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Do-It-Yourself Improvements for Your Pontoon or Deck Boat

Do have a pontoon or deck boat? They sure can be a lot of fun! Unfortunately, they might also require a lot of upkeep to remain in pristine condition. If your pontoon boat is beginning to show her age, you can revamp it yourself by ordering parts and accessories online, saving a bundle.

Even if your pontoon boat is in perfect condition, there are many add-ons and pontoon boat accessories you can purchase and install yourself to increase the enjoyment your boat provides for you and your family.

Need new floor covering? Just pick your color and texture. Colors include red, green blue, gray, khaki, burgundy, light gray, teal, and navy. You also have the choice of textured, sculptured, plush, and fade-proof carpeting. If the deck itself needs work, purchase marine plywood or special sheets of pontoon boat decking. The decking is more expensive, but it should last for years.

What kind of shape is your furniture in? Give your boat a whole new look and feel by installing new furniture. Re-think the arrangement of your previous furnishings. Did the plan work? Do you need more seating? You can add consoles, wrap-arounds, swing-back seats, reclining seats, captains’ chairs, pedestal seats, loungers, and built-in cup holders to make your boat more comfortable and functional. There’s also a wide selection of tables available.

Does your boat have a Bimini top? If so, what kind of shape is it in? These tops are a must for comfortable outings. They provide a place for you to seek some shade, along with a place to keep dry in the event of a surprise rain shower. The tops are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and materials.

If your railing needs replacing or mending, you can do this yourself, too. The railing panels come in several sizes, and you can “jazz up” your boat’s look by adding some striping in red, green, blue, brown, or burgundy. If you need only new corner rails, no problem – you can buy those, too.

How about a swim ladder? You can get one that attaches directly to the deck or one that is supported by the tubes. There’s also a handy ladder that’s mounted under the deck and slides out when you need it.

Pontoon boat accessories

Now for the fun stuff! Pontoon boat accessories can add a lot of enjoyment to your boating. Imagine how much more fun boating would be with music. Marine stereos are especially designed for wet conditions. The parts are treated with silicone and then sheathed in plastic to make them impervious to moisture. Choose a stereo system with an I-plug adaptor and listen to all your MP3 tunes.

Wanna make your kids happy? Add a slide to your pontoon boat! The rugged inflatable slide attaches to the exterior rail with secure straps. The nine-foot-long slide is super slick and has molded steps and rails. It inflates and deflates in just minutes with a 12-volt inflator/deflator.

To really add to your boating pleasure, add a grill. There’s just nothing like cooking out on the water. Imagine catching and filleting a nice bass, then immediately grilling it with butter and herbs. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! Most pontoon boat grills use a one-pound propane cylinder and can be used with a pedestal or as a table-top grill.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time on your boat, you might want to invest in a small refrigerator. These operate on a 12-volt battery and are specifically made to endure the moisture inherent in boating.

Have you ever thought about spending a night or two on your pontoon boat? You can by adding a camper top that completely encloses your boat. This cover is also nice when the weather is a bit cool for open-air boating. Also available are removable beds and chemical toilets with pump-out.

Of course, you can also find any standard stuff you need for your boat online, too, like cleaners, pontoon boat covers, GPS, pontoon boat trailers, switch panels, lighting, horns, steering systems, fish finders, depth finders, fenders, and hardware.

Pontoon boat covers

You'll need to protect your pontoonboat once you've made improvements and added pontoon boat accessories. Pontoon boat covers are the answer! Why leave all your hard work and financial investment unprotected and vulnerable to the weather and other forms of damage? Check out pontoon boat covers online.

By making additions to your pontoon boat, you can extend your boating season by months or just make some improvements that will add to the quality of your boating excursions. If you do the work yourself, you’ll still have money to buy gas and a couple of six-packs!

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Be sure to check out the videos below, along with pontoon boat covers and pontoon boat accessories!

Pontoon boat covers and pontoon boat accessories

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Pontoon boats are fun for the whole family!

Pontoon boats are fun for the whole family!


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