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6 Things You Could Expect

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Him to be on Social Media

Lebron's accounts on social media has grown significantly over the past years. Imagine what they maybe at now. Every NBA player has accounts. Its the social media era. In the 90's, social media was not around. Now that it is, these guys take advantage of it. Lebron James is one of them that do. He is very active on social media.

On just instagram, his account grew to 25%.last year. Despite him failing massively on the court, he is the most followed. Other NBA stars are not even close. He's 31st in IG following. The biggest names in music are behind him. Additionally, he has more followers than any major sports league combined.

On all platforms, he's active. His fans think all of them followers are fans of him. Truth is, they are not. They're just following him to see what he will do. Hes always tweeting. Surely at this point, it may not be him. He is large enough to pay someone to do it for him. He set the standard. long time ago. Before social media was around he had that unhealthy crave for attention.


Him to Pad His Stats

Lebron was drafted by one of the worst teams in NBA history. At 18, his dominance was noticed but, it was not enough. Wasn't enough to turn them around immediately. Lebron did not take the cavs to the playoffs his first few seasons but, he made sure he got the numbers.

Not only was it evident he would be great. It was evident that what he plays for is stats. He did want to win but, he got comfortable settling for the numbers. Many greats that played are known for winning. After lebron won his first two MVP's, cavs were not led to the finals. The picture was clear.

If Lebron is on your team be assured he will get his stats. This current year is his 19th. Not only does he play for his own, he looks at those of his teammates. He's not the coach but he does. Former players have displayed their displeasure when the Lakers star was viewing them while on the bench.

Him To Quit

It was 2006. Lebron and cavs were playing the Atlanta Hawks. The game was very competitive but, the cavs loss it in overtime. The final score was 104-95. Lebron missed a three-pointer and walked off the floor. It wasn't a big deal at the time but, it is now. That walk to the sidelines is crucial to his legacy. Not only does he walk off early, he quits on the team.

The years Lebron won his first two MVP's he proved this to be true. Cavs led the season both years he won them. In the playoffs, he just quit. When heat made the NBA finals during the 2010-2011 season, former teammate Eddie House said that he quit in Dallas.

Lebron has quit on his hometown cavs many times. He went to miami, played better but did the same. Now, he is in L.A. The lakers star is still confirming what many already know. During game three of lakers vs heat finals in orlando, he walked off early. He was seen not in the huddle with the team and more. Lebron has been a quitter most of his career.

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Him To Be the GM

GM stands for general manager. Lebron goes to teams and makes changes. He made cavs bring in the help in the 2008-2010 seasons. Both seasons ended with failure. So saying he never had help is not true. On the cavs, he got everything that he wanted. He just could not get it done.

He went to miami, chose who he wanted, and ended up in four finals with them. Sadly, they only won two but he had everything he wanted. You do not get to the NBA finals without any help. Lebron has been to ten finals. Great player indeed but, that is very disgraceful.

Now he's on the lowly L.A lakers. The lakers currently are below .500 in standings. It is just a few games but, the offseason prior did not predict this. Lakernation expected greatness with current and past stars. Top teams from last years western playoffs are even better this season. Many analysts have said that lakers struggles are because of Lebron James.

Him To Lose Big Games

Along with finals appearances, he won 4 mvps. He won only 4 titles. Lebron doesn't win big games. He freezes up. When his teams do win, he's given the credit. By now, it's evident that it's not him.

At this point, people bet the opponents win big games vs Lebron. Lebron is in year 19. A few anticipated game opener he has failed. On christmas Vs a durant less nets he failed. that's a shocker to many since it rarely happens to him.

Age maybe a factor but many doubt it. Especially since he loss more than he won. He also was swept twice in the finals. Both finals ended on his home floor. Lebron is really just the show up kid to these big games.


Him To Snitch

The Indiana pacers were once one of the best teams in the east. Big named players include Reggie Miller, Rick Smits, and Jalen Rose. Pacers drafted two of the teammates on the L.A clippers right now. Currently, the pacers are one of the worst teams in the east. On a November night in 2021, they hosted Lebron James and his laker team.

Lebron was already ejected in Detroit. The lakers made this game interesting. They took the pacers into overtime. James spoke to a referee about an on the court incident. His gesture was not towards the game itself but towards two fans. The fans were sitting courtside.

Lebron pointed at the fans. In the midst, he walked over to the fans. He had security escort them out. It's obvious there was enough because lakers won the game. Evidently, it fueled Lebron and his lakers. A similar incident happened to his teammate Carmelo Anthony in Philly. They too were ejected but lakers loss the game. Lebron is not only a whiner, he's contagious.

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