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Pros and Cons of the Expedition Parka by Canada Goose

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Expedition Parka Price

$596.21 - $920.99 (Beware extreme low prices, might be fakes from China. Unless they are used.)

Introducing the world famous Expedition Parka

The Expedition Parka is one of the most popular jackets by Canada Goose, made for the extremely cold (lower than -30°) with low output activity, which means no hiking, climbing mountains or walking around cities.

Best Used…

This jacket is best used outdoors in extremely cold temperatures where you won’t be moving much.

Tan Expedition Parka

Extremely hard to find - tan Expedition Parka

Extremely hard to find - tan Expedition Parka

Like These Ones...

  • Outdoor photography
  • Snowmobile
  • Dog Sledding
  • Standing Still working
  • Fishing

Activities that go perfectly with the Expedition Parka

Anything that requires little action or movement in a really cold area.

The city? It may not be the best place to use one. There are other options by Canada Goose that are more proper for extremly cold cities.

Low Output Activities in Extreme Cold Weather

Originally this parka was designed for workers and scientist in the Arctic regions

Originally this parka was designed for workers and scientist in the Arctic regions

Warmth and Comfort

The right temperature for the Expedition Parka would be around -30° and -40°, anything below this might get too warm, especially inside a house. If it is named “expedition” it implies you are supposed to wear it outside, on strong winds and snow that threaten your life.

Standing still in the above mentioned temperature, like the winter of early 2014, will make you feel at home with your feet by the fireplace.

Not sure is this parka is best for you? If you still need something for very cold weather Canada Goose has an entire list of Arctic jackets and parkas, each with its own special features.

Expedition Parka Video Review

Cool features

  • The Expedition Parka comes with two side accessible hand warmer pockets closed by a zipper and four front pockets.
  • The breast pockets are divided into two compartments, with one being wider and fleeced lined.
  • Inside the parka you will find two more pockets with zippers.
  • The cuffs are recessed making a perfect fit with mittens and globes.
  • Two small pockets are featured above the shoulders, enough to fit a pen or small device like an ipod.
  • You can find a snow skirt inside the parka which folds on into itself whenever not used.

Inside the Expedition Parka

Check the inner pockets

Check the inner pockets

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Pros of the Expedition Parka

  • Durable exterior
  • Windproof proven
  • High quality duck down
  • The hood works just perfectly to protect your face
  • Waist cord to slim the fluffy look
  • Wrist cuff can be extended if you forget the gloves
  • A soft fleece piece covers your chin and mouth when the jacket is zipped all the way
  • The warm pockets keep everything in place
  • A storm breaker protects the middle zipper and keeps snow from blowing inside the jacket
  • Adjustment strap at the back of hood

Fitting an Expedition Parka

Cons of the Expedition Parka

  • For some strange reason Canada Goose likes to design left handed zippers on most of its jackets. This is not the first jacket from the company to have one, and it is hard to get used to.
  • Non removable hood.
  • Non removable fur ruff. Not always needed.
  • Bulky. Just pick 2 sizes less if this is a major issue for you.
  • Too warm for city use. Buy it only for outdoors or extremely cold cities.
  • The fur ruff is made from real Coyote fur, it is a company quality requirement. Thought you might want to know.

Red Expedition Parka for Women

The women version is more slim fit

The women version is more slim fit

How to Clean the Expedition Parka?

Try not to clean the parka to often since it is probably winter and drying it can take some time. For the best, try to dry clean it.

If you definitely need to wash it, then do it by hand and gentle soap. Don´t expect to be using it for a few days while it dries up.

There is a dry cleaning technique that involves tennis balls, check it out:

Learn How To Clean and Wash the Expedition Parka at Home

For your Knowledge

The big fluffy Canada Goose Parka´s are the:

  • Expedition Parka
  • The Resolute Parka
  • Snow Mantra

How to Select the Right Size and Fit of the Expedition?

Parka´s are really big jackets in order to allow some extra layers in there. The general rule would be to size down.

The average person would go for the small sizes, something between Extra Small for someone 5´5 and 150 lbs, and Small for someone 6´1 and 180 lbs. A regular L would wear an M perfectly.

Selecting between the small or the extra small also depends if you like it bulky or not.

Under 6'0 -> 2XS
from 6'0 ~ 6'1 (165 ~ 175) -> XS
from 6'1 ~ 6'2 (175 ~ 185) -> S
from 6'2 ~ 6'3 (185 ~ 195) -> M
Giant -> L

Up to 2XL in size

A suggestion for big heavy people:

If you prefer parkas with some extra space inside and hate it when it is tight and pinchy inside, then consider buying your regular size. You will end up looking like an astronaut, but it is either comfort or looking good.

You got to remember this jacket is supposed to be big and bulky, so it will feel heavy.

Expedition Parka Colors and Styles

The Expedition Parka is one of the most sought after winter jackets for extreme cold cities. The hardest one to get is the Tan color one, and Red is second favorite. The most common color to find is the Black.

Expedition Parka White Color

White is another great option

White is another great option

Best Jacket for outdoors with low output

What is the best alternative for the Expedition Parka?

The Resolute Parka is like an upgrade of the Expedition. It is very similar in design but with some extra features like:

  • Longer body
  • Removable Fur Ruff
  • More pockets
  • D rings to the exterior to attach mittens
  • Grab straps on the shoulders for rescue (if you fall under heavy snow)

The price will be $100 dollars more.

So it is either an industrial look with the Resolute or an urban style with the Expedition.

Resolute Parka

An alternative to the Expedition Parka

An alternative to the Expedition Parka

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David Trujillo Uribe (author) from Medellin, Colombia on November 21, 2016:

You seem to be the pro on parkas, so its great to have your insight.

You won´t have that problem here in Colombia, it is rainy season right now, that is as much winter we have. What city will you be living?

roland on November 20, 2016:

Hello David

I find it odd with your topics to include your appreciation to a fine Canadian product, Canada Goose and yes it is a world beater, I should know I have lived in the NWT of Canada most of my life.

We that live in the polar regions have a preference for fine feathers and my choice is Woods Expedition, Although they don't make theses parkas anymore is a mystery to me.

Woods Parkas kept you from freezing to death before the Goose came on the market .

On any winter day or night witch it is more so in the Bushplane operations a plane would break down somewhere in no mans land and away I go sometimes jumping into a frozen rescue plane at -40 c the same as- 40 f to all you ualls that don't know metric

Woods parka, Canada Goose snow pants and Acton Chimo boots I am looking like the the Michelin Man and 25 lbs heavier

In a Twin Otter or any small twin It is hard to move with all this gear on when it is zipped up and this is the precisely why i am glad to have the Woods Parka, it has zippers on the side that go half way to the torso and the Goose bib snow pants zip up to your waste and from the chest to the crotch, these features are pretty handy they keep you from sweating to death when the aircraft cabin starts to warm up, you can't stand up to shed your feathers.

Well its been awhile since I have shed my feathers and Its time to get out of the freezer I will be working in Colombia won't be thinking too much about that Arctic stuff hopefully for a long time and bye the way David, great article on Colombian Women I can't wait to meet the Paisas

David Trujillo Uribe (author) from Medellin, Colombia on December 29, 2014:

That´s correct Seef. The fakes might offer some resistance but not like the real deal. There are cheaper brands which still do the job right if you can´t afford a Canada Goose.

Seef on December 29, 2014:

Canada Goose coats are expensive, but they are exelemtry well made by people who are paid with at the very least a Canadian federal government imposed minimum salary if not higher which is way above what the Chinese workers earn. It's because we are cheap arses that there is almost no more manufacturing jobs in Canada. If you can't afford it, then don't buy it. What's the point owning fakes? To look fashionable? Please, that's shallow and lame. If I buy, it's because of its quality.