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Exploring The Best Brands In Equestrian Riding Apparel


Looking your best in the show ring can make the difference between winning and losing. Not only does well made equestrian riding apparel help you to look your best, but it is designed to ensure that you will ride your best. When shopping online for equestrian clothing, it is a good idea to stick with well-known brands that you know you can depend upon for high quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Buying products sight unseen can be risky unless you shop exclusively with reputable brands such as Equine Couture, The Tailored Sportsman, and others who have established themselves as leading equestrian clothing merchants.

Top to bottom details of your equestrian clothing make all the difference in your presentation and performance. Instead of looking for mark-downs and seconds, your equestrian clothing should be of the highest caliber to ensure both your safety and your solid performance. Additional brand names such as Tuffrider and Goode Rider allow you to shop online with confidence knowing that your purchases will fit properly and be well made, saving you time and money in the long run.


Riding Helmets: Heads Up For Quality!

Your helmet is a critical piece of riding equipment. All shows and events require that you wear an ASTM approved helmet, which has the correct amount of padding and a securable chin strap. Common sense dictates that a helmet is a standard piece of equestrian apparel. There are many types of riding headgear to consider, depending upon your riding specialty.

LAS and International Helmet both make high quality riding helmets, dressage riding caps, helmet covers and dressage top hats. Generally, your show helmet should be black or charcoal-hues and it should be clean and well-brushed just prior to entering the ring in order to make the best impression possible.

Riding Shirts And Riding Jackets: Shoulders Back In Only The Best Of Equestrian Riding Apparel!

T-shirts and pullovers may be fine for hacking around the barn, but serious training requires a professional attitude that is strengthened by dressing the part even when simply practicing. By wearing a clean, Equine Couture ratcatcher to a lesson, you are far more likely to carry yourself better than if you were dressed more haphazardly. Ratty clothing can also be a safety risk. Baggy clothing can catch and cause a fall, while professionally designed equestrian clothing facilitates safe and productive riding.

The variety of riding shirts available from places such as Goode Rider, Equine Couture, The Tailored Sportsman and Tuffrider make dressing well, even around the barn, a simple matter of thinking about it ahead of time and donning even a casual riding jacket will subconsciously cause you to assume a better body position. You can feel comfortable and ride well with a CoolMax inner shirt on hot days or with a hooded sweatshirt on cold days without sacrificing freedom of movement or a classy look that will carry over into your riding. When it comes time for the show ring, don't scrimp on quality or style…it will cost you points.


Riding Pants, Breeches & Jodhpurs: Build A Balanced Seat

You can't have an independent seat if you can't feel your horse or if your pants are too tight to allow the necessary freedom. Properly fitting and designed jodhpurs, breeches and riding pants should be a fundamental item of your equestrian riding apparel inventory. Brands such as Goode Rider, Tuffrider, The Tailored Sportsmanand Equine Couture all provide equestrian clothing buyers a wide selection of well made riding breeches for show and training.

Your riding breeches must allow you to bend comfortably at the waist while maintaining contact with the horse. There are many materials to choose from, including the latest in green-attire with Tuffrider's full seat breeches jodhpurs made from organically grown bamboo. Your jodhpurs are available in pull-on, low-rise, front zip and side-zip features. Regardless of the style you select, they will all provide you with the comfort, contact and quality you require from your equestrian clothing. Chaps are another highly useful piece of equestrian clothing. Tuffrider and Thornhill can provide you with long-lasting and well designed chaps and half-chaps that will protect your legs and improve your grip.


Paddock Boots And Dress Boots: Heels Down In Your Tuffriders!

We've all heard it a thousand times but no one can deny the importance of foot and heel position while riding. At the same time, you can have the best foot position in the world and it won't do you any good if you are wearing sneakers or ill-fitting shoes. Properly fitting and well made paddock boots and field boots not only look stylish, but they also protect your feet on the ground from accidental, and some not so accidental, toe-crushing incidents.

Tuffrider equestrian footwear is available in every style, size and price range. Whether you are looking to add to your standard equestrian clothing inventory with a new pair of rubber boots or if you are building an elegant collection of equestrian riding apparel for the show circuit with a new pair of black tall boots, shopping online for Tuffrider is guaranteed to get you what you want and need to be the best rider possible. And don't forget the socks! Clean, dry socks can make you feel like a million bucks, even after grueling hours of summer time training. Tuffrider and Equine Couture can provide you with plenty of fun and functional styles, including Argyle socks, boot socks, dressage socks, jumpers' socks, Polo socks, cotton socks, microfiber socks and even tech socks!

Special Equestrian Clothing Touches That Result In Ribbons And Better Riding

You can significantly improve your riding with the addition of just a few special items that will all contribute to your ability to communicate with and control your horse, maintain your seat and look good in the process. Your equestrian clothing collection really isn't complete without gloves. Not only will your hands stay clean, but you will greatly reduce the likelihood of injury. Anyone who has worked with horses recalls all too easily the sensation of a lead line being jerked out of our hands and the resulting burning sensation that simply wouldn't go away. It’s just too easy to prevent these kinds of injuries with a well fitting pair of leather gloves.

Tuffrider, The Tailored Sportsman, and Thornhill are well known and highly respected sources for a variety of gloves. You can find kidskin gloves, winter gloves, show gloves, crocheted gloves and even grip gloves. These are essential tools for those involved with horses and can be found in a variety of styles and sizes. Where most glove manufacturers neglect the smaller size of most women's hands, these manufacturers understand their customers' needs and design their products accordingly.

Other accessories to your equestrian clothing should include belts, tote bags, purses, jodhpur elastic straps, change purses and ear muffs by Tuffrider and Equine Couture. Each of these items are well made and will let the world know that you are a rider to be taken seriously, in and out of the ring. While you are riding, be sure to equip yourself with a crop or bat that fits comfortably in your hand. Be sure to stock up on items that tend to wear out, break or get lost, such as hoof picks. No one wants to borrow, but imagine scheduling your day to ride, grooming and lunging your horse only to find that your girth or one of your reins has broken. It's just too easy to order a couple of extras, just in case.

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The Online Equestrian Clothing Shopping Experience

Online shopping is the only way to go these days and with reliable brands such as Equine Couture, Tuffrider, The Tailored Sportsman and Goode Rider, there is simply no reason to waste your time, gas and patience wrestling with traffic, parking and salespeople motivated by their commission to sell you products you neither want nor need. From the convenience and comfort of your home (or favorite Internet café), you can shop at your leisure for whatever items you may be looking for.

Insist on only the best name brands in equestrian clothing to ensure that your purchases will be good investments that will provide you with the comfort and contact you need to improve your riding skills each time you mount up. Reputable online equestrian riding apparel sites, such as The Equestrian Corner, will provide you with detailed sizing and product materials information. They should also offer conveniences such as rush delivery and easy exchange policies.

Your equestrian apparel can make all the difference in both how you look and how well you ride. Good contact, ease of motion, and a trim, elegant look will aid you in making regular improvements to your riding abilities. Avoid the temptation to "save money" with poorly made products that can be ineffective, ill-fitting and unattractive. If you can afford to ride, then you can certainly afford to dress yourself in the appropriate equestrian riding apparel. Treat yourself to a pair of well-designed jodhpurs and top it off with an elegantly cut riding shirt. Without even thinking about it, your posture, your performance and your outlook will improve.


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Tara G. on August 11, 2009:

Thanks for the informative HUB. My daughter is just getting into riding and all of this is new to me! I feel like I know a little bit more now about some of our choices. She looks so cute in her riding apparel -- I can't wait to buy more!

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