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Everything You Want To Know About the Most Trending Disc Golf Basket

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PC:Joshua Choate

PC:Joshua Choate

Gaining popularity as a game for people of all ages, disc golf is all about landing disc golf discs into a disc golf basket’s hole that’s placed at a certain distance. The game is played according to the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) rules & regulations. In addition, these rules are the perfect solution for individuals to align disc golf basket positioning to get better learning of the game with consideration of disc golf courses. Not to deny that today there are over 3000 to 4000 disc golf courses that can help you play the game in a professional manner.

With regular playing of the disc golf game as per PDGA rules, you can be in the driver’s seat to raise the bar of your physical, social, and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, since the game is played in outdoor areas, it’s always the best chance for people to get closer to learning new skills and work on IQ level.

When you decide to play disc golf according to the rules, you’ll want to match that with the best of disc golf accessories like disc golf discs and a disc golf basket. It’s great if you can get an expert’s consultation before you buy if you are new to the game. Many disc golf game experts suggest that individuals be specific with the selection of the disc golf basket variant and type.

When it comes to disc golf enthusiasts making a selection of disc golf baskets online, they must check on three main parts: the main basket, the pole, and the chainsets. All these three parts of disc golf baskets have to be specific as per official rules. It might start out confusing as there are so many varieties and so many manufacturers who are active in selling disc golf baskets.

In this context, let’s look at the most common questions on disc golf baskets that you may have.

PC: Andreas Thöne

PC: Andreas Thöne

Q. 1 What is Disc Golf Basket History?

Disc golf was first invented in 1900, but the game got its actual recognition in 1976. A Disc golf basket like the Mach 1 Disc Pole Hole disc golf basket was invented by Ed Headrick, who is considered the Father of Disc Golf. Ed Headrick made sure of getting the patent for the Disc golf pole hole in the USA.

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He was the first formal disc golf basket to incorporate chains and a basket on a pole. Although the earlier designs of the disc golf baskets were not that advanced, slowly and steadily, they gained popularity. Today, an individual has the options of a basic level disc golf basket, a standard level disc golf basket, and a championship-level disc golf basket.

Q. 2 What is the Height of a Disc Golf Basket?

As per the PDGA governing body, a disc golf basket should stand at 52 inches. The distance from the ground towards the lower basket is 25.7 inches. When we are talking about disc golf tournaments and event play, rules may change depending on the preference of the disc golf organizers.

Q.3 Who Invented the Disc Golf Basket?

The disc golf basket was invented by “Steady Ed Headrick and his son Ken Ed Headrick. They were responsible for developing the most modern catching disc golf basket to which they named Mach 1. Their most successful discovery for them was getting a patent for the Disc Pole Hole that was recalled as “Flying Disc Entrapment Device.” They called this discovery a catching device that comes with proper chain distribution that held vertical hanging rows of chains out and far from a central disc golf pole. The vertical rows of chainsets combine at the middle of the pole, creating a parabolic space in which discs thrown by players can land accordingly.

Q.4 How Much Do Disc Golf Baskets Cost

The disc golf baskets that are available in the most popular types of both portable and permanent disc golf baskets cost between $150-$400. The price of the disc golf basket depends on the brand, features, and PDGA category type like basic level, standard level, and championship level.

Q.5 Where to Buy Disc Golf Baskets

If you have to ask me for a disc golf basket selection from a reputable web store, I can suggest Disc Store that’s based in Omaha! The finest part of this expert-recommended website is that you can get the most trending disc golf discs and disc golf baskets at guaranteed best prices.

Now you are well aware of the important questions that you must ask before seeking the most trending disc golf basket. Of course, it’s always best to select the most trending disc golf baskets suggested on the list of PDGA websites, as you can be sure of a quality selection.

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