorb shock when landing or tackling.
  • Cup - Not for drinking! This protective item may be argued as the most important by the players themselves, as this hard shell-like covering slides into the jock strap to keep sensitive regions covered -- just in case!

Other gear may be required depending on the position played. Always double check with your coach to be sure you're wearing all the proper gear. NEVER go out on the field without your safety equipment in good condition and properly fitted.

Comments on December 21, 2008:

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do all nfl players have to wear a mouth piece

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon on February 17, 2008:

I thought it was all muscle.... HA!

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on February 17, 2008:

O, I knew there was a reason...

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on February 17, 2008:

Hey, steroid use makes you kinda small down there.

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on February 17, 2008:

What, no triple iron-clad jockstrap? :)

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