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How to Fish From The Shoreline

Now there are no excuses!


By Terri Mackinnon

I am continually asked the question "How am I suppose to go fishing if I don't have a boat?" my response has always been "It's funny, I have a couple boats but my favorite fishing spot is actually just off of a fairly busy road".

My husband spent years fishing a lake with his best friend from a boat. They had caught a lot of great fish and he loved going yearly for his opening weekend fishing trip.

While we were down in the area we had noticed a couple of local guys casting into a small inlet as we were driving by them to go to our boat. On our way back we decided that we would stop there and see if there were any fish there. We actually ended up catching a couple fish each. It was a lot of fun and both of us commented on how we had spent hours on the lake and caught nothing, yet we spend a half hour at the side of a road and we caught more then our share for the day.

The following year we decided to drive over to that fishing hole and see what the morning bite would be like.

Well it was opening day May 2007 and I actually had my husband video tape my morning fishing. I caught pike, bass and trout all in that spot. I had one of my most incredible fishing days to date, and I caught it on video to have the bragging rights for the season.

It does not take any more knowledge to be able to fish from shore then it does by boat. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

I also have people ask questions about the equipment needed for shore fishing versus being in the boat. You can find portable fish finder etc to take with you to the shoreline I guess if you wanted to, however I remember a friend of mine that gave me some good advice a long time ago.

She said "Remember where fish go and eat. They head to the shallows to find their food. At some point in the day those fish are going to be coming into the shorelines. Also take into consideration that you are casting out and retrieving your lure back to the shorelines which will make the other fish think its baitfish going back to there safety."

Ask yourself the question "How many times have you seen the guys in the boat casting towards the shoreline"? Think about it! That's because fish are going to be found in those areas. You are just fishing for them from a different direction and the fish don't really care.

My biggest pike was caught when I was standing on the road casting into the lake at the cottage. My biggest trout and bass were also caught within a short distance off the roadway. As far as these places having to be quiet, another debunk.... my favorite fishing hole is about 50 feet from a major road that is fairly busy and far from quiet, but now the fish are worth it so I will forgo the silence.

Remember there are so many different places that we can go fishing. Shorelines of lakes, rivers and creeks are what nature offers to us. However you will also find stocked ponds and actuaries that offer a great day out fishing for you and your family.

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Fishing requires patients, whether your fishing from a boat or shore it can be frustrating at times when the fish aren't biting. But remember it's not always about catching the fish.

It's about the experiences that you are going to have and the memories you are going to make.

Opening Day Fishing

Helpful Tip

Helpful Tip - One of my favorite places to visit is my local Tackle Store. They are a huge wealth of information. They hear what's happening on local lakes and can guide you to those areas for free. Remember they are your BEST Source and can make some of your trips to the waterways far more successful. Remember to also use this source in every area that you plan on fishing. Each store will know what colors or tackle are working and know the regulations of the area.


larrybass from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on April 21, 2008:

Good hub dude! I fish mostly from shore or shallow wading so I know where you're at with that angle. Good coverage of a much needed hub topic. Keep up the good work fellow Hubber...


rmr from Livonia, MI on April 12, 2008:

I am an avid angler, and I don't even own a boat. I hit the shoreline every chance I get, and I am rarely disappointed. I even know a few spots where I can catch walleye from shore. Thanks for covering this. Maybe my friends who own boats will stop laughing at me now.

C.S.Alexis from NW Indiana on April 12, 2008:


This info is so true. I actually like to fish from shore as much as the boat. I did all of my fishing from land for the first 30 years of my life. The largest fish I have caught have all come from the shoreline. I fish as often as possible and in warm weather that can be a daily. This hub was almost necessary from a fishing point of view. I thank you for writing it and I hope it gets a bunch of readers because I think many people do not realize the potential of bank fishing. Thanx again!

C.S. Alexis

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