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Drinking Games 101: How to Play Several Drinking and Party Games


We have all at one point or another enjoyed an alcoholic beverage. Here are a few games to aide in the consumption of such beverages. Some of the games I have found to have several sets of rules so if you know a different version or name for a game write it in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Drink While You Think

Materials- You just need a group of people and some drinks, at least 3 people but the more the better for this game.

Some of you may be familiar with a version of this game as a non-drinking game, but it is an easy game to play while drinking and requires you to have nothing but some friends to play with. To play the game you need to decide who goes first. This can be arbitrary and has no effect on the game, you just need someone to start. One you have chosen someone to start that person says the name of a famous person or character. The person on their left then names a person or character using the first letter of the last word in the name used by the person before them. Sounds confusing but here's an example..... Person 1: Brad Pitt, Person 2: Pamela Anderson, Person 3: Aunt Jemima..... and so on.

That's the basic game there. No the drinking, as suggested by the name of the game, occurs while you think of the next name. So after person 1 said Bra Pitt person two immediately starts drinking until they came up with Pamela Anderson, at which point person 3 started to drink.

Play continues clockwise but there are a few rules you can add in to make it a little more challenging. For example, I like to play with a rule where names in which both/all words start with the same letter (Porky Pig for example) the play is reversed. So when player 1 says Brad Pitt player 2 answers Porky Pig, and play is returned to player 1 and will continue counterclockwise until another double letter comes up.

Another rule I like to add in is that any name longer than 2 words (Haley Joel Osment for example) the play skips as many people as extra words. So 3 word names skip 1 person, 4 word names skip 2 people. Play continues in whatever direction it was already going.

The last rule I like to add in from time to time occurs when a player says a name with only one word like Cher for example. When a play is able to use a one word name that player chooses who the goes next from anyone else playing the game. The person does not have to be sitting beside them, but play will continue in the same direction it was going.

This is an extremely easy game to play, it requires almost nothing to play other than a basic knowledge or famous actors/athletes/authors/presidents....... as long as they can back up the name they use its up to the discretion of the group on whether or not the name counts.


F**k the Dealer

Materials- Deck of cards, at least 4 players and no more than 8

This is another really simple game to play. The basic idea is to F the dealer. How do you do that you may ask? Well first you need to pick who the first dealer is going to be. It doesn't matter who, you just need someone to go first. The dealer then looks at the top card without showing anyone else. The dealer then asks the person on their left to guess what the card is. The person guesses and depending what the card the dealer has the guess will either be higher, lower, or right on. If higher or lower the dealer tells the player and the player makes one more guess. After the second guess the player is either right or wrong. If wrong the player drinks the difference between their second guess and the card.

For example, the dealer looks and the top card is a 3, the player's first guess is an 8, the dealer says lower because his card is lower, the player then guesses 5, since the player is 2 cards away (5-3=2) he would take two drinks.

The dealer continues to do this going clockwise around the group. Once 3 players get it wrong in a row the dealer then passes the deck on to ANY other player in the game. Play then starts where the previous dealer left off. As the game goes each card that the dealer looks at is place in the middle of the group face up and in order from lowest to highest (A to K, aces are low) so that all the players can see what cards have been picked. As the game continues certain card choices get eliminated making it harder and harder for the dealer to pass the deck (you are now Fing the dealer).

The last part of the game is determining dealer drinks, this is where the dealer really gets it at the end of the game. If the player guesses the card right on the first guess the dealer drinks 5, if the player gets it right the second time the dealer drinks 3. So as the game goes, and its easier for the player to figure out, the dealers chance of keeping the cards and having to drink goes up and up until the cards are gone.

Once the deck is done, shuffle and restart the game. The last dealer from the previous game cannot start the next game. When the dealer has the chance to pass the deck you can pass it to anyone you want, including the person that passed it to you. So have fun with it!


3 Man

Materials- Dice (2), at least 4 people but as many as you want can play

The rules for this game are simple. You must first determine which unfortunate soul starts as the 3 Man. To do this everyone takes a turn rolling the dice, the first person to roll a 3, or to have the dice total 3, becomes the 3 Man and play starts to his/her left. Play continues clockwise with each player taking a turn at rolling the dice.

As you play the various number combinations on the dice will determine who drinks. I have played a few variations on these rules so they are by no means set in stone. Here are the rules I am used to playing with.

Any combination adding up to 7 the player on the left of the roller drinks. (3,4- 2,5)

Any combination adding up to 11 the player on the right of the roller drinks (5,6)

Any combination adding up to 9 everyone drinks a.k.a. Social (4,5- 6,3)

Double, give both dice to one person or split the dice up between 2 people. They then roll the dice and have to drink whatever their roll is. If double 3's come up the 3 Man has to drink twice.

Rolling a 1 and 4, the last person to put their thumb on the table drinks

Rolling a 1 and a 5, the last person to put their finger on their nose drinks

Rolling a 1 and a 2, you become the 3 man. If you are already the 3 man you assign someone else to be the 3 man.

These are the basic rules to the game that everyone plays by. There are two special rules in this game though. Now I'm sure you've been wondering what exactly the 3 Man is. The 3 Man has to take a drink any time a 3 is rolled on either dice, and I mean any time there is a 3 he/she has to drink. To stop being the 3 Man they need to roll any combination with a 3 in it or someone has to roll a 2 and a 1 as stated above. Once one of these situations occurs the 3 Man can then make anyone else the 3 Man and you can be 3 Man more than once in a game.


Beeramid (Pyramid, Bullshit)

Materials- Deck of cards, at least 4 players, no more than 8 players.

To play this game you must first deal out 4 or 5 cards to each player, face down. The dealer then places the rest of the deck face down in the shape of a pyramid. The bottom row should have 5 cards, the next 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. ~~~~~~if you have a larger number of people playing give out 4 cards, if you have a smaller group gives out 5 to each player)~~~~~~ Its important to make sure you have enough cards to make a proper pyramid.

Each player (including the dealer) now look at their cards without showing anyone else. You must memorize your cards number or letter (suite doesn't matter) and place them back face down in front of you. Make sure you do not forget your cards!

The deal now goes through the pyramid flipping up the cards starting in the bottom left corner of the pyramid. As the deal flips the card each player that has a matching card can now assign a drink to another player (make sure you don't flip your card up). The number of drinks given to a player is determined by the row that the card is in. So if a card in the first row is flipped the player takes 1 drink, if the card is in the 4th row he/she takes 4.

Now here is the fun part of the game. You can lie! The point of the game is to try to deceive the other players into drinking more, while making sure you don't also get tricked. If you suspect a player is lying you can call "bullshit" on them, they then have to flip up the card the have that is matching and show the group. If the player doesn't have the card or flips up the wrong on they now drink double. But if the player does flip up the card the person calling Bullshit now has to drink double.

For example, a king flips up on the 3rd row, Player A assigns player B a drink (3 in total because its the third row) player B then calls bullshit on player A. Player A does not have a king so they now have to drink twice (2x3=6) and player B doesn't drink. If player A does have the king they would flip the card and show everyone, forcing player B to drink.

There are two variations that I sometimes use when playing this game. The first rule is the kill card. If you have any cards left over after dealing them out to the players and building your pyramid you have to option of placing an extra card above the top pyramid card. When this card is flipped anyone that has it (or wants to bullshit) assigns someone to drink the entire rest of their drink, they have to "kill" their drink.

The other rule happens after you've been through the pyramid. Before you finish the game each player takes a turn (starting with the dealer) and has to say what cards they have in order and then flip them, for every wrong card they have to drink.

As the night goes this game gets harder and harder to play because its harder to remember your cards, so I would suggest starting the night off with this game.


Materials- Deck of cards, you have to have 4 players only

I have no idea why they call this game hockey, and I'm sure it has plenty of other names. That being said, this is a very fun game to play when you have a smaller group of people. You absolutely must have 4 people to play this, it wont work with any more or any less people. The first thing you must do is determine teams of two. When you sit at the table you want to sit in a circle with your teammate opposite of you like in Euchre. Then you flip one card from the top of the deck for each player, the lowest number starts as the dealer. The dealer then deals the entire deck out to each player. Whoever has the 3 of clubs goes first and play continues clockwise. The object of the game is to match the card of the player on your right (the one who plays before you) in order to "score a goal". Once you have scored the player to the left of you starts play with any card they wont. The point is to play cards that the player on your left can't match while playing the matching card of the player on your left. Sound confusing? I'll give you an example: there are two teams, 1A and 1B against 2A and 2B. They sit around the table alternating so that clockwise they go 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B.

Player 1A plays the 3 of clubs

Player 2A players a 3 to score a goal and puts the cards beside him/her

Player 1B plays a queen

Player 2B plays a 10

Player 1A plays a 10 to score a goal, the game is now tied 1-1.

Player 2A plays a 7

Player 1B plays a 9

Player 2B plays a king

Player 1A plays a 4

Player 2A plays a 4 to score a goal making the score 2-1


Play continues like this until the deck is done. Once the deck is done the cards are shuffled and re dealt to each player. The second period begins. And like real hockey, the game lasts a total of 3 periods long. The score accumulates throughout the game and the losing team has to chug whatever is left of their drink.

As the game is played each time a goal is score the team being scored against has to drink until the player on their left says stop. This is the fun part because you can make them drink as much or as little as you want. I prefer to make them just have a regular sip myself so that I can play more of the game, but its fun to make them drink a long one every once in awhile.



Materials- deck of cards, biggest cup/mug/stein you can find (called the King Cup), at least 5 people, no more than 12 people

This is the one game where the rules can be made up differently before each game. In kings the traditional way to play the game is by shuffling the deck and spreading the cards out face down on the table. Place the large drinking instrument in the middle of the cards making sure its not on top of any of the cards. Start with any player you want, that player draws a card and follows the rule associated with that card. The play continues around the table with each player doing the same, drawing a card and following the rule.

The best method of making the rules for this game is to get a piece of paper to write the rules on and keep close at hand so everyone can see. Here is the list my friends and I made last time we played. As I stated earlier, you can make the rules whatever you want, this is just the way we have chosen to play.

2- red card assign 2 drinks, black card take 2 drinks. When assigning you can split the amount of drinks any way you want as long as it doesn't total higher than the number on the card

3- same as 2

4- same as 2

5- same as 2

6- Waterfall, whoever draws this card starts to drink, the person on the left then starts to drink, then the person on that persons left starts to  drink, and it continues until everyone is drinking. You cannot start to drink until the person before you has and you must continue to drink until the person before you has stopped. So once the first person stops the second can, then the third, and so on, until everyone is done

7- Bathroom card, this is a fun rule to include in the game. whoever draws a 7 may turn the card in at any point during the game to allow them to use the bathroom. When you are playing with this card it is assumed that no one is to leave the table for a bathroom break without this card. Whoever draws it may choose to use it immediately, save it for later in the game, or try and "sell" it to another player. When "selling" the 7 cards the more creative the better, try selling it in exchange for someone taking a drink assigned to you, or make them get you more beer in exchange. This card is yours to sell so have fun with it.

8- Girls drink, this card can be change to anything you want that you can use to group everyone playing into two groups (for example left handed vs right handed people, tall vs short, left side of table vs right). whatever group is assigned to this card drinks.

9- Boys drink, the other half to girls drink. They other group now has to drink.

10- Thumb Master, when the 10 is drawn that player becomes the thumb master and will remain so until another 10 is chosen. The thumb master may place this thumb down on the table at any point of the game (even when its not their turn) and the last person to do so drinks. The thumb master may to this more than once while they are the thumb master but they must place their thumb in plain view of the entire table.

J- The make a rule card. When the J card is drawn that player may invent a new rule for the game that does not involve the cards. For example, a rule like no first name is a fun rule because everyone must use the last name or a nick name to refer to each player. Any time a rule is broken that player has to drink. Rules are in effect until the game is over.

Q- Rhyme Time, a player must pick a word and starting with the player on the left everyone has to try and think of a word to rhyme with the original word. Once someone messes up or take to long they have to drink and the turn is over.

K- When a king card is drawn the player must pour as much or as little of their drink as they want into the "King Cup". When the 4th King is drawn that player must drink what is in the cup and the game is over. This is the one rule that cannot be changed.

A- Social (everyone drinks)

These rules are in no way permanent and can be changed each time you play. The more creative and interesting the rules the better. Same with the rules for the jack, the more creative and interesting the rule the funner the game will be.

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