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FPL Game week 27 - Top 4 picks


Author is a football lover and is playing the FPL game since the last 4 years


Another gameweek starts tomorrow afternoon mere hours after the last one concluded. Last week's double match week didn't really went as expected as most of the highly owned players blanked in one or both of their games. This week, two teams again will be playing twice... one is the struggling Southampton and the other is Manchester City where we don't really know what players is Pep Guardiola going to pick this time around. As the UEFA European competitions resume next week , let us review what picks you can make for your FPL team :-

1) Defender - Aaron Cresswell

One of the top scoring defenders of this season who apart from his defensive duties, is a constant threat going forward cumulating 9 FPL assists till now. With West Ham United doing well and have a game in the dry week which is coming up in 2 weeks from now , the full back costing 5.8M is a great option to get in and keep in the squad. West Ham play Leeds United this week who have been inconsistent and vulnerable defensively so expecting him to add a 10th goal scoring return wouldn't be off the charts.


2) Midfielder - Bukayo Saka

One of the most impressive players of the Gunners has been their teenage sensation Bukayo Saka. After playing a catalyst role in their progress from no 15th in the table to making it in the first half of it, his match winning performance in the Europa League tie against Beneficia caught everyone's eyes. The midfielder , priced at a mere 5.4M , was rested in his team's last game against Leicester so you can expect him to be fresh and all charged up to go this week against a team that has been a constant in the lower half of the table ; Burnley. If Saka 's impressive run continues he can fetch some very good points for his FPL managers.


3) Midfielder - Kevin de Bruyne

Out of all the Manchester City players, the star midfielder Kevin de Bruyne is the likeliest to be in the starting eleven in both of Manchester city games this week. The star Belgian midfielder came back from an injury two weeks ago and showed glimpses of his old form last week. Against Manchester United, who likely will be playing a deep block, he can be his team's most important player to carve spaces out and find the players inside the box. Priced at 11.8M , the Belgian is a good choice to get this week provided your budget and team balance doesn't gets disrupted.


4) Forward - Gabriel Jesus

Ok hear this out... The Man city forward may not start in both of his games this week, but can still be fruitful to get major points during what ever game time he gets. The Brazilian scored a brace in his last outing against wolves but truth be told, he could've ended up with a hat trick or even 4 goals had some luck went with him. Priced at 9.2M his double game week includes matches against Manchester United and Southampton , the former plays defensively against big teams but the later hasn't stop conceding since getting that 0-9 drubbing. Considering how good City have been going forward , attacking returns for Jesus again this week are well expected.


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