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Football Curse That Everyone Believes

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Curses stem from the desire to make sense by attributing random misfortune events to a magical hex. In the World of football, the term curse explains a specific team or player misfortune or inability to win a title or unexpected injuries. There exist countless superstitious beliefs in football but some of them are very strange and obvious in nature.

1:The Winner’s Curse

“Winning after winning is the hardest thing…Complacency is just around the corner.” — Sir Alex Ferguson

The “Winner’s Curse” or “Curse of Champions” refers to the Defending champions failure to retain their crown. In the previous five World Cup events, defending champions have been knocked out in the group stages on four occasions: France in 2002, Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014, with Germany becoming the latest victim of the curse in 2018. It added more mystique to the curse of the World Cup winners. Brazil was the last team that retained the trophy successfully for the next 4 years in 1962.

2:Ramsey Curse

“Ramsey Curse” is a popular phrase that has been recognized for several years now. It is believed around the football world that whenever Ramsey scores a goal, incidents of unfortunate death events of celebrities happens around the globe following that day or a few weeks or months after that. Andres Montes, Steve Jobs, Muammar Gaddafi, Whitney Houston, and Paul Walker are believed to be the victims of this curse.

3:The Curse of Touching the Cup

It is a well known superstition that touching the cup before any final is bad luck. Not only in football but this curse is extended to other sports also. Players touching the trophy before entering the pitch in a final results into respective team losing the match. In 2004, 2005, 2012 and 2018 major tournaments; the teams lost if any of their players touched the trophy despite having a healthy game and domination during the game.

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4:Racing Club’s “7 Dead Cats Curse”

Black cats are always considered as a sign of bad luck if it crosses our way. Likewise an unexpected situation occurred in Argentina in 1967, when one of the country's traditional ‘big five’ club Racing celebrated the Intercontinental Cup win. Their greatest rivals, Independiente fans, got into Racing’s stadium and buried the seven dead black cats. Racing could not repeat their success for almost a decade after this. When the drought got too long, the club performed an exorcism with 100,000 people in the audience and dug up the ground to remove the corpses. But they found only six cats and the curse was still on. However, in 2001 they found the 7th cat and within the same year won the Primera Division after 34 years.

5:Australia and World Cup Curse

Aiming to qualify for 1970 WC, Australian team captain sought help from an African Witch Doctor to beat Rhodesia (current Zimbabwe) team. He made an agreement of paying him if Australia pulled out a victory against them. The witch doctor buried bones near goalposts to curse the opposition and Australian team progressed easily by a score line of 3-1. However, the player never paid the money as promised, so the witch doctor put a hex on the team as an act of revenge. Australia lost subsequent matches and failed to qualify. They did qualify for the next World Cup but failed to hit the back of the net for even once. Australia had endured a 29 year drought without qualifying for a World Cup. In 2004, a media personality John Safran travelled to the place where the curse was placed and hired a new witch doctor to reverse it. He did this and Australia managed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup and all subsequent major tournaments.


Shehar bano on July 22, 2021:

Thank you for sharing awesome and unknown knowledge..

Nigel Koay Talks Football from Malaysia on July 21, 2021:

The Ramsey curse was no doubt a huge coincidence. But it was fun doing "memes" about it while it lasted. Great article!

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