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Five Likely Landing Spots for Darrell Wallace Jr in 2020


Darrell Wallace Jr has officially announced that he will be leaving Richard Petty Motorsports at the end of the season and while some fans are in utter disbelief that this man is getting a chance to move up in the sport, others are happy that his talent is finally starting to be recognized

With that being said and a lot of options on the table for 2021, here are five likely landing spots for Darrell Wallace Jr as his career takes that next big step. As always, let me know what you thinks in the comments below and be sure to tell us where you think Wallace Jr will land next.

#48 Ally Chevrolet Hendrick Motorsports

Let's get the elephant out of the room and talk about the possibility of Hendrick Motorsports signing one of the biggest free agents of the decade. Not only does it seem likely due to the kind of sponsors Bubba Wallace Jr is able to bring to the table, but also because of the problems that Hendrick Motorsports is having.

With that being said however, rumor has it that Hendrick Motorsports is considering downsizing for the 2021 season, which would mean that Johnson's ride would be filled by no one. If this isn't the case however and they don't have any JR Motorsports drivers waiting in the wing, Wallace Jr would be a solid pick for the role.

#42 Monster Energy Chevrolet Chip Gannasi racing

The NASCAR world was rocked to the core after Kyle Larson was caught using a racial slur during a livestream and he was eventually forced to vacate his ride. While this has put dark cloud above the sport when it comes to equality, it also pretty much destroyed the career of Kyle Larson.

Interestingly enough, Larson could end up getting a job at SHR if one of those dominoes happen to fall, which means that his old rid at CGR will be available. If nothing else, this would be a huge step up for Wallace Jr and might even finally be what puts him in championship contention.

#21 Motorcraft Wood Brothers Ford.

Some might see this as a step down for Darrell Wallace Jr, especially with Wood Brothers racing still not being an upper tier team, Matt Dibenedetto taking the ride over and making the playoffs has given them some recognition. Now, imagine what Darrell Wallace Jr could do with the ride

Of course, this might not turn him into a weekly winner or even a consistent top-5 finisher, but it would be the start of having something consistent. That's something Wallace Jr hasn't had very much of in his career and having it now could make him playoff worthy.

#14 Rush Truck Centers Ford

What if Tony Stewart doesn't end up bringing Kyle Larson back to the sport? While that seems improbable, especially after the three time Cup Series champion told NASCAR to reinstate him, but what if that doesn't happen? What if Tony Stewart can't do it because he wants a piece of NASCAR's next biggest thing?

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Believe it or not, Darrell Wallace Jr is that man and with the right sponsorship, equipment and team behind him, nothing is impossible. The team would be absolutely magic with Darrel Wallace Jr at the helm and it is a possibility they should definitely consider.

#11 Fedex Toyota Joe Gibbs Racing.

Kevin Harvick might be the current favorite to win The Monster Energy Cup Series championship for the third time in his career, but what if Denny Hamlin were to play spoiler to that? In fact, what if Denny Hamlin were to make the final four, win the final race at ISM Speedway and call it a career afterwards?

Of course it is severely unlikely that Bubba Wallace Jr will stay a free agent for long, he could end up having a championship caliber ride if he does. Again, not exactly the likeliest option due to NASCAR teams wanting to secure this free agent as quick as possible, it would be a career changing move.


Scott on September 14, 2020:

The 42 is the credit one/ McDonald’s Chevrolet do you even know what your talking about?

Lynne Hoon on September 12, 2020:

None of the above you all are making him like some super star & he's not he needs to get rid of that big head he got because of people like you he needs to just go back to Xfinity just because he pulls in sponsors who says they will stay with him. I don't care what car you put him in he's a back feeder driver!!!!!

wayne on September 12, 2020:

i think he needs to leave raceing all togeather for playing the race card when there wasnt one to be played.

Jeannette Mettert on September 11, 2020:

He doesn't to go to any of these.

Jack Kathan on September 11, 2020:

denny hamlin isnt going anywhere.. wtf are u even mentioning it

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