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Field of Dreams Game Put Most Fans To Sleep

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Chicago Outfielder Was One of the Few Who Was Enthused About the Field of Dreams Game


Usually the line goes something like, “I have good news and I have bad news." Unfortunately, in this case both items bring bad news, in spite of baseball's best efforts to spin it.

Hall of Famer Frank Thomas announced on behalf of Major League Baseball that there would be a Field of Dreams game in 2023, due to construction scheduled for the ball park. The legendary White Sox slugger is currently supervises facilities planning for the sport, primarily at the youth and amateur levels.

“Thomas is referring to plans at the site to put in youth baseball and softball complexes,” according to a column. “Construction is slated to begin this year, which means it'll be ongoing next season and MLB apparently doesn't want to deal with having a game while that is happening.”

That announcement would constitute the bad news and, under ordinary circumstances would be followed by the good news. Only in this case, it is followed by more bad news, for there was still going to be a Field of Dreams game this year.

It was bad news for several reasons, the first of which is the fact that it will be nowhere as exciting as last year's game. Its 2021 version was a first, which was made even more exciting because both the White Sox and the Yankees were in the heat of a pennant race.

Not only has the novelty worn off, but this year's Corn Belt Bowl hosts two of the worst teams in baseball. The Chicago Cubs started the game in fourth place in the National League Central, ahead of only the cellar dwelling Cincinnati Reds.

Cubs outfielder Ian Happ made the mistake of asking his social media followers a question he might now regret, based on the responses he received. He can be forgiven for his enthusiasm, having played his college ball at the University of Cincinnati.

“Who's excited about the Field of Dreams game?” Happ posted on his social media site, Ihapp-1.

As anyone without Happ's ties to both cities might have predicted, the responses he received were not very kind.

A poster named Jesse replied “No one,” which pretty much summarizes most of the responses Happ received.

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Ccam got a little more specific about the indifference, saying “A combined 40+ games below .500. No one is excited for that.”

From Reminimalist we readers got, “I'd rather watch paint dry than two mediocre teams play in a cornfield.”

“I'd rather watch a Ravens preseason game than Reds-Cubs.,” explained Burn Cormick.

Coggs returned Happ's query with a question of his own, asking “You mean the Tank Bowl?”

Someone with the social media tag widower, after reading Happ's post asking who was enthused about the Field of Dreams game, replied “Nobody really. Two poverty organizations playing.”

Twphilli did not exactly concur with the previous remark, believing that there was indeed someone enthisiastic about the game. “A bunch of ghosts,” posted whoever identifies as Twphilli.

Were those spectres actually spectators at that game in Dyersville, they would have seen a typical version of modern -day baseball. It was a 4-2 game of very little offense, but which somehow dragged on for three and a half hours.

There were, like nearly every game in 2020's baseball, many more strikeouts (26) than hits (17). Half of the innings were recorded by relief pitchers, four for the Reds and three for the Cubs.

Thankfully, and a rarity in today's version of the American Pastime, no home runs were hit. Fans can still relish in the memories of the highlight of last year's game, when Tim Anderson hit a walk-off home run that disappeared over the fence into the corn field.

Maybe the first piece of news, the announcement about the absence of the Field of Dreams game for next year, was actually the good news. Nothing could be better than knowing fans can watch corn growing, instead of a two last place teams taking turns striking each other out.

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