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Dodger Sins Were Far Greater Than The Cheating of the Astros


Turner's Selfishness Literally Infects Baseball And Human Decency


Los Angeles waited two long years for the redemption, and its sweet taste lasted for just thirty seconds. No sooner had the Dodgers won the World Series that had been stolen from them two years ago, that they themselves committed a far worse sin.

Back in 2017 the Dodgers lost the Fall Classic to the Houston Astros, who were later found guilty of cheating. After an investigation by Major League Baseball, Commissioner Rob Manfred suspended manager A.J. Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow for the 2020 season.

Los Angeles fans, and almost nearly everyone associated with the sport, felt the punishment should have been transferring the World Series title from the Astros to the Dodgers. Now two years later, we can see that such a drastic penalty would have been unnecessary, for Los Angeles claimed its own outright title by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in six games.

It turns out that the Dodgers have committed a sin far larger than the Astros, for its consequences extend far beyond baseball. There is no telling how dastardly the sin is, nor how many lives it may have cost.

Third baseman Justin Turner, who had been taken off the field in the eighth inning after testing positive for COVID-19, actually had the hubris to come out on the field to join in the victory celebration. Not only was he not wearing a mask, but he began to hug every one of his teammates.

What makes his carelessness even more unforgivable is the fact that he is the player rep for the Dodgers, whose job is to monitor and model the protocol to insure that baseball could resume in the midst of the pandemic. What millions of fans saw in that victory celebration was a selfish player on a selfish team, disregarding any respect for human life.

He knew he was carrying a potentially fatal virus, but he was willing to put an entire population at risk in exchange for a few moments of glory. At least a few of his teammates contracted COVID-19 during those embraces, and those players will undoubtedly spread it to their loved ones and others in their communities.

It is time for baseball folks to back off on their criticism of the Astros, even though their scandalous cheating did affect the sport. All chastisement should immediately be directed toward the Dodgers, for infecting is a much greater sin than merely affecting.

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