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Dog Drafting..(Carting)

Sulky Cart


Clyde Loves TO Pull

Almost three years ago or maybe more , I am picking up doggy toys in the yard placing them in a little radio fly-er wagon the grands like to pull around the yard. I have quite a number of toys, from under trees ,bushes etc. as I am walking back to the wagon to dump my armload Clyde gets the wagon handle by his teeth and tries to pull it to me! Amazed I tie a rope on the handle, he then pulls it to me to assist me..

Poodles are quite smart and self thinkers,problem solvers, and quite the clowns.He isn't playing he is serious.. So I order a pulling harness, and he pulls the wagon..Next I order a sulky cart..Truly he just knew what to do,I did train him on left, and right,turning,line up, etc.. using words the grand kids could recall as well..we are off and running. He loves it! Soon Bonnie is so jealous I have to attach her to the side,as she wants in on the activity..Next "BabyFace" Nelson is barking away..Yep..He wants to pull to, and is as good as Clyde!

As soon as Clyde sees the harness he jumps in the air and comes and stands in front of me as if to say, put it on I cannot do it myself,though he surely would try to nuzzle his head thru it!

We go to the schools, get in local parades and they receive trophys for best non-motorized entry..

Some dogs want to work, but few will pick their job...Well if you pay attention they could as mine did give you a hint!

Drafting is a great recreational activity.To get started requires a trip to the vet to make sure your dog is in good health. Conditioning to pull is necessary so as not to damage their pads,bones ,and overall health.

Some things to evaluate before getting started.

Is your dog healthy and sound in structure ?

Does your dog know basic obedience commands ?

Some things you will need to get started.

Unlimited amounts of praise, and small treats will help also!

You must have a great attitude, and a happy voice ,with lots of encouraging words.

It is imperative to make sure the harness is well fitted ,and suitable for drafting.

Some great conditioning exercises include walking, short jogs, retrieving, and an ideal exercise - swimming. Remember to consider your environmental conditions as well. Temperature, terrain, ground condition, timing, and distance can make a difference to the safety of both you and your dog.



Alison Houser on October 24, 2021:

I can never find anything on how to diy a sulky cart,? I went to the web site and they stopped making the cart I see here! I like the two wheel design! Does anybody know where I can get more information on how to build a pulling cart with a seat and with two wheels? I've seen them on video but it only shows them using the cart but nothing on how they built it! I try my best to look closely but I'm still unsure! I seen one that looks like a four by four piece of lumber with the axle going through and the two main lines that the dog hooks up to is also going through the same four by four! But I would like to know for sure! Anybody know about how I can make a sulky? I get disability and I just don't have the funds right now! But my dogs would live to have this cart! Anybody selling one for good price?

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jorja kick (author) from southeast georgia on May 31, 2011:

You must teach her to hold an item,place it in her mouth,give the command hold it, or hold, as you hold it in her mouth,then teach her to drop an item, or drop command as you take it from her mouth and drop it to the floor...

then she will make the connection to hold it till you tell her to drop it,as you will do an exercise of hold it longer each time...then you can have her follow your finger as a signal command to the toy box where you will tell her to drop it...takes most dogs a good 3-6 months to proof this..

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on May 31, 2011:

That's amazing, jorga! Clyde and Bonnie are truly sensational dogs. I thought it was pretty great when Clyde was just bringing you the wagon! :-)

I keep trying to teach my Schnauzer girl to pick up her own toys, but no luck so far. She's very good at getting them OUT of the toybox, but won't put them back in it after she's played with them. I told her about Clyde, hoping to inspire her....She just looked at me! JAYE

jorja kick (author) from southeast georgia on May 06, 2011:

Dalmations are sometimes hearing joke.. try using hand signals along with verbal cues as what she may hear, is a muffled sound..

JS Matthew from Massachusetts, USA on May 06, 2011:

She was stubborn...OK, she could sit; but on Her terms! lol


jorja kick (author) from southeast georgia on May 06, 2011:

LOL... I do not believe !!

thanks for reading and the comment..


JS Matthew from Massachusetts, USA on May 06, 2011:

Wow! That's amazing! I couldn't even get my Dalmatian to sit! Great job!


jorja kick (author) from southeast georgia on May 06, 2011:

Thanks..They are a lot of fun..I have enjoyed the carting with them..Just one more fun thing for all of us ..

thanks for reading and the comment


Luis E Gonzalez from Miami, Florida on May 06, 2011:

Funny story, amazing how the dogs actually "chose" what they wanted to do.

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